Wednesday, 29 May 2013

This is my last week of teaching music until September.  I usually have a music night in June to let the students highlight their talent, but I decided to change course and have a winter show.  The BIG SHEW, like Ed Sullivan used to say -- WINTERLUDE perhaps, a variety show to boost my students' spirits, and the parents and friends who attend.  But it does seem very strange not to having an end of season show, I must say.

I love the kids and their hugs and cards and gifts of appreciation.  They are great encouragers to me, just as I hope I am to them.  I keep saying that it takes a village to raise a child.  This past year, I've been involved in their lives and emotions.  This past month has seen a few tears as well, as they feel the pressure of their busy little lives and school work.  A few tissues have been used in Mrs. Mac's li'l ol' music school.

Next week I will be in my summer mode, and it will be completely different from last year.  I'll keep you tuned in to the next chapter.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

It is COLD!   Jon and Alicia, Afton, Jack, Ivy and Croy are currently canoeing the current of the mighty Restigouche River.  We were supposed to go with them, but backed out this week -- it's too cold for us to sleep outdoors!  And we are a bit older than they...

Happy Anniversary to us -- 35 years on Monday, May 20....1978 was a very good year.  And it's still a good year with Doug MacDonald as my lawful wedded husband.

We're going to hop in our RV tomorrow and go somewhere -- perhaps 35 kms, 35 minutes or 35 places.  And see where we end up.  That's kind of how we like to operate.  The homestead will take care of itself, with the homemakers on board here.

The Southshore Sister has been here for two weeks.  Hard to see her go back to the southshore, but she does have a family.  We're beginning to feel like a dysfunctional family here at Heartland.  We want to make our own reality show.  Wonder if anyone would watch it?

Fiddleheads -- love them -- inundated with them right now.   What a treat this New Brunswick delicacy is (I guess Ontario has them too, but I want to claim them for our own).  Had them tonight with salmon at D's house.  Thanks, D.

Thanks, SS Sister, for all your help, fun and laughter we've had.  Y'all come back soon, ya hear?

Monday, 6 May 2013

Cleaning House

I would love to go through the whole house and clean it today.  But will I?  No.  The idea is good, but I get too distracted with all the things I see to do.  I did clean a couple of windows upstairs, however, and am getting the Southshore Sister's room ready.  She arrives today -- haven't seen her since January.  I'm sure we will be busy beavers cleaning and painting and raking and eating and biking and....We love her visits.

We had Jack visiting all weekend, and we bought Playmobil, biked, cooked a Tomato Spice Cake (Jack thought this would taste 'terrible,' but he was pleasantly surprised), played chess (he put me in checkmate), and several other fun things.  What a sweet little boy.

Now to get back to cleaning