Monday, 28 February 2011


Help! Any ideas on how to get baby to nap longer? We're trying a few ideas and tweaking what we are doing. Rather difficult, though, what with drills drilling downstairs, Aiden yelling for his father, Josh blowing his nose outside her door. No wonder we can't keep her asleep.

And Aiden just had the diarhhea. Oh the joys of motherhood!

Nat & Josh are going out on a date night tonight, leaving seasoned grandparents Gram Deb and Papa in charge. Aiden looks like Hugh Heffner in his housecoat (had to have a mid-afternoon bath). I'm trying to wash dishes, soothe a baby, blog and make supper all at the same time.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

An Early Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Aiden’s birthday, one month early (March 26 is his 3rd birthday). Nat & I are wiped out. Activities included ‘Put the wheel on the Car,’ which I actually drew on large paper; and ‘musical couch’ (my title); and ‘musical freeze,’ where the kids all danced and froze when the music stopped. Of course, me being the Dancing Queen, I couldn’t help but dance with them, and Natalie and I did a rousing rendition of the “Mommy dance,” an old family favorite (it’s actually my kids making fun of me dancing).
Then a CARS cake for the children. Along with this, a very fussy baby Sarah. She is still fussing. I’ve actually been praying that she would go to sleep. I’m sure Natalie is, too. Sarah, you need your beauty sleep for tomorrow’s dedication service!
Oh, we’re tired…

Friday, 25 February 2011

My Two Girls -- Moms Extraordinaire

Cold and 'Pite'

I attempted to go out to several grocery stores this morning about 10:15. Alas, the truck will not start, even though it is plugged in. It is now 11:30, and I am soon going to go try it again. Temperature? Minus 30 plus windchill. Baby Sarah is playing on the floor and Aiden is sucking his thumb, nestled up to me as I type, or should I say, 'pite,' as Aiden calls it. Aiden likes to 'pite' every day on the computer and we set up Notepad and he can type (pite) his alphabet in order, finding the keys on the keyboard very quickly. This is a techno kid, for sure. Very smart.

More later. I'm on vacation as Julia Child today, as we are going to a birthday party from 4-6 pm at the Wellness Centre. So no cooking for me today! Although it is almost lunch, so I must go prepare that before attempting to go out and shop.

We are celebrating Aiden's birthday tomorrow, one month earlier than his real birthday. A bunch of kids are coming over. Should be mayhem here.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Scrabble, Peanut Butter Cookies and Quiche

This morning after Sarah went to bed for the first time, Nat announced, "We're playing Scrabble." So to the table we went mid-morning, to play our beloved game. Took advantage of baby in bed and Aiden at pre-school. Doug downstairs putting sheetrock on the walls. He is repairing the damage done by the sewer system three days after Sarah was born.

Our game never finished yet, but I am ahead. Natalie picked up Aiden from pre-school and went to Alissa's for lunch. I chose to stay home, feed the baby, make lunch, peanut butter cookies and make preparations for tonight's entree -- quiche.

Sarah is now 9 lb 12 oz, the same weight that Jonathan was when I delivered him 31 years ago. She is a princess, and today I have dressed her in her Irish outfit. She looks ready to go on my 'musical tour,' if you know what I'm talking about. BTW, I am looking into arranging a musical tour to New York later this fall. If you are interested in going (or finding out more info), email me at or comment on this blog.

I just want to take this opportunity to applaud you mothers who are currently looking after children -- like Krista, Angie, and Kelly and Cousin C who keeps children in her home -- YOU deserve an award! It's not like I don't know what to do or how to do it -- it is just tiring for a woman of my generation.

You should see Sarah right now...she is nestled in Papa Doug's arms. He is feeding her. Precious. We are blessed with all these grandchildren. Wish you could be here.

Well, must go and clean up the kitchen yet again (not that I'm complaining; I actually enjoy it). And attend to the evening entree. And when Natalie comes home, I'm outta here -- to the gym to work out all the stress of baby care (LOL).

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hard Work!

Child care is hard work! I am exhausted and planned on writing earlier, but after feeding and holding Sarah for a couple of hours this evening, having a cup of chamomile tea and falling asleep on the couch, I am now ready for bed.

A full day, complete with 1 1/2 hours of exercise for me at the Wellness Centre (the gym), a family trip to the midwife (for Nat, not me!), and a trip to DQ to pick up supper (although I did not eat DQ fare, but a rather strange assortment of food that I prepared at home). I was way too tired to make what I had planned for supper -- sweet and sour chicken and rice. It's in the fridge marinating for tomorrow night.

Now I must night. Night.

Monday, 21 February 2011

It's still Monday night, and I'm working on the blog design. Hope you like it.

