Saturday, 22 December 2012

Sleepless in Fredericton

It is 2 a.m.  Can't sleep -- again.  Am I getting older?  Is this why?  Or is it because I had two naps this evening?   One around suppertime, and the other about 10 pm.  Could be the reason.

You shouldn't really have a nap around suppertime.  Tell you why.  Because you do dumb things when you wake up and try to prepare supper.  Like having bacon cooking in the oven in your Pampered chef pan (which comes out 'fabulous, darling'), and a portobello mushroom and onions on the stovetop, then deciding to thaw a gluten-free bagel in the microwave because you would like to toast it and have a portobello and onion 'hamburger' on a bun.  You punch in '12 seconds' on the microwave to thaw the frozen bagel.

Then you go to the computer to write on your blog about your husband's retirement.  After a few minutes (5 minutes), you hear the smoke detector go off and look to see the whole kitchen fuming with smoke.  You assume it's the oven because it's always going off and you are baking bacon.   Not it.  You look at the stovetop.  Not it.  You run over to the toaster, as you assume you've burnt the toast again.  No toast.  What is it?   You panic -- you look up and down and all around and can hardly see the kitchen for the smoke.  You cannot locate the reason for the smoke, and THEN you realize what you've done -- punched in 12 MINUTES on the microwave, and the bagel is frying in there!

All the windows come open in the lower layer of the house for many hours.  It's raining out, a gentle Christmas breeze wafting through the window, but the smoky stench still lingers, now five hours later, despite the scented candles I had going all evening.

I just put out a couple of air odor-eaters.  I'm hoping they'll do the job.  Baking soda in the microwave.  Just opened it -- smells the same as when I retrieved the burnt bagel.

What bothers me is this:  how could I be so dumb?  Is it the pre-Christmas brain?  Or the brain with too much in it?  Perhaps.

Will I get to sleep tonight?  I was just lying in bed for the past 1 1/2 hours thinking of everything, including the fact that in 2012, we have moved out of four places -- Jonathan's house (helped him move out of it; his house closed today); moved Mom & Dad out of their  house on Bird Avenue to our house;  Doug's mother out of her house to the special care senior home just last month; and now Doug has moved out of the home he has had for 22 years -- his work home.

Lots of moving going on -- 2012 -- the YEAR OF MOVES.   Perhaps 2013 will be the year of staying.  And hopefully sleeping.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy Retirement!

It's official!   Doug's last official day at the Rehab Centre was TODAY, Friday, December 21, 2012.  The winter solstice.  He has been with the hospital corporation since 1989 -- almost 22 years.

Now, on to his own business!  Whatever, wherever, whenever!

Happy Retirement Day, Love!


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Party

Had a great Christmas party at V & S's with carol singing (three guitars, mandolin), skating outside for the kids and lots of munchies.  L took this picture of me playing the guitar.

Today I just finished PJs for four grandkids for Christmas -- the "Bake It Make It or I Won't Take It" project we are trying to adhere to.  Thanks to my sewing instructor, D., who traveled here from far and wide to help me accomplish this Christmas task.

I have others to finish and time is running out.  Will she make it?  Yes she will.  Or, as Bob the Builder says so succintly, "CAN WE BUILD IT?   YES WE CAN!"

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12- 12- 12

Today was Dec. 12, 2012 -- 12-12-12.   A unique number day in history.

A unique day -- a good day -- I went to have my four year check up with Dr. B, the surgeon, two weeks after a mammogram.   ALL CLEAR!   Yes!  She is pleased.  I am pleased.  Going to get a consult with a plastic surgeon, however, for some plastic options.

A unique day -- and I felt like celebrating all day -- because it has been four years, and because this is another year I have survived.   And I WILL live many more years -- til HE appears.

Rejoice with me...

(PS:  This type of date won't occur for another 88 years, on Jan 1, 2101).

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Sermons and Parties

Got home at 10:30 tonight from the birthday party at Jon & Alicia's in Bristol.  On the way up today, I  worked on my sermon while driving in the car, on the TransCanada highway, with lap desk and computer.  it was wonderful.  Told Doug he should take me for a drive every week and say, "Deb, it's time to write your sermon" -- no interruptions, just me and him and the Spirit of God.  We stopped at the sugar bush and Doug walked in the forest to help Steven and Jon put on a roof on the sugar shack.  I stayed in the car and worked on my sermon -- in a random field by the sugar bush, in the land of my ancestors (my great great great grandparents are buried next to the field I was writing in).   And to think I was writing a sermon in a field about shepherds in a field.  Then I took a break and walked to the sugar bush to see a steel roof.

