Friday, 25 July 2008

God and Fog

I have been staying on Grand Manan Island for a week now. What a beautiful place that God has created. This morning, we walked up to the Look Out and did we look out! The ocean is so vast, it takes your breath away. Then the fog rolled in and now it is raining a pour, and I can't see the ocean anymore -- but I know it is out there. Just like God -- sometimes I can see Him, but other times the fog rolls in (problems or trials), and I can't see God so clearly. But I know He's there; I saw Him before the fog rolled in. Now I just have to wait 'til the fog lifts; the sun will come out again.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Ukulele Blues

My 11-year-old nephew recently purchased a ukulele (or should i say, "an ukulele?"). His name is Luke (interesting that Luke's name is embedded in the name of the instrument). It's a green ukulele, which is also an interesting colour for a ukulele. Oh well, I digress. Luke told the salesperson today when purchasing this unique instrument that I thought it wasn't really an instrument. (I actually own an instrument, but don't play it, preferring my guitar). After having tuned it for him and actually playing the wonderful instrument a few times (even composing a blues tune for my mother), I have decided to change my mind and publicly announce that the ukulele is now, in my mind, a unique instrument. Happy, Luke?

It's Summertime and the Livin' is Easy?

Is livin' easier in the summer? Seems like it should be. But we are still faced with the same issues, are we not? Bills to pay, places to go, people to see. Our routine changes -- we like it for a season, but when that season is over, we tend to welcome the routine -- work and then play. We are not meant to play all the time, which is the ideal of summertime livin'. Solomon says that we should find enjoyment in our work. We are created to work -- at something, whether that's raising a child, tending a house or building a house. Let's welcome the summer and enjoy a bit of reprieve from routine, but look forward to our schedule returning come fall. More later as I experience this summertime livin'.