Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Team Dancing Queen and Run for the Cure

Team Dancing Queen is at it again! Here's your chance to raise money for breast cancer research, be part of an "award winning" team, and get your exercise too. Want to be a member? Send an email to me, Angie Murphy and I'll tell you how - The run takes place Sunday, October 3rd. Join our team!

Captain Angie -- Wonder Woman! (Deb put this in)

Kermit the Frog, Roving Reporter

Well, I will have yet another experience tomorrow morning. York Manor opens their new care centre, and I am going to interview a few people LIVE on The Soul Cafe radio show. This is definitely something I have never done before, so I told Ross (my boss) that I feel like Kermit the Frog, Roving Reporter on location. Stay tuned.

Tonight, Doug and I are sitting at the kitchen table going through his father's affairs and trying to get organized. Quite a chore, I must say.

My secretary may come tomorrow, after the BIG SHEW (Ed Sullivan show a.k.a. Deb MacDonald on location)

Monday, 29 March 2010


I now have an official secretary! God works in mysterious ways. Beth B is going to be my secretary and will try and get me organized! Isn't that something? I'm still reeling about it. I am always going on about needing a secretary and she said that she feels 'called' to do it. I can't pay her much, but she's still willing. I told her today she has to try to figure out how my brain works. We'll see how she does on that! I told her I would call her Murphy Brown (although it should be the other way around -- I should be Murphy Brown, but I like to reverse things).

So stay tuned for the adventures with Murphy Brown. Perhaps she'll come in and see a 'new me' every week (you have to watch the show in order to understand what I mean, and the show is no longer in, so just pretend you know what I mean).

Back to teaching...

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday Adventures

Morning Gate Church this morning..played piano at end of service, but enjoyed being a spectator this morning (although that`s difficult for me sometimes). Home for a stir fry and a sandwich, thinking we were home for the afternoon. But... A phone call and we were off on a trip to Hoyt to see a recording studio and play a guitar and an amazing piano. Jam a bit with Conrad, the owner. Back into town to `Come as You Are`-- play some more music for `Seekers of His Heart`group, sing, listen to a couple of women share their hearts with the crowd. Sing `Find Me in the River` DQ for a sundae, then home to edit my show for morning, do some emails. Quite a day. Many connections made with people, just like yesterday. Have I ever mentioned that I enjoy people

Pray for Jalene & Stefan

Jalene & Stefan (Campobello) go to meet with pediatric cardiologist early Monday morning, then off to OBGYN and then to NICU == Baby Hope == continue to pray for HOPE`s heart development and birth next month -- and that all will be WELL! There is NOTHING impossible with GOD!

Saturday, 27 March 2010

I still feel like I'm in a fog. Although I've been very busy this week, it seems to be hard to concentrate. Grief does that, I guess. I keep thinking about Doug's Dad (John) and see his picture on the funeral bulletin posted by the flowers. Our house is full of flowers -- beautiful flowers, a memory of his life -- a dedicated father and grandfather. Doug had a dream about his dad last night -- a good dream -- that his father couldn't get home, but he was nearby. Doug has never dreamt about his dad before, so that was comforting to him.

Today we went on a Fredericton adventure and encountered many people to chat with -- the market for smoothie, Mexican cheese, Buffalo sausage, roasted cinnamon pecans; to Second Cup for caramello coffee; to Rogers store to check out techie stuff; to Thrift King for a VGA cable (whatever that is); to Reads Newstand to talk to Rick Green (another radio host friend/mentor) and drink Red Tea; and Superstore for a few groceries. Home for a sleep on the couch and then picked up Doug's mom to take her to Salvation Army church for a concert to honor Ross & Paul (owners of CJRI). Many gospel artists sang. I helped present a plaque to them, and sat for most of the evening with my eyes closed enjoying the music. Then to cousin C & W's after we got home for 7up and cake.

This morning I prayed for divine appointments and we had many today...I like making connections with people -- who knows how we can touch a life? And isn't this what it is all about? Loving God and loving others? I keep reminding myself about that when I get a bit confused about the purpose of life. You remind me, too, K?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Are you as tired as I am? or should I say WE are? Didn't realize the whole grieving process took so much out of a person! Doug and I went to the funeral home this morning to tidy up the details of CPP and taking his father out of the system, so to speak. It seems weird to take him out of this world (but we know he's in the next world). I taught all afternoon and struggled through the day. Donnie, Beth, Max and Judy came this evening to practice singing. Felt good to play the piano for them. Doug and I sat on the couch afterwards and played with my new cell phone. Yes, I succumbed to purchasing one -- never thought I would, but we felt that Doug's mom and my mom should be able to get me wherever, whenever. Because you never know where I will be. Radio station, driving around, the gym, shopping, walking, church...whatever..

time for bed again. hope to feel more awake tomorrow.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Air Flights Again

Hi everyone -- thank you for praying for us as we have gone through this time of death and grief. Natalie, Joy and Nick all fly out tomorrow morning, so would appreciate your prayers for their safe travel tomorrow as they reach their destinations (The Pas & California).

