Wednesday, 12 September 2007

In the Desert of Prayer Having Dessert

From time to time, we find ourselves going into the desert to seek God and find refuge from our hectic life and our problems. (Actually, we SHOULD be doing this every day, but alas, we are human...)

It is IN the desert that we find the dessert waiting for us -- the riches, goodness and the peace of God, as we wait on Him. Let Him serve us dessert in the desert. How does one order dessert?

1. Put your hope in God and in His help (Ps 42:5)
2. Have the desire to find God in the desert (Ps 42)
3. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you TO the desert (as He guided Jesus; Luke 4:1-2)

Then you will SEE God in His power and glory, just as David did (Psalm 63).

This is an excerpt from the talk I am giving at Norton Baptist this Saturday, and something I am experiencing this week. Hallelujah!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

This summer

Hi everyone! I'm back on-line after a hiatus this summer. It's been busy! Grand Manan, Camp Tulakadik, St. Martins, Campobello, Woolastook Park, Hartland, Grand Manan and Sussex! I've been everywhere, man, I've been everywhere, just like the song goes. One thing I've learned -- there are people I love everywhere I go! God is so good and His mercy is new every summer. We loved how God worked through the things He allowed us to do this summer and to see lives changed.

Now I am into the fall season and planning to teach music again, and attempting to get my schedule together (which is a feat in itself). I am also preparing for retreats this fall, and asking God to give me His Word as I share. I would appreciate your prayers in this regard.

I'll be at Norton Baptist Church on Saturday, Sept. 15th, singing and speaking on prayer. Then it's on to Camp Tulakadik for our ladies' retreat: "More than a Survivor." Check out Camp T's website for more details (Sept 28-30). After that, it's off to Greenhill Lake Camp on October 12-14 for "You Want Me To Do What?? Building Blocks of Faith." And so on....

Look for our Nomad Survivor Cookbook, a little project the Nomads have been working on... It will be available at the Camp T retreat. Those Nomads -- you gotta love them...

Night bed I's 12:46, but I'm bound and determined to write this before I go off to dreamland.