Before traveling to Bristol, we decided to visit the Pioneer cemetery at the end of the road where my ancestors, James and Jane Page, were buried.  They came from Ireland in the potato famine.  This led Doug and I to travel to another cemetery up the road in Williamstown to traverse through yet another graveyard.  We've been doing this a lot lately, as Doug is into geneaology of late, and I take pictures.  Seems weird, but I guess it's something you do in middle age.  Oh, I'm admitting this!

Then on to Croy's birthday party....mayhem -- 9 children under 7, plus two sets of grandparents and Becky&Steven, Natalie & Sean, Jon & Alicia.  Alicia made monster (monstie cupcakes) for Croy.   looked like little cookie monsters....he holds up two fingers -- and smiles... Ate pizza and pizza dip and cake & homemade ice cream, veggies and coffee and birthday cake.  Sang carols with me at the piano, Afton at the piano, Jack even played.  Kalia and Afton sang "Twelve Days of Christmas" to the top of their lungs while I tried to accompany them.  It wasn't your traditional song, however, but the Canadian book, Porcupine in a Pine Tree, complete with Canadiana and RCMP officers.  It's a great book.  My Natalie gave it to them a couple of years ago.  

I played on the floor with several children with horsie and fire trucks and excavators.  Came home to print out my Sunday sermon -- no ink.  Oh well, there must be ink in somebody's printer.

Happy Birthday, are 2 today!

'Am Deb and Papa'"

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Croy is Two on Saturday!

Hard to believe that Baby Boy Croy is going to be two on Saturday.  We will be celebrating the little man's life with homemake cake and ice cream, carols and games.   Happy Birthday, Croy Douglas MacDonald!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What a varied day!  A wacky Wednesday, I should deem it.  Wrapping presents to send off to The Pas, Manitoba for Nat and the kids.  Do I sit on the floor to wrap them, sit at the table or what?  So uncomfortable.   Finally got the box packed and fought with the packing tape, then a flight off to Lawton's to the post office.  Prayed for favour on the price -- $24.00 for the box.  Not bad, considering.     Back home to conjure up a tomato onion avocado sandwich in the cast iron pan, and teach guitar, then piano.  Then a flying trip down to the Heights again to teach two piano lessons  -- traveling minstrel I am at times.  Back home again, jiggety jig to teach more piano til six o'clock.  Then a flying trip down to the Heights again to teach piano and guitar to two young students, and experience a fantastic Simon & Patrick guitar.  Wanna sell it, Mr. Christie?  It's not like I don't have any guitars, but the sound is wonderful.

Dropped Doug off at M & L's so I could go teach and he could watch Master Chef prepare supper.  I joined them at 7 and we enjoyed salmon, carrots, potatoes, and a melange of shrimp, mango and mushrooms, etc.  Beautiful.  Then a nice decaf coffee and chocolate in the living room, all decked out in Christmas lights.  A lounge on the couch and a Christmas movie about a man who forms a Christmas choir of homeless men who perform in the subway.  Based on a true story -- a Canadian true story.  It was nice to just be and sit and recline on the couch and almost go to sleep.

Our life is way too busy right now.  Thanks, M & L for the nice evening of rest.

I want to sleep tonight, since I was up writing a shepherd sermon at 1:30 last night.  Christmas is a 'comin' and I haven't got anything MADE, BAKED or bought.  I need a personal shopper and a personal baker.  Any takers on being a maker or a baker?

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Wild Women of the West

Wednesday, I had a flying trip to Woodstock to speak to a bunch of wild young women of child-raising age.  Yes, the "Women of Worth' women at the Jacksonville Baptist Church.  It was so much fun, then a flying trip back home via the Grafton road, which Granny says is the "Bull Road," and I'm glad I never saw any bulls, nor did I do any bull riding.

After a quick lunch, an onslaught of cute little students -- "Half note is two beats, half note is two beats," I repeated over and over, which is what I say more than anything.

This morning was a meeting at the church with some more wonderful women and one man.  More teaching today, after making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in my new Christmas present -- a Kitchen Aid mixer.  I love it!   Thanks to my special family 'friend' who gave it to me and allowed me to use it early.