Our life has changed, but God is good. Adjustments to be made as we look out for Doug's mother now. Pray for wisdom for us. Talk soon.

Friday, 19 March 2010

What a Week

What a week -- we got through it. Every day felt like Saturday. Now I know what grief does to you. We lost our dear Dad, Grandpa & Great Grandpa, John A. MacDonald.

Wednesday we shook hands with over 500 people at York Funeral Home (haven't got the final count, but think it was close!). Thursday was the celebration of his life, and later we had a long family party at the homestead, and today we laid him to rest at Douglas Rural Cemetery, and spent the rest of the day at Uncle George's sharing together until late evening. Tomorrow we continue being together with a trip to Jon & Stephen's sugar bush. We hope to take Grandma, Joy, Nicholas and Natalie with us, to celebrate Ivy's 2nd birthday (her birthday was on the day of visitation).

Many thanks to all who brought food, cards, love, hugs. A special thanks to Nurse Cherry (Cheryl) and Brenda who cared for Afton, Jack & Ivy while we attended various events. It feels like one of the longest weeks of my life. We are doing fine, but miss our beloved Dad and Grandpa.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

What a day!

Never knew there was so much to do when someone passes away. Detective work, for sure. Head is full, for sure. Just picked up Natalie from the airport. Thanks for praying...

Tomorrow is visitation -- and a whole lot of tears, I'm sure, for a man we loved dearly.

Sunday, 14 March 2010


Thank you all for praying -- we can feel the prayers. Very difficult. Please pray for family members traveling home for the funeral: Natalie (coming from Manitoba); Joy & Nicholas (California); and an aunt from BC.

Natalie and Jonathan are having a very difficult time dealing with this sudden death of a beloved grandfather. Doug and I are grieving as well, but all is well. Pray for wisdom for us this week and as Doug, Joy and I discuss what to do next with their mother and her care. She is taking it hard, of course. And we need to stay with her at night and don't believe she will be able to live alone. Our life has changed once again, and we still hardly believe that our beloved father and grandfather is gone to be with the Lord. Thank you for praying...

Also -- just found out tonight from Doris, who is in New Zealand with her husband, that Doris' mother passed away in the night last night as well. She has had Alzheimers for 2-3 years and went to be with the Lord. So, please pray for Doris and family.

I am exhausted.

Please Pray

Doug's father passed away suddenly tonight (heart attack). He was a wonderful, wonderful man, and we are very sad and shocked...

Would appreciate your prayers as we go through this difficult time; especially for Doug's mother, Dorothy. And for family members traveling from afar (Doug's sister Joy and nephew Nicholas from California; Natalie coming from Manitoba; and Doug's aunt from B.C.) in the next few days.


Doug & Deb, Jonathan, Natalie & families

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Celebrate Your Name

This week is "Celebrate Your Name" week, and today was "Name Tag Day." Yesterday was find out what your name means day. My name is Deborah, a Hebrew name meaning "bee." I reported all these things on the radio the last couple of days. Tomorrow is middle name day, I think. It's interesting coming up with things to report and make the show interesting, as well as updating people on the artists. I like to remain creative however, and somedays...really need to pray for God's help for creativity...

Today a man from Des Moines, Iowa called the station to talk to me. Said I made his mornings. How nice. That was encouraging. It's very strange for me to report into 'the air' so to speak, not knowing if anyone is listening. But then people will stop me or I'll hear that someone likes the show. That keeps me going, I guess. It certainly is a different venue, and I do enjoy it.

Getting ready for Bible study in the morning -- teaching Romans -- anyone want to come? The Soul Cafe Live edition.

Having a private retreat this weekend at Greenhill Lake Camp. The Nomad ministry team is coming together to refresh, reconnect, seek the Lord and plan for the future. Pray for us, will you? We hope to plan more retreats -- stay tuned. We have the Lakeside Sanctuary all to ourselves. We can't wait to be together again. Have a great weekend.

Made up an acronym with the letters of my name today (as part of Celebrate Your Name Week activities). Here's what I came up with, and I challenge you to do the same.... what could you come up with that describes you?

