Tuesday, 21 August 2012

We hiked to the Hearst Lodge, deep in the woods of St. Martins. Yes, we hiked -- 2.7 kilometres, along the Big Salmon River. A challenging hike it was, and 4-year-old Aiden hiked 3/4 of the trail. Natalie had Sarah in a backpack and Doug packed Aiden the remainder of the way. What a blessed sight when we saw the Hearst Lodge come into view, made our way toward the log lodge, and the rain started -- a downpour. "Come in, come in out of the rain," the host called. She served us water and coffee -- weary hikers. It was a real accomplishment. We were tired that night! Now we are home, and Heartland Fredericton is growing each day. Pippin and Uncle made an appearance on Sunday and it was a really nice visit. I wished they lived here in the city again. Tonight there are twelve people staying here -- Deb, Doug, Natalie, Aiden, Sarah, Paul, Brenda, Luke, Afton, Ivy, and Granny & Jed. Two RVS and people sleeping in every available space, including the floor. A picnic tonight on our mini-campground with invited guests, Charlotte, Willard, Mason, Becky and Joel, which made 16. A deck-building operation is underway this week, and what a deck it is. Mom & Dad are still not living in their house, but the company promises it this Friday. We'll see. They promised last Friday, but alas, other projects seem to be taking precedence. What happened to a man's word, anyway? We have quite a daycare operation happening here as well, along with Cousin C and her children next door. It's like the Old Woman and the Shoe Explosion. A woman like me keeps very busy looking after all her little children. Tomorrow I am 53. I can't believe it. But I am happy and blessed to still be alive -- that God would grant me many many more years to live on this blessed earth.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

We are having a retreat in St Martins. been here since Monday and it is beautiful..having a nice rest. We even have rest time every afternoon. Natalie and the kids in the RV and me and Doug I our recliners outside. Mom and Dad are holding down the fort while the finishing touches are done on their new home. soon, Granny, and you will be in your new home in Heartland Fredericton. tomorrow we hope to go for a hike with the kids in backpacks. I wonder how that will go? "I wanna a snack, I want down, I want a drink, I want!". keeping children sure makes one weary. Next week we get a couple of Jon's kids to keep, too!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

We had a week without children. Sometimes we forgot about them. Natalie lived in a wedding bubble, as she did all things wedding related. And what a beautiful wedding it 'twas at Killarney Lake Lodge on Sunday. A wedding with tears, as Becky married the man God prepared for her -- Joell Gallant. Natalie's best friend from the time they were toddlers. A new chapter in their lives. Doug and I took a flying trip on Monday to PEI to pick up Aiden and Sarah from Nanny & Grampie DuBois. Since we also had been up late at the wedding dance, we struggled to stay awake, taking turns driving, although Doug drove the most. It was a sweet reunion to see Natalie greet her kids and have Sarah snuggle into her Mommy's embrace. Today is the big day -- Granny & Jed's house arrives today. It is now on its way from Sussex. 10 o'clock is the arrival time. It's like we are arriving for a big baby to make its entry onto our property. I'm sure I'll take a photo or two of this momentous occasion in our family's history. Granny & Jed -- are you excited??

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Took a two day trip to Prince Edward Island. How beautiful -- I had forgotten how pretty the island is. We left Aiden and Sarah with Nat's parents-in-law. It's strange being here in Fredericton without children. Natalie is busy doing 'wedding week' for Becky's wedding. We're so excited for our Becky, a second daughter. Sunday is the big day for Becky Horsman to marry Joell Gallant! Heartland Fredericton is shaping up quite nicely and we are all still living in trailers and houses here on our land. Granny & Jed are doing well, considering they are living in a small trailer. Their new house is due to come next Wednesday -- exciting! Condolences to Cousin Els, who lost her mother unexpectedly last week. Her mother has 88 great years here on this earth, and now she sees her Saviour.