Tonight I didn't think anyone would show up for the Gathering.  I always think this, and then the house is full.  It was a great time together -- so many exciting things are happening in everyone's lives.  Right now, as I type, Mallory is doing the dishes and three people are sitting at the kitchen table composing and typing a letter.  This truly is the strangest house, but I'm glad everyone feels at home who comes here to Heartland Fredericton.

Hopefully bedtime will come soon.  Or will it be studying late into the night, preparing for tomorrow morning's onslaught of another crazy bunch of women?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sarah Kathryn DuBois -- Looks like her Mom!

Happy Birthday, John Douglas MacDonald!

You are 57 today.  Congratulations.  I am happy to share in your life.  You are the greatest husband a woman could ever have!  (I'm a bit biased).

Two wonderful children, and six amazing grandchildren.

It's interesting that today, on your birthday, that we had to visit your mother on her first day at the special care home.  A new chapter in her life, and ours.  Many changes this year with our parents, as they struggle with the problems of aging.

We've been married for 34 1/2 years.  Here's to many more birthdays, and many more years of wedded bliss.


Thursday, 8 November 2012



My mother and father, on their 55th wedding anniversary (Jed & Granny).  May the Lord bless and keep you.  I thank God for both of you.

Doris & Laurie Mersereau on their 38th wedding anniversary.  May God grant you many more years of wedded bliss.

Doug & Deb on the 36th anniversary of their first kiss and the 35th anniversary of their engagement.  May the Lord grant you many more years of wedded bliss and FUN!

Today I received a call from the doctor's office -- to call them back.  "Oh, No,"  I thought.  Not again.  It is now four years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Your first thought is always to panic.  "Don't panic," relax.  I sat and talked with a friend about what happened earlier this morning and tried to keep my mind off the call and what I would find out.  It was the same week four years ago that I found out I had cancer.

I went up to the laundry room to put the wash in the dryer.  I felt like getting on the floor and praying in front of the dryer, but made it to my office -- flat on my face, in front of the Lord -- "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want."  "I have been healed."  "Lord, let me have peace."

The phone rang.  I looked at the number.  It was my friend at the doctor's office -- "Deb, we got your report back -- it was NEGATIVE -- that's good.  We'll see you in one year."   I started to cry -- 'Oh, Ruth, you don't know how that makes me feel; I was just praying on the floor."   "Yes, we knew you would be worried, so we called."  "Thank you, thank you!" I cried through the tears.

I rushed downstairs where Nurse Cherry was busy typing -- she could hear me crying -- "Are you OK?"  She knew I was waiting for the call.    "YES!" I exclaimed, as the tears poured down my face.  "YES!"  She embraced me and we rejoiced.


My yearly mammogram is on November 30th -- it too, will be a GOOD REPORT!

Monday, 5 November 2012

The MacDonald kids were down on the weekend -- Jonathan, Afton, Jack, Ivy and Croy.  Friday and Saturday.  Saturday morning they went to Pete's to make apple cider in Pete's makeshift operation.  Jon cut the apples, Jack operated the garburetor, and Afton and Ivy helped J make apple pancakes before Pete extracted the apple juice.  I tried my hand at Jack's job for awhile, but got tired and went grocery shopping.  Those kids are little workers, got to give them that.  And the finished product -- YUM!  Croy wandered in and out of the little apple cider shop, not straying too far from Daddy.

I made the little tykes Kraft Dinner and tuna sandwiches.   Croy and Ivy went for a Saturday afternoon nap.  Jack wanted to make cookies, so we set up the 100 year old table as an island in the kitchen, and he gathered his ingredients, checked his recipe off with a pencil and whipped up a batch of amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with the on-looking eye of Gram Deb.  He was pretty proud.  Six year old baker.  He even decided he wanted to give Cuz C and W next door cookies, so he wrapped them up in a pretty napkin, tied with a red string and made a 'Tasty Treat' card with Afton & Ivy.  They traipsed across the lawn to make their presentation to Cuz C & W.  They were tickled pink, or maybe chocolate chip.

We went for a small walk through the forest with Granny.  Granny invited them in to have a watercolour class.  Afton, Ivy and Jack all painted with watercolours and created beautiful paintings.  Croy ate a cookie.  After that, Jack made an airplane out of a chip box.  Jon and Afton created a new code language and tried to talk to each other with it.  I made gluten-free brownies and worked on supper.  Croy walked in and out of the house, playing with Ivy who was playing with Russian babushkas I call them (little dolls inside of dolls, you know what I mean).  The house was quite a mixed up affair.  Doug was working out in the field washing out bins and things.  I never really know what he is doing out there in his 'man cave.'

