Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Our Weekend near Mount Katahdin, Maine

Jonathan, Alicia, Ivy, Croy, Deb, Doug -- canoeing, swimming, hiking, Deb & Doug in water watching whitewater rafters, Jon's 'Loaf of Bread' van, Mount Katahdin, campsites, babies...FUN!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Birthday #52

B 52 -- yes, it wasn't like I planned. This is what I PLANNED to do on birthday #52:
1. Walk across the Saint John River (not on the water, just on the bridge)
2. Kayak across the river
3. Bike across the river

Alas, my back went out yesterday, so nix the athletic activities. Instead, a great day anyway:

Doris picked me up near 11 am, after I got straightened up and muscle relaxants in me. Blue Canoe for food; tried to get into Costco, but alas they wouldn't let us in without a membership, and we weren't so sure about that yet; Michaels to look at crafts, Home Depot, shoe hunting, Chapters, Laura Secord chocolates, Quilt shop, Timothy's coffee, Superstore for chicken, Doris' for supper, walked over to Mom and Dad's where Mom had beautiful cupcakes waiting, and then coffee with Bill & Louise at Tim's.

Met many people throughout the day who thought I looked GREAT == which I took as a compliment and reassurance that, like the old commercial says, "You're not getting older, you're getting better." Remember that?

So, after having had a long conversation with Natalie (and Jonathan earlier), it is now time to go to bed. But will I sleep? Too much coffee, but I'll try.

I have now deemed it BIRTHDAY WEEK to celebrate B52, as the last few birthday celebrations have been minimal. I can't remember birthday 51, probably due to chemo brain. Birthday #50 was when we were in The Pas and Natalie fell down the stairs so I nursed her most of the day. So B52 it is! Thank you, God, for keeping this energizer bunny goin'.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family of Jack Layton and as we mourn him as a person and leader of this great country of Canada, I thank God for you, Jack. May God rest you in His peace.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Well, well, well. It's been awhile, but when you don't have the technology, it's a bit hard to post on-line. Greenhill Lake week was fantastic with 100+ kids and I just finished a week-long session in Campobello Island at Edith Lank Christian Camp. 14 women including me had the time of our lives (that might be a bit of an exaggeration), as we met together every day, all day for Bible study, crafts, a killer volleyball game (very competitive island women), swimming with kids and tuck etc. Thanks to the staff for making it such a great week, and to Zachary, who made delectable desserts EVERY DAY for us. What a great group of women! So long til next year....boo hoo.

Then we made our way over to Grand Manan on the new ferry -- The Grand Manan Adventure. Been here at the Benson house for the night -- food and catching up with good friends. Thanks for the island hospitality... And just like the 'littlest hobo,' we're soon to be moving on -- over to Saint John to visit Nurse Cherry who had surgery, then on to Superior City. Feels like I've been gone most of the summer. Perhaps I have been?

Tomorrow is my 52nd birthday. Hard to believe, Mom & Dad. 1959 was a long time ago. I have a few activities planned for my 52nd -- will let you know....

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Had a great harvest today during Chapel...I am continually amazed at how God uses my craziness and wacky teaching ideas to work His miracles in kids' lives...I was totally amazed as kids 'walked the aisle' and received Jesus as Saviour, including a whole contingent of kids from St. Mary's First Nation that are here at camp this week.

Glory to God in the highest and peace, goodwill to men!

Tomorrow -- Christmas in August....

Monday, 8 August 2011

Good-bye St Martins, HELLO to Greenhill Lake Camp. I've been here since Sunday night, talking to kids, acting crazy and teaching the Bible. Strange combination, but true. The RV is camped here under the trees. My own private campground...

Think I should go home sometime, but next week is Campobello Island...

I'm on the camp computer, so can't stay long. Miss you all

Night, Doug....

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Two more sleeps and it will be back to the inland country... it is rather cold here by the ocean today. Very high tides the past couple of days. A near hurricane the other day; tore down our new canopy/gazebo apparatus. Doug arrived tonight and took at it with his jigsaw, slicing off about six inches. He'll have to adapt some of the channel faux iron pieces with some other material, but I'm sure he'll come up with something. He always does. Lately, he's been thinking of revamping the RV and make the tractor his half ton. Don't ask. It's much too complicated. The upside of it, though, is that I get a 16 x 8 bedroom. I think I should install a bowling alley inside the bedroom, it would be so long. Oh well, it's not something he's going to build right away. Next year's project perhaps.

Since it was so cold here in St. Martins, we watched a movie tonight instead of the campfire. "The King's Speech" with Colin Firth. I highly recommend it. Southshore Sis and I watched it last month. Even better the second time...

And now for a 'sea' poem:

The Sea...
© Saira Obaidullah

The sea, the sea, the glorious, emerald sea,
Stretches as far as my sight carries me.

What tranquility, what treasures, what beauties dwell
In her fathomless depth, only God can tell.

Sometimes, I find her as gentle as a mother to her child.
Yet, when furious, she is as cruel as the beasts in the wild.

As I sit by the sea, watching the evening sun descend low,
The silver ripples shiver and the golden waters glow.

Oh sea,oh sea, oh glorious boundless sea.
Thou glitter like silver, as the moon shines upon thee.

We are born to fade away and some day we would never-
Return to cherish the glories of God, which would be there forever.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I'm By the Ocean Still

I'm by the ocean still, the waves, the wind, the blue skies, the sun, the rain, all the weather you can imagine. Just finished a fantastic weekend with some nomadic friends camping out here at Century Farm. Once I get a few pictures downloaded, I'll write about our fabulous weekend. Now it's late again, and it's time for bed. I guess I'm on vacation...

Hey Natalie -- making plans to come out...will talk to you this weekend.