D Daring
E Eager
B 'Bee-like'

Celebrate your name!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Miracles Still Happen

These are three miracles in the past two days:

1. My mother called to say that my aunt Naida, who was in intensive care for a couple of months and not expected to live because of cancer of the esophagus, went home and had a check-up today. The doctor told her the cancer is in remission and she does not require chemo! And to come see him in six months! This is so awesome. Prayer, prayer, and more prayer to our great and awesome God! Mom and I went to visit her before Christmas. I told my aunt that "if I could do it, she could do it," and prayed for her. She told my mom (her sister) later that she was positive I had 'mittens' on my hands that said "If I can do it, you can do it". I did not have mittens on my hands that said that, but God apparently gave her a vision of a set of mittens with that positive statement on them!

2. A friend of mine told me today about an acquaintance of hers that went in for surgery because of a possible cancer diagnosis (a man). "A friend of mine told me about her relative who went in for surgery yesterday to have a lump removed. The doctor checked him over before surgery and noticed that the lump was gone! Another doctor confirmed that with an ultrasound, and sure enough the lump was gone!! GONE! My friend and her husband told their six-year-old son this good news on the way to school this morning, telling him that Jesus had healed this person. Their son, with a serious look on his face, said to his parents: "JESUS IS REAL!"

3. Jalene called me yesterday afternoon to update me on Baby Hope's situation. Since this is an extremely difficult situation and the decisions are much too hard for anyone to be able to make without the wisdom of God, I suggested that she relinquish the situation to Him, and perhaps put out a fleece to God. I told her to let me know when she knew. She called me within an hour with excitement. She prayed, released the situation to God, and God answered with an answer on where to have the heart surgery when Baby Hope is born -- Portland, Maine, and provided an apartment for them to live in!


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Quote for Your Day

"Do what you can do when you are waiting on God to do what you can't do."
---Joyce Meyer

It's Tuesday!

Well, it seems like spring has sprung, doesn't it? A bit chillier today, but still spring is in the air. We DID go to the sugarbush on Saturday and had a great time outside, watching the sap boil and enjoying the great outdoors amidst the beauty of the maple trees. I told Jack & Afton & Ivy a story and they laughed hilariously. Perhaps I should make it into a book -- I could call it A, J, I and Henry the Frog. Anyway, Henry the Frog followed us throughout the day as we trudged through the forest, emptying sap cans. That evening we went to Wayne & Bev's in Coldstream (wherever that is) for supper, and we didn't have time to go see the Pirate. Next time, Pirate -- want to play some music with you. We miss you! I was worn out from the day and we arrived home late night.

This week has been very busy, with the radio show and teaching, and two trips to the gym. I feel like I'm getting some strength back. Saffire gave me a workout again today, and put me on the Bosu ball. Ever been on one? THAT will test your balance, for sure. By the time we were done, I wanted to take that Bosu Ball and throw it out the window! Oh well, I feel good exercising, but it's hard at the time. Isn't that like life? Hard at the time, but when you look back at it, you see the results. Must go eat a healthy salad and get ready to teach and go to Ladies' Choir.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


I was reminded this morning by the Southshore Sister that I haven't written much and that I must be busy. You know what? I think I am! Even though it was March break for my students and myself this past week, it was still busy for me. A funeral on Monday, the radio show every day, a day to get my tax papers ready for Sis's husband (our accountant), and then yesterday.

Let me tell you about yesterday (Friday). I struggled through the radio show (some days it's hard to 'get into it and flow.' I think it was because the sun came out and I wanted to go outside and play. I reported on the radio that it was "Do something goofy or silly" Day, and I wanted to do the same. So, Doris and I hopped into my van after the show and headed north, into the wild blue sky and sunshine. Where would we end up and how would we get there? We were hungry, so we headed the back way to Woodstock, up through Millville and the back road to Grafton, which was akin to mogul skiing, except with a van. Up and down and around the heaves in the road, and we were soon looking for a place to land and get the 'gold.' Down beautiful Main Street of Woodstock, the place of my birth, and a stop at Newnham and Slipp pharmacy, because I did so many commercials for them this past couple of months that I had to see what they had in store. I went on an incognito mission, however, and didn't reveal my name. And didn't buy anything, either.