After chili and baked potatoes for supper, they decided to get ready to go.  Doug and I went to a games night at the church, which was a great success and lots of fun, even for Doug, who doesn't like games.

Sunday was church -- leading worship and preaching on 'Encouragement Under Fire."  I was so full of energy when I came home from the after-church luncheon, that I ran like Forest Gump through the forest.  Then I crashed in the Laz-y Boy for the rest of the day.  I wonder why?

I think God said to Moses:  "Your strength will equal your days."  Yes, indeed.

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind,
> only to completely forget what that purpose was?

> Turns out, doors themselves are to blame for these strange memory lapses.
> Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame have discovered that passing
> through a doorway triggers what's known as an event boundary in the mind,
> separating one set of thoughts and memories from the next.

> Your brain files away the thoughts you had in the previous room
> and prepares a blank slate for the new locale.
> It's not aging, it's the door!

Beautiful Stained Glass -- Boston trip

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Quote for the Day

Angie sent me this quote for my quote book.  It's a keeper:

I have learned that faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse.  (Phillip Yancey)

So true...

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

We went up river Friday and Saturday.  Spent time with the clan MacDonald.  Took Jack, Ivy and Afton to Tim Horton's in Bristol.  They are so cute!  They savoured their hot chocolate and tried to savour their donuts, but I think they were too tasty.  The afternoon was so warm that Afton and Jack and I were out on the deck sunning ourselves, doing word search puzzles.  It was Saturday and it was a peaceful Sabbath rest for me -- spending time with a few grandchildren.  What a better way to rest?  Croy continues to call me 'Ba Ba' instead of Gram Deb.  Apparently it means 'Grandmother' in Russian or something.

Today was a quiet day inside, studying and teaching.  It has rained all day long.   Thankful that we didn't receive much of Superstorm Sandy.   Our prayers are with our American neighbours who have suffered such devastation and loss.  May God keep you in His tender care.

Friday, 26 October 2012


This property is truly like Heartland.  Today alone we've had the Friday morning gals drinking coffee, eating coffee cake and learning about resting from Genesis 1, to Ann's piano lesson and Janet White #1's guitar lesson, to Mallory (Verna) with her hands in the sink doing several loads of dishes, to Carolyn coming to visit and having a mid-day slumber party with Mallory upstairs, to Ann coming back to retrieve a song she needs to sing, to tea sampling and smoothie making in the kitchen, to Cuz C. and W. erecting a huge pumpkin man in their yard, complete with scary face that turns and looks at us while we do dishes, to playing fiddle on the deck with W., then a bass/piano duet inside the house, to Carolyn helping Granny with Microsoft Publisher at her unit, to the random walker found on the deck, to Jed outside raking leaves and on and on.  Mallory -- what do you think?

The activity here this week has been unbelievable and varied.  I love it!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Yesterday I cooked squash -- lots of it and put it in the freezer.  Thought of you, Natalie.  Wish you were here.


We just got back from the Boston area -- Danvers, Middleton and Ipswich, MASS to be exact. A Congregational Womens' Retreat held at a convent for retired nuns, a beautiful place in a seaside town by the Atlantic. Our traveling band (Doug, Deb, Cheryl and Max) arrived at Lisa's house in Danvers on Thursday night and were treated like royalty, then traveled on to Ipswich on Friday night. Each of us had a private room (what a treat), and we joined the women of Middleton Congregational Church for the next 24 hours. And what a 24 hours it was. I was speaking on The Joy of Encouragement, and they truly encouraged us. Funny how that works -- you go to encourage others and end up being encouraged yourself. There's a verse like that -- 'he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.' I shared for the first time from my blog with the ladies -- I shed a few tears and I saw a few tears in the crowd as well. Nurse Cherry cried quite a bit, as I read the memories of a hard time we all shared together. Thank you, women of Massachusetts, for your kindness to us. We are looking forward to our next trip south next spring, God willing.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Island Living