Manic Monday? Day 4 in The Pas

Was today manic Monday? If you consider looking after an almost-three-year-old and a one-month old baby manic, then that's the kind of day it was. Up at 7:15 and just put Aiden to bed (it's now 8:15). I am the 'chief cook and bottle washer' so to speak, and have been spending oodles of time in the kitchen creating culinary delights. Natalie thinks she's at a 4 star hotel. This should soon stop as I will run out of ideas of what to cook. I've already decided I need to go on the internet for a menu planner for ideas.

It was cleaning day here at the DuBois' and Nat and I cleaned up a storm of a house (it actually was quite clean, but I just wanted to say that). Doug started working on the basement repairs, which he will be doing for the next three weeks.

My creations today included homemade chicken soup and cheese biscuits for lunch, and spaghetti, vegetables and peach yogurt cinnamon almond creation for supper. Then a bath for Sarah (she is adorable!) and a bath for Aiden. I'm all bathed out. I lifted weights while I watched Aiden play in the tub, then another body to wash. I'm all washed up, I think.

Speaking of weights, I went out this afternoon to go to the gym to lift weights, while everyone else in the house had naps, but alas, the gym was asleep, too. It is a holiday here in The Pas -- Louis Riel Day. So, I went to the only store open -- the north's equivalent of The Superstore -- Extra Foods. Even took a picture of it. Strange but true. I like a good grocery store.

Now it's time perhaps to relax or do my radio show. Since we are two hours behind New Brunswick time, it was rather difficult to get the show done this morning, what with children wanting food and all. But maybe I'm too tired to talk? It's late in my body -- haven't caught up yet to this time change. Doug and I are so tired when we go to bed. Child care is hard! There is always something to do. I remember now -- 30 years ago -- yes, it's coming back to me and now I'm living it. It's wonderful, but I know now why you have your children young and not in your 50's!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Bombardier Ride, Anyone?

That 'anyone' today was me and Mr. Doug -- after the first race, we sauntered over to a 1947 (I think) yellow Bombardier. Looked like a big ol' yellow submarine. Well, let me tell you, it was the ride of our lives. The highlight of the day and our backs are paying for it tonight. Doug was the co-pilot (or so the driver said, though Doug didn't do anything but hold on). 'Peter' the pilot drove that over-sized Ski-Doo 'medium' speed he said, but it was like a roller coaster ride on the snow, over the frozen lake. Big gullies, deep ruts, through trees and bushes. Two girls -- me and a young elementary school girl, and three grown men plus Peter. It was awesome. What a thrill. Never did this before, why, I've never even been on a roller coaster. Don't need to now. I grew up with snowmobiles, but I've never experienced a ride across the snow like this one. As we traversed the rugged trail at an unhealthy speed, I remembered a phrase I learned from a Bahamian boat captain-- "Go with the waves, Lady, go with waves" (so I wouldn't get seasick). I remembered and followed his advice today so I wouldn't get snow sick!

The Pas

There's nothing like spending the afternoon lying on the couch with a baby on your chest, is there? We have been very busy since we got here, just with normal every day stuff of babies, cooking, laundry, plus the Trappers Festival.

We've taken in about four sled dog races here on the lake outside Nat & Josh's home. Yesterday, in minus 25 degree weather plus wind chill, I was determined to take pictures and see the race. The sound the dogs make before take-off is very eerie -- howling and chomping at the bit to get going, but once that gun goes off and 'they're off' you could hear a pin drop as the teams of dogs haul their master to victory some two hours later. I was surprised at the emotion I felt when they took off -- started to 'tear up.' It felt like I belonged her watching this. Perhaps I'm a northern girl. Or perhaps I'm just home wherever I am. Don't worry, Granny, I'm comin' home in a few weeks.

I joined the gym yesterday here -- the Wellness Centre, a project of three governments. What a beautiful place. You get in the door using your fingerprint. Feel like I'm a super-secret spy agent when I enter. There is a four lane walking/jogging track surrounding basketball courts, an extensive gym and weight equipment downstairs for those body builders, and an upstairs Life Fitness equipment, treadmills (with fans!), bikes that you take semi-real trips in the country (computerized), etc. And free weights, balls, medicine balls, virtually a totally stocked gym. Even better than the Good Life I pay dearly for in Superior City (Freddytown). I went today and worked out for 1 1/2 hours. It felt SO good to move my aching bones.

Had my picture taken with a couple of northern residents -- "Welcome to the North," Crystal said.

Sarah is extremely adorable, and we are having a good time holding, feeding, changing (not Doug), and loving on her. And Aiden is amazing. He talks all the time and comes out with the cutest things. RCMP man is as handsome as ever, and Natalie,of course, is beautiful and a great mother.