Where to eat? Finally settled on Smitty's and had a great lunch. On the road again, to travel the back roads over hill and dale, through Victoria Corner, to Coldstream (wherever that is), towards Gordonsville, out to Knowlesville and finally reached the destination of Falls Brook (where Doug and I had spent a whole weekend in the fall). Drove the van up a muddy snow covered driveway to a three-story straw bale house being built. Opened the door and looked down -- there was our grown son, Jonathan, with a dust mask on, stuffing straw into the walls. He looked up at me with surprise. I said, "I bet you didn't expect to see your mother way out here!" Of course he didn't, and told the owners of the house, "We have company." They opened up their house to us and we had a tour of the three story structure, plus climbed a ladder up into the cupola and surveyed the countryside. Beautiful. A house totally off the grid. And Jonathan is in his glory working on it. Then Doris and I helped him scrub a newly laid grouted ceramic floor, and the owners, Leland and Teeghan and two kids, left on a journey to Guelph, Ontario. They thought it odd that these two strange women were left scrubbing their floor, but was Do Something Goofy Day, and we were doing it. We took a trek up into the woods to look at an outdoor kiln, and a kiss and a hug for Jonathan, and we were off again, down through Cloverdale, Millville again, a stop at a very unusual general store, and home again. An adventure. I love adventures. Isn't life an adventure?

Then out to dinner at Ramada with Rick & Patricia Green for a fabulous meal. To Blockbuster to rent "The Invention of Lying," a very interesting and thought provoking movie that Doug and I had already seen, but wanted to see again. It was quite a day.

Today we are on our way to try out a CUBE vehicle (Nissan) with Rick & Patricia, then heading north again towards Centreville, where Jonathan and Stephen and families are boiling maple sap! We'll see all the grandchildren and will have a grand time. A perfect way to end a busy March break week. Toodles.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Baby HOPE & Baby ETHAN

Here is an email I received from Jalene Matthews (Campobello) about Baby Hope...Please uphold them in prayer:

We go to the IWK in Nova Scotia tomorrow. Please pray for us while we are there. Please pray for my bravery and for Hope's aorta to have shown a marked growth by the grace of God. Our appointments start at 12:50pm canadian time and last one is for 4pm. We are hoping that we only hear good news for our baby. Thanks for your prayers. Love, Stefan Jalene and Hope Ruth

Please also pray for Baby ETHAN of The Pas (Elissa's baby just born last week), who is having a shunt put in today....(hydrocephalus).

Today is the day to pray for babies.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Is it Tuesday Already?

I wanted to go see the Superchicks after doing my radio show today, but decided to do errands instead. You can't do everything, I guess. I wish I could be everywhere and anywhere all the time. This side of heaven it isn't possible. I've been saying I would visit the Superchicks for a couple of years now, and have only made one surprise visit there. If you don't know who they are, just go to Keswick and look for their cars on Tuesday afternoon. They are quite a bunch, and someday I want to be in their 'coop' with them.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Becky H., who will celebrate her birthday tomorrow (I believe?). Becky and Natalie have been friends since birth, you know.

Lynda L. came over this afternoon and we started work on a website for her. Stay tuned for that address when it becomes available. Tonight, a womens' quartet came by to practice for the next "Come as You Are" event late March. Max stayed for a cup of tea after the meeting. I think I should have 'open visitor' hours in this house a couple of evenings a week -- you could just drop in and have a cuppa. Could call it "The Little House in the Wildwood," "A Cottage in the Woods," or stay with the old name, "The Soul Cafe." Anyone want to come over? We discuss any and all topics and serve great coffee, tea and snacks (when available). Or we could call it "Come as You Are to the Soul Cafe" Cafe.

I think I'm a bit delirious, but it IS Dr. Seuss's birthday today. I announced a lot of trivia about him today and read a few quotes. Check out the sidebar on the website where I posted a Seuss quote.

Do you like Green Eggs & Ham? Or Cat in the Hat? I do. Some of my favorite books are Seuss books. One of the things about Seuss is that he uses trisyllabic words for effect, and it worked. Perhaps I'll use one now: "pendulum." I need to go to bed.

Monday, 1 March 2010


YEAH CANADA! What an achievement! Are you proud to be a Canadian today? I am! 14 golds -- the most ever in the Winter Olympics! and hockey gold as well! Who would have thunk it? BELIEVE -- That has been the theme of the games. We've been hearing the song 'BELIEVE' on the airwaves, and the word 'BELIEVE' everywhere -- and it came to pass....The power of words. The power of our words.

What are you wanting to BELIEVE today? Believe it! "Nothing is impossible with God." Believe in God. Believe in yourself.

I'm off to play and sing for another funeral -- Laura Smith, an older friend of ours, has gone on to her eternal reward...

Check out this video for another thing hard to believe.... (Thanks to Marilyne for sending it to's 'unbelievable.'