Well we did it. Traveled to PEI for the weekend. The last trip for the season. Boo hoo! Left Freddy Beach at 8 pm and made it across the Confederation Bridge through high winds. To Canoe Cove but we couldn't get in the camp road; the gate was locked. So we had no choice but to park on the road and set up camp. Not alongside the road -- ON the road, since there was no shoulder. Doug tried hooking up the generator to the RV so we could get heat for the night. No such luck. Not enough juice. So we piled on the blankets on the bed like two peas in a pod in the Princess and the Pea's bed of bedclothes. And had a great sleep, despite the 45 degree Fahrenheit temperature inside the RV. I made coffee the next morning by boiling water in the tea kettle on the propane stove and pouring it in the electric coffee pot, letting it drip naturally into the pot below. We drank that beautiful coffee in bed. It was much too cold to sit at the table. We finally made it outside where it was a bit warmer and took a hike to explore the land. We found some people and finally made our way down a road to the camp and plugged into the electricity. The next night our temperature came up to a balmy 66. Just like Florida. I led music all weekend long and had some awesome musicians play with me. I love a good band. I love a good island. I love a good man. That good man and I returned on Sunday night to the mainland, with yet another experience under our belt.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Looking forward to one last hurrah with our beloved home away from home -- our motorhome. Will it stay warm enough for us to enjoy one last weekend before putting our 'toy' away for the winter? Stay tuned....

Memories of Summer

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My life is so varied that I can't even believe it some days.

 Like this week: coming back from Coldstream (wherever that is), where we had the 5th annual Thanksgiving Family weekend, joining up with R & S who were using our house for the weekend, preaching at a local church where I'm serving as the 'interim pastor', to radio shows and software, studying Genesis, and teaching music, counseling and walking with friends, business oppportunities, childrens' book publishing calls, meetings with the elders to brainstorm 'fun' nights, to sitting with my father watching "Parenthood" on TV (which was dealing with breast cancer tonight), to talking to a friend about her friend that was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

 And then I sat down at the computer to blog and saw this email:

 "Hi Deb, Just a note to let you know you are of the hook for singing at the Sea Dogs Game this month, they found someone else, their loss. Thank you for offering, L."

 This makes me laugh, because I could just see me singing "O Canada" at centre ice at the Sea Dogs game in Saint John. Maybe next year.

Is my life full of variety?  I think so!   One minute I'm laughing and the next I feel like crying for someone....

 "Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you"

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It's so hard to post on a blog when you've forgotten your user name and password. That's why I have friends like Carolyn, my webmaster. She worked and searched and found the details we needed in an old email. Says she doesn't delete anything. What a woman. She said she needs to start a business being a troubleshooter. I think she's right! A person could have her on retainer. So, if you're having trouble with your computer or website, let me know and I'll send her your way -- for a fee, of course...LOL I'm in the midst of teaching, waiting for a student to come from cross country races. Tis the season for cross country running. Wish I was doing that again. Running through the woods, against your friends, stumbling over tree roots, feeling the cool fall air. Oh those were the days. Well, I guess I could put it out there -- anyone want to go cross country with me? You're never too old to run, are you?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Email change

In case you want to email me, take note of my new address: We had to change our provider after the big move. Went to Grand Manan last week for a few days. Spoke at Harvest House and did some singing, too. Thanks for all who attended and provided for us while there -- you know who you are! Our home away from home.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

My shoulders ache. My neck aches. Do you suppose the weight of the summer is upon them? Advil, Tylenol and a heated 'magic bag' do not help. I need a good shoulder massage. Oh well, perhaps sleep will help. We are now giving tours of the new property, not official tours, but tours nonetheless, so come along and see "Heartland Fredericton." This morning I led worship at church and spoke as well -- "Heavenly Minded." Can we be heavenly minded while being on the earth and doing earthly things? Yes -- it IS possible. We have been raised up with Christ Jesus. Colossians 3:1-4 -- check it out.... I hope I have a heavenly sleep.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Wow, time flies when you're having fun and building a house, playing with grandchildren, home renos, camping trips, hikes, family, family, family. Everyone is settled back to where they should be -- Granny & Jed in their new home, which is attached to ours with a beautiful Doug-built sundeck; Natalie, Aiden and Sarah are almost in The Pas, the Southshore Sister finally made it back to the southshore, and Doug and I are trying to adjust to the new normal. It was a wonderful, chaotic, family-filled, renovation summer. Now to try and get ready to work. I cleaned the downstairs level today like a workhorse, so I can try and focus on the tasks ahead of me this fall. You know how that is? When you're house is not in order, it's hard to get your brain in order. I'm a tad weary. But Jed & Granny are settled and happy.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