That's all for now. Enjoy the pictures. The days are so busy it's hard to get time to go on the computer. Children are a full time job. I remember those days, and it's good to be here.

Friday, 18 February 2011

We arrived FINALLY in The Pas last evening, after a harried trip through the snow fall, blowing snow, snow packed roads, basically a blizzard here in the North. Twelve hours of travel, but we are here! More later...

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Leavin' on a Jet Plane

Up, up and away! 0600 tomorrow morning....arrive Winnipeg at 11:30 NB time, then rent a car for a seven hour trip to The Pas. Appreciate your prayers for a safe and UNEVENTFUL journey, as we go to see our beloved daughter, RCMP man, Aiden and new baby Sarah!

Will blog later....Thanks, Cousin C & Granny, for looking after the house...

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers as we go on this journey.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Tea, Anyone?

Sunday, after preaching at two churches and having a turkey dinner at Max's parents, John & Marilyn in the Vale, we ferried up to Carlow (between Bristol and Bath), where Jon and family live.

We were greeted by a very British-looking Jonathan with towel over arm -- "Good day, may I escort you to your seats?" From then on, it was an English tea party, complete with Princess Afton and her entourage, Jack the Duke of Carlow (the only male other than baby boy Croy and his cousin Oliver), and of course Princess Ivy and another small crawling baby. Children everywhere, pretending they were in England. I carted my china tea cups over hill and dale to get there, and placed them carefully at each place setting.

Butler Jonathan instructed the invitees to the birthday tea how to properly drink tea and how to act properly, as they ate their 'fruit a la stick' and tiny treats. It was so cute. There was classical music playing, and afterwards a dance with all involved. I danced with Jack, the Duke of Carlow and Baby Boy Croy, and cousin Steven. I read them "Splat" the Cat with an English accent, and they were led in a game of walking with a book on head for proper English posture. Presents galore and Princess Afton was in her glory. A six-year-old birthday to remember.

Countdown to the west: 3 days....Would appreciate your prayers for safety in flight and for the seven hour trip on the road to The Pas.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sleigh Ride & Northern Babies

Granny & Mrs. Hvwiggins

Yesterday, we enjoyed a sleigh ride at Els' place out in Nasonworth. We all loaded onto the sleigh, hauled by horses Ben and Belle. About 1/4 km on this amazing trail through the woods, the sleigh broke. We think it might have had something to do with all the 'weight' on the sleigh, not sure...LOL...Anyway, we got off and started walking the trail, while Els' husband Don saddled up the one horse sleigh and for the next two hours, he took us on an even better sleigh ride. We had a blast. And came inside to a delectable lunch that we all contributed to. Thanks, Els, for a great day.

Last night, R & S and Doug and I went to Patrick's 50th birthday party at Jeannie's. Quite a time. We were all locked in her house for the party. (Literally, I guess, we were picked up for the party and didn't leave til the party was over). Ingenious, Jeannie.

This morning found Doug and I over at R & S for breakfast with R & J. Randy prepared a delectable brunch and Sandra decorated. We call it the Techie Breakie, because we continually get on-line and Google information. I got the crowd introduced to Photo Lab on R's Mac computer, and we laughed out loud hilariously as we took pics of each other. We're all looking forward to the next Techie Breakie.

Must go finish a valentine supper I'm making for my sweetie. Tacos in the living room. Then to Max & Dale's to play Dominoes.

Sunday takes us up to Southhampton and over the dale to Temperance Vale churches, as we sing and preach there. Then to Max's parents for lunch. Then up to Bristol, to take part in Afton's 6th birthday celebration -- a TEA PARTY birthday. I've got ten china teacups all packed and ready to go, including a teapot. "I'm a Little Teapot" used to be the song the parents used to make me sing all the time, and look -- now my granddaughter is celebrating the teapot in her 6th birthday. "Put on Another Pot of Tea" is a song I love, and hope to record someday (or at least sing somewhere). Perhaps it will get in the Archives of Canada as well.

Well, I'm rambling again -- time to go eat and play.

Sarah is 3 weeks old!
Aiden Shaving???

Thursday, 10 February 2011

In the News

I'm in the news again. The Daily Gleaner -- this Saturday's edition, in the insert. I was in the paper back in November as well. Don't know why I'm in the news of late. At least it's for a good reason and not as a criminal or something. I thank God for His acknowledgment of my life, and the opportunity to share a bit of my story with others.

