Friday, 30 March 2012

I've been recovering from the weekend all week. And now I'm not recovered from the week of activity! I need a rest -- is it the weekend? Good!

Yesterday was certainly a full day. Went to my family doctor in oncology, Dr. Broad, for a six month check-up. She is very thorough in her check-up, and then sent me for a chest x-ray, since I've had four colds this season. Just to make sure.

To Costco to buy a few things. Haven't been there since January. Still not decided whether I'll continue my membership or not. Is it really worth it? For coffee and pecans and laundry detergent?

Then to Prestige Homes to join up with Granny (my mother) and Doug -- to buy a house -- well, to order a house -- a garden house that we think we are going to plant beside our garden house here on Claremont Drive. Two garden houses, side by side -- to help Mom with the care of Dad. Will be good to have them close by.

Since I love the Heartland show on CBC, and my desire to have my own Heartland, for now, I have deemed 105 Claremont as a Heartland. A bunch of people join together on Thursday at suppertime to eat together, and more show up later and we share our stories with one another, read some Bible, discuss and pray for one another. Some go home very late, and some decide to stay overnight at this Heartland 'ranch.' Why, last night, we had three house visitors -- two in the beds and one on the couch. Me and Papa shared our own bed. LOL

This morning we had a hearty Heartland breakfast and I tried to do my radio show, but having technical difficulties. Women began to stream in to the ranch again and we had more food, then discussion for the remainder of the morning. Cousin Els receives a piano lesson at the end of the morning, while they others eat more food and prepare for lunch. Mrs. Hviggins (Beth) (remember her?) went upstairs to work in the office and Mallory (Verna) prepared lunch for us. Then a walk with Cheryl down the walking trail, before she took off for Sussex, on yet another adventure.

Mallory is reading 'Sisters of the Confederacy" by Lauraine Snelling on the couch, all wrapped up in Granny's quilt. She's waiting to go for coffee with her daughter. I'm waiting for my prince to come home (Master Doug, as Mallory calls him). We'll be off on another adventure -- perhaps to record an e-book over town. Yes, believe it or not.

Then tomorrow, a trip to the sugar bush, and on Sunday to Hope Cafe where we are part of a panel. Haven't a clue what it's about. Should be fun. Then a trip to Circle Square Ranch perhaps. Another horse ride on Bucky, I hope?

That's enough for now. Prince, come home!

Monday, 26 March 2012

In the Saddle Again

Just got back from an amazing weekend at Camp Tulakadik with a bunch of amazing women. The ministry team was with me. Cheryl spoke on her journey on Saturday morning and how God is leading her to Guatemala. Angie shared a page from her life and inspired us all. I spoke on "The Pages of Your Life' all weekend. We laughed, we cried, we sang, we shared the chapters of our lives and our dreams. One question I asked was, "If I had a magic wand, I would...." A lot of writing and sharing going on.

Yesterday morning while waxing eloquent and sharing my heart, I said this statement, "I think I was born to ride a horse." Everyone laughed of course, because I'm always going on about the Heartland show on CBC (we watched every episode this winter in all six seasons). And how I want my own Heartland ranch.

Well, after the retreat was finished and the traveling van was packed, we headed first to St. Martins to meet with someone, and then backtracked through hill and dale until we reached Snider Mountain -- to Circle Square Ranch -- where Marc and Manon live now (friends of ours from Fredericton). We had a meal with them, and then Manon gave me her Bogs boots and out we went in the dusk, with the snow gently falling. A tour of the ranch. I've been there a few times before, and had spoken and sang there 2003 I think, but I had forgotten what it looked like. As I walked through the property, I thought I was on the Heartland TV show and had to pinch myself a couple of times. It was so ethereal.

To the barn we walked, and looked out into the outdoor paddock -- 17 beautiful horses standing there waiting for us. Bucky was summoned and a white horse followed as well into the barn. We selected Bucky to brush down. Cousin Els, you would be proud of me -- my dream of being a horsewoman was coming true. And to think I said it that very morning!

Manon taught me how to brush Bucky with three different brushes, saddle him up, and we walked him outside and then to a gigantic indoor arena, where Deborah Susan MacDonald got to ride Bucky around the arena. Me and Bucky -- guiding him with the reins, left and right, a beautiful symphony. I couldn't believe it. This is how God works. We have a desire and He loves to give us these little gifts, treasures to cherish. I hope that the girls from Camp T can read this and rejoice with me....Dreams do come true!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

What is with the weather, anyway? I was actually praying for rain this afternoon as I vacuumed the house and mopped the floors. Nice to feel the cold front coming in.

I realized while cleaning how fortunate I am to clean my house. Such a privilege. Really. Honestly. I'm telling the truth. To have the energy and wherewithal to clean. A privilege, a gift of God -- cleaning as a gift. Sure changes perspective, doesn't it?

I would much rather clean than be on a bed of illness, wouldn't you?