We hiked to the Hearst Lodge, deep in the woods of St. Martins. Yes, we hiked -- 2.7 kilometres, along the Big Salmon River. A challenging hike it was, and 4-year-old Aiden hiked 3/4 of the trail. Natalie had Sarah in a backpack and Doug packed Aiden the remainder of the way. What a blessed sight when we saw the Hearst Lodge come into view, made our way toward the log lodge, and the rain started -- a downpour. "Come in, come in out of the rain," the host called. She served us water and coffee -- weary hikers. It was a real accomplishment. We were tired that night! Now we are home, and Heartland Fredericton is growing each day. Pippin and Uncle made an appearance on Sunday and it was a really nice visit. I wished they lived here in the city again. Tonight there are twelve people staying here -- Deb, Doug, Natalie, Aiden, Sarah, Paul, Brenda, Luke, Afton, Ivy, and Granny & Jed. Two RVS and people sleeping in every available space, including the floor. A picnic tonight on our mini-campground with invited guests, Charlotte, Willard, Mason, Becky and Joel, which made 16. A deck-building operation is underway this week, and what a deck it is. Mom & Dad are still not living in their house, but the company promises it this Friday. We'll see. They promised last Friday, but alas, other projects seem to be taking precedence. What happened to a man's word, anyway? We have quite a daycare operation happening here as well, along with Cousin C and her children next door. It's like the Old Woman and the Shoe Explosion. A woman like me keeps very busy looking after all her little children. Tomorrow I am 53. I can't believe it. But I am happy and blessed to still be alive -- that God would grant me many many more years to live on this blessed earth.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

We are having a retreat in St Martins. been here since Monday and it is beautiful..having a nice rest. We even have rest time every afternoon. Natalie and the kids in the RV and me and Doug I our recliners outside. Mom and Dad are holding down the fort while the finishing touches are done on their new home. soon, Granny, and you will be in your new home in Heartland Fredericton. tomorrow we hope to go for a hike with the kids in backpacks. I wonder how that will go? "I wanna a snack, I want down, I want a drink, I want!". keeping children sure makes one weary. Next week we get a couple of Jon's kids to keep, too!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

We had a week without children. Sometimes we forgot about them. Natalie lived in a wedding bubble, as she did all things wedding related. And what a beautiful wedding it 'twas at Killarney Lake Lodge on Sunday. A wedding with tears, as Becky married the man God prepared for her -- Joell Gallant. Natalie's best friend from the time they were toddlers. A new chapter in their lives. Doug and I took a flying trip on Monday to PEI to pick up Aiden and Sarah from Nanny & Grampie DuBois. Since we also had been up late at the wedding dance, we struggled to stay awake, taking turns driving, although Doug drove the most. It was a sweet reunion to see Natalie greet her kids and have Sarah snuggle into her Mommy's embrace. Today is the big day -- Granny & Jed's house arrives today. It is now on its way from Sussex. 10 o'clock is the arrival time. It's like we are arriving for a big baby to make its entry onto our property. I'm sure I'll take a photo or two of this momentous occasion in our family's history. Granny & Jed -- are you excited??

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Took a two day trip to Prince Edward Island. How beautiful -- I had forgotten how pretty the island is. We left Aiden and Sarah with Nat's parents-in-law. It's strange being here in Fredericton without children. Natalie is busy doing 'wedding week' for Becky's wedding. We're so excited for our Becky, a second daughter. Sunday is the big day for Becky Horsman to marry Joell Gallant! Heartland Fredericton is shaping up quite nicely and we are all still living in trailers and houses here on our land. Granny & Jed are doing well, considering they are living in a small trailer. Their new house is due to come next Wednesday -- exciting! Condolences to Cousin Els, who lost her mother unexpectedly last week. Her mother has 88 great years here on this earth, and now she sees her Saviour.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Campobello Island

Just got back from a week at Edith Lank Christian Camp in beautiful Campobello Island. Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, we parked our 'Big Rig' among the flowers, LA LA LA LA LA LA Alicia with her Volks Van and four children, me and Natalie in the big rig with her two children, Doris in a cabin, and that made 10 people in our little tribe at Mothers Camp. What a chore feeding everyone breakfast in the big rig (our RV). Fun and games, and lots of mess and laughs and fun and a few temper tantrums, even sickness. Many mothers, grandmothers and their children -- a bigger camp than last year, probably about 50 campers and staff at least. I taught twice a day and played all day.
Here are some pics:

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Good-Bye and Welcome Home

Sitting here in our campground here at 105 Claremont. Mom & Dad are settled in their trailer, Doug and I in our motorhome, Natalie, Aiden & Sarah and Brenda in our house. Now we are all together. We have made a campground courtyard of sorts, complete with swings, easy chairs, and mini lights strung on the big storage trailer housing Mom & Dad's furniture. Even a beautiful garden to boot. A swimming pool for the kids and a badminton net -- what more could you ask for? And a canoe on Doug's 4WD, should we want to haul it over and go for a canoe ride on the St. John. All is calm, and now waiting for their house to close next Wednesday. A smooth transition so far. I had a little cry this morning in my old bedroom as I said good-bye to our family house of 50 years. Granny & Jed are doing OK so far. Next week, the construction guys will be here to prepare the land for the new house to arrive a week later.

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (5 Piano Guys, 1 piano) - ThePi...

Monday, 16 July 2012

What a busy summer! Whew! And so hot...we came home from St Martins last Thursday and have been working at Mom & Dad's house ever since. The Southshore Sister made her way up from the southshore, and we have been purging stuff from Jed's shed, moving furniture (we call ourselves 'Wallace the Mover'), driving to the dump, to the town of 'Debris,' which is part of the landfill plantation. At least that's what the guy in the booth tells us where to go -- "Go to Debris." OK, sir, we'll go to Debris. I drive that trailer up the mountains of garbage til I get to the sign that shows where Debris is. Getting familiar with the village of Debris, we are. Going there in the morning, too. It is so hot and we are weary. And not finished yet. It will take us all week long, until we have Jed & Granny safely transported up to Heartland Fredericton. They will live in their Puma trailer until their new house arrives at the end of the month. Natalie & kids come on Wednesday from Manitoba. They will also live here. And the Southshore Sister is living in our bedroom. We are in the motorhome in the yard. I have a feeling we will have a family reunion here this summer. LOL

Sunday, 8 July 2012

We are now in St Martins with our motorhome, enjoying some much needed rest, after two weeks of work -- me in Bristol at Camp S and Doug in Nova Scotia and Freddytown working on projects in the evening for people, and his day job. I had a great time at camp and a wonderful time with the staff during the week of staff training, and of course with 52 seven to nine year olds and 54 five to six year olds. so cute.... I also had some interesting encounters with birds and rodents while there, which I will post about at length soon. The rodent issue is still in progress, whilst the bird love affair has ceased for the time being. More later. We just finished a great campfire, and Doug is snoring. Nite

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hello Mudda, Hello Fudda, Here I am at Camp Shiktehawker, It is raining It won't stoppa, Say hello to my little brudder (not that I have one, it just rhymes)... Well, I've been here at camp since Saturday. It's been raining since I got here, and it doesn't show signs of stopping until Friday. I feel like a duck. The staff are starting to grow webbed feet. Swimming around the campground is almost an option or a skill activity. Today I fell down at the Dollar Store, the steps were so wet. I'm OK, Mom. Afton, a.k.a. 'River,' now, helped me up. It's been a great time at camp so far. I have kept very busy, what with talking to the staff each day and wandering around the campground, in and out of my RV for food and sleep, and occasional reading (plus preparation to teach, of course). I've had Jon's junkbox car to drive (an old Volkswagen Golf, which should be in the junkpile somewhere, but it does drive somewhat...) It doesn't like first gear, so I've had quite a time jaunting about the village of Bristol, trying to find alternative ways to avoid a stop sign, like starting out in second gear or find places to do a u-turn in second gear, or take long, round-about ways to get somewhere. Sunday night I took a trip up the road clear to Bath before I could make a circle back to Bristol. I was a woman alone at twilight, in a 45 hp put-put junkbox that Jon calls a car, no wallet, no license, and I wasn't sure I even had headlights or not. Reminded me of our earlier days when Doug and I always had some kind of junky car. Those were the good old days -- I felt young again. I eventually made it back to the campground, where I spent the whole night by myself -- a random woman in a random RV in a rainy campground in the woods. Jon and the staff were on an overnight trip to another random camp -- a survivor kind of thing. I survived the night and fired up the trash can and made it out in second gear. Joined the campers and spewed words of wisdom to them, and spent time there by the rushing brook. I then decided I needed another adventure, so I made it out of the woods and managed to make my way to Coldstream (wherever that is), and visited the Pirate for about an hour to catch up. The Pirate looks the same and always has a tale or two to tell. He was heavily involved in his chipping operation, so I left him to that, and took off across the bridge and up the Rockland Road to Hartland, where I descended upon the graveyard store, and surprised The Undertaker with a surprise visit from his crazy cousin. He supplied me with a refreshing Coca-Cola in a styrofoam cup. I asked for a glass bottle, but that's all he could afford at this time. I hope he stocks up on glass bottles for my next visit. We sat in his office and caught up on life. I like The Undertaker. I spent a lot of time with him in my younger years. He still looks the same, although some of his hair is gone. This afternoon, I asked River if she wanted to go to Coldstream with me (yes, again), to get my hair cut by the Pirate's wife. We got as far as Egypt Hill Road, and it was raining cats and dogs, so we decided to turn back and go to the Dollar Store for office supplies. That is where I fell down, AND where I was finally able, after two days of driving, to get that car in first gear. It's hit or miss, and you have to hold your mouth a certain way. I spent all afternoon in the camp office, working on the computer, editing a massive word document for the camp. Good thing I used to be a secretary (among other things). Well, I must go to chapel -- music is happening, and then I'm involved in a girls' night here -- it will no doubt go late, as we talk about all things girls. I'm the oldest (of course). Toodles. Deb at Camp Shiktehawk