I went to the gym at 0800 today. Dennis the Menace (my trainer) worked me hard -- large muscles on my legs. They didn't like it too much, and my heart rate elevated and wouldn't come down. He put me on the treadmill and I walked slowly and took deep breaths, trying to get it to lower. Alas, it 'fibrillated,' as I call it. My large muscles are feeling it tonight. But I feel GOOD, nonetheless.

Tomorrow -- a sleigh ride out at Els and Don's 'farm.' The Friday morning Romans group is going. Wonder if we'll see Ed, the talking horse stick his head out of the stall? Wonder if we'll make the news?

Another strange thing today: I got a letter from the Government of Canada Library & Archives asking me to send them copies of my instrumental music and music 'Live at the Lightspot' (a place I performed at in Saint John).

"We have recently seen a reference to the sound recordings, and we would like to obtain a copy for Library and Archives Canada," a quote from the letter. Strange but true.

Weird day -- a difficult work-out at the gym, an article in the newspaper about me, a letter from Library and Archives Canada requesting my music for its library. Also an old man at Tim Horton's asking Gloria where the radio station got me -- was I a broadcaster from Ontario or something? "No, she just walked in to the radio station and started," Gloria replied. "Well, she's something else." You got that right, Mister, I certainly am something else. In a strange way, I mean. Laugh at myself... You never know, do you? (Johnny Campbell used to say that to us all the time, for those of you who remember ol' Johnny).

I'm at a loss for words.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Dr. Broad visit this morning (my oncologist). All is well. Thank you for your prayers.

Afton is six years old today. Happy Birthday, Afton! Imagine -- six grandchildren under six. We are so blessed.

Monday, 7 February 2011

4 Month Check-Up

I go to see Dr. Broad, family doc in oncology, for my four month check-up tomorrow morning at 10:30. Would appreciate your prayers!

What a Wonder Full World Weekend

A jam-packed weekend at Greenhill Lake Camp. Theme was Wonder Full World. We all led sessions (I led Australia and Europe). We dressed up and acted our parts. Quite funny, we were. Sisters Act also sang all weekend. There were about 70 women there. A good time was had by all. Many new friendships made, as women talked at tables all weekend long and shared with one another. After hour activities were fun, too. Late night talks, prayers, and also late night laughter. Angie, Kim, Kelly from AWAY were the culprits who kept me up most of the night, as I told them strange stories about my life. Didn't realize I had so many stories to tell. Funny stories about rings and rivers and such. And later, late night football scuttles in the snow, as I tried to knock them down in the blizzard. (Just getting prepared to watch the Superbowl).

Saturday afternoon, Max led a skating teaching session and a few women showed their talents in the first annual Greenhill Lake Stars on Ice show. I didn't have any skates so I just watched. I didn't want to be landing on my newly surgicalized wrists. Max did a great job, and the girls loved it. I've included a picture of Sandra, Max and Marilyn.

Also, a picture of Jon's foursome, including Croy, who is now two months old.

And a picture of a strange snowman in my yard made by the daughters of laughter (Angie, Kim and Kelly).

I'm a bit tired tonight, after coming home yesterday and watching my favorite game -- football. The Green Bay Packers, the underdogs, won. Good for them. I like it when they win, although I was rooting for the Steelers for some reason. Just because Ann & Don know Ben Rothelisberger's family, I guess.

Anyhow, must go unload the dishwasher and get back into normal life. Have so much to do before we leave next week. But one day at a time.

Aiden and Sarah at Home

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Groundhog Day

"Regardless of which Groundhog Day predictor you rely on, according to the calendar the first day of spring 2011 is only 46 days away.

It’s not rocket science to arrive at that figure since February has 28 days and spring is March 20th. According to reports ‘Wiarton Willie didn’t see his shadow so an early spring is on the way! In case you haven’t heard of Wiarton Willie, is the official groundhog of Wiarton, Ontario, Canada.

Not only did Willie not see his shadow but reports are flying around that neither did his cousin Shubencadie Sam from Nova Scotia.
It’s interesting to note that Puxatawney Phil got his usual mention but why was that US southern gentleman Beauregard :Lee left out? In any case according to a Canadian study, Willie has a 37% correct prediction rate.

Statistics from National Climatic Data Center claim these groundhogs have a 39% accuracy score." (

46 days to Spring! Yeah! You wouldn't know it by looking outside. It's a blizzard out there! I am snug as a bug in a rug in my little house. Students have been appearing throughout the day, although a few have decided not to venture out on the roads. Don't blame them.

I love snow days. I love snow and watching it fall softly on the pine trees.

Southshore Sister is soon 3 years short of 50 (this Friday). Imagine. My little sister is almost in my decade. Soon and very soon, Sis, you'll be in your 50's. Just thought I'd mention that.

Watch out for the groundhogs out there.