On our way tomorrow again for the weekend -- Cassidy Lake and Camp Tulakadik, here we come! "The Pages of Your Life" is my theme. I've got a lot of pages I'm taking with me -- two bins of journals. Now if I can lift the bins and carry them to the car. What a privilege it is to carry a bin, too. Waxing eloquent during this cold front, I remain....

Sadie the Cleaning Lady (at least for today)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

All of a sudden I love goats

Cheryl is Going to Guatemala!

I want to tell you about the exciting opportunity I have for a week this summer. I will be going to Guatemala from June 17-24, ministering with Students International (SI). SI is a Christian mission organization whose missionaries are ministering to the poor of Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. Their missionaries are professionals who are ministering in their area of expertise. They have several different areas of ministry such as: education, social work, health care, occupational therapy, and agriculture. I will partner with one of their missionaries in an area that relates to my interests in care giving. I hope to work in the long term care hospital, Hermano Pedro, in Antigua which 300 people call home because their families no longer want them, or are unable to care for them. They range in age from infants to the elderly. I hope to have some hands on care with the infants and children.
To learn more about SI you can visit their website at
Also, check out this video set to "Follow You" by Leeland, of someone's mission trip to Guatemala
I would appreciate any prayer/financial support that you can offer.
Cheryl Pazia

If you can support Cheryl in her trip, please let me know by email at and I will tell you how....

Monday, 19 March 2012

The weekend was jam packed. Saturday morning found us in Centreville at the community school, watching Afton, seven years of age, in a chess tournament. Yes, you read correctly -- Grades 1-5 tournament. She is in grade one and WON the grade one level! I will post a pic when I figure out my new camera. Congratulations, Afton!

Saturday afternoon was spent at the sugar bush around the boiling vat, collecting sap, eating and celebrating Ivy's 4th birthday. Hard to imagine that Ivy and Aiden are four years old! Aiden's birthday is next week.

Saturday evening I was so tired I could hardly put one foot in front of the other, and fell into bed about 11 pm. LOL

Sunday morning we went to church with J & A and I practiced dancing during Junior Church. Alicia is teaching kids (and whoever else) to dance to "Dance Your Shoes Off." It is a song used last Easter in a Houston flash mob. Very exciting to be dancing with elementary kids. If we go to Florenceville-Bristol for Easter, I'll be dancing with them.

Sunday afternoon it was out to Camp Shiktehawk for family fun day. I spent the afternoon on a park bench talking with a friend in the sun. D., you will be surprised how tanned I am when you get back from Florida -- I've had so much outdoor activity this month...

Before we headed home, we decided to go to the sugar bush again to collect sap. I tramped through the woods -- what a workout! My jeans were sopping wet, but I didn't care -- to collect that precious sap... and it was so hot in the forest, due to the extreme heat wave we are under. So it really was an aerobic workout. Jack and Afton, Jon and Alicia and I collected near a hundred cans of sap and emptied them in Jon's traveling sled barrel apparatus.

Today it was 11 degrees, and tomorrow we expect a high of 23, and same for Wednesday. Spring has truly sprung! Hallelujah!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Ivy League

Sugar Bush, Sugar Bush -- your trees are calling me...I'm off to see the Sugar Bush, the wonderful Sugar Bush of McKeoghan Road!

Ivy Isabel MacDonald officially turns 4 years old tomorrow, March 17th -- a Scottish baby girl born on an Irish holiday. (although her ancestors are part Irish as well).

We will celebrate Ivy's birthday out at the sugar bush, while boiling up sap for that pure maple syrup New Brunswick is so proud of. Ivy said last week that she should have a 'syrup cake.' Cute.

Now, off to Toys R Us to buy a Barbie for Ivy and some Barbie furniture. Hope I can find a Barbie camper. Remember the Barbie camper, S.S. Sister? Do you still have it in your attic?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Working Again

Back at work again. Wasn't too bad. Great students to start my week with yesterday. I teach from 3 pm to 8 pm -- straight, without a break -- lots of personalities to deal with, but they are great personalities. I love seeing them learn and experience music.

Now I am preparing for another ladies' retreat at Camp Tulakadik, just outside Norton (outside Saint John) -- two weekends from now. It will consume me for the next two weeks, as I study, prepare, think of analogies, props, music and so on.

Went out for a pre-storm walk just now to give my head a break. Now back to study before having lunch and then teach til 6:30 tonight.

Posting a picture of Sisters' Act from the Ladies' Retreat at Greenhill Lake Camp in February.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

On vacation

We are still on vacation and loving it! sounds like a McDonald's commercial. Considering our last name I guess it is appropriate.
Cross country skiing for fhree days and sugar bush for the past two days. What could be finer? More later.

Friday, 2 March 2012

I'm feeling better today and my eating is under control. Actually, right now I'm famished. We are officially on vacation for the next week. Getting ready now to get packed tomorrow for our adventure to Bethel Inn in Maine. A family vacation with Jon & Alicia & those adorable children -- a cross country ski vacation. And perhaps some downhill thrown in. Will I downhill? I think I'll stick to downhilling on cross country skiis. Safer I think -- considering I haven't downhilled since the 90's at Sugarloaf, and I value my back!