Friday, 22 June 2012

The Promise

The PROMISE Tonight I saw a rainbow kissing the clouds Wrapped around the wandering moon Your promise that hope abounds, A future that starts none too soon O Father of lights, you do not change Your faithfulness projected in the heavens And as I view your handiwork I feel no reason to fear My thoughts tell a tale Like the heavens above Ever changing yet remaining the same You are loving toward all you have made Shine your glory on me, Lord Shine your glory May I be your servant forever Showing forth your promise That I will live ever after I worship you, God of sun and moon and stars Of earth and sky, of water and fire May your name be glorified And above else -- BE PRAISED! PRAISE HIM FOR HIS PROMISE PRAISE HIM FOR HIS GRACE PRAISE HIM FOR HIS ABUNDANT MERCY PRAISE HIM FOR HIS LOVE ...Deb MacDonald, 2009 (after I finished cancer treatment) The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made (Psalm 145:13) Isaiah 60:1 Rise, shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. PS: I found this while looking for my 'notes' on some other topic...

Fish, Fishing, Fisher of Men

Do you see the fish app to the right of your screen? Just put your cursor on it and tap -- you will see the fish eat it. Feed them somewhere else on that screen and they will scoot over and eat that, too. So fun! It is fishing season -- do you like to fish? I used to, but never liked putting on the worms. Had Jed do that for me. He loves to fish. Hope to get him fishing in St. Martins again at Century Farm, if we ever get there! Hope to be there in three weeks for a week. Depends on Jed & Granny's house situation. We hope to have a done deal on their house in a week, after much negotiation this week with the buyers. Then, it will be moving day by July 25th! Eek! I am leaving in an RV tomorrow and won't be back again in Superior City until July 7th or so, although Doug will be here working at his day job. I'll be a fisher of men (and little children) at Camp Shiktehawk. Appreciate your prayers. It's finally raining -- what a beautiful rain I hear outside my upstairs window, as I sit here like John Boy Walton writing in my composition computer. I feel like fishing. I am looking on my computer for some notes I taught a few years ago at staff training. Do you think I can find them? No. I know I typed them on a computer, but which one? I have a computer in my office, a computer downstairs on the desk in the music room, a computer sitting in a chair in the living room, an IPod, an IPad, a Kobo and a cell phone. Have I got way too much technology? Yes. Can I do anything about it right now? No. I just need to find my notes. Where are they??? Can anyone out there help me? LOL Fishing in Fredericton....

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

This week I have been cleaning up my office. What a chore. And trying to get my annual return done for Nomad Ministries. Do you ever find yourself stalling when you know you need to accomplish something that has a deadline attached to it? My deadline is June 30th, but I need it done by Friday, because we'll be heading out in the RV for two weeks at Camp Shiktehawk, and then a week at St. Martins. OK, I must go do it! JUST DO IT, DEB, JUST DO IT. Life -- JUST DO IT

Monday, 18 June 2012


Mrs. Mac's Music Night 2012

Birthday Weekend

Doug's mother turned 85 on Friday the 15th. A big surprise party at Frank's Finer Diner. And she was surprised...amazing that no one slipped and told her. Then, on Sunday, my mother (Granny) turned ? Maybe she doesn't want her age revealed. I'll just let the pictures tell the story...Happy Birthday, Mom...