Thursday, 29 July 2010

It's Wednesday night here in St. Martins. A very windy day, so windy it would almost blow your socks off if you had socks on. Natalie and Aiden are here and we are learning to live in this contained space with a crib, coffee table, extra clothes for two more people, extra groceries, Natalie camping out on the couch. A good day of relaxing. Walked the main street this morning down to the harbour and back. |Out after lunch to the gift shops where we acquired our treasures – me a blue pottery mug for my collection and some beautiful note cards which I may frame as pictures. Nat picked up six notecards to frame the Maritimes when she gets home in six weeks. So good to have her here.

Nat and Aiden battened down the hatches and had a cat nap this afternoon. Granny and I resumed our Scrabble tournament. Granny won on Monday by a few points. This afternoon's game found me winning by six points (322 to 316). We seem to be quite evenly matched, and hate to lose to the other, although I think Granny really doesn't mind losing to me. She knows I'm quite competitive (but not as competitive as some people I know, like Q or Max).

We purchased some chicken at Huttges General Store today. Mickey Huttges, the owner wasn't there today, so I didn't get my daily grocery rant. He's the Rick Mercer of Grocerydom. I cooked up a hodgepodge of fresh vegetables and made a barbequed sauté chicken dish that I made up on the weekend. After dinner, we ventured far down the mountainous shore to find the ocean, and Aiden had a ball throwing rocks into the ocean. It was hard to lure him back up the steep incline to the campground. We promised him a campfire, but since he's never seen one before, I'm sure that's not why he came with us.

After talking to Doug on the phone, I ventured over to the RV and discovered we were locked out. Someone had flipped the latch and the spare set of keys were locked inside as well. What to do? I know! I'll do what I did two weeks ago at Greenhill Lake – push open the driver's door side window. Well, you should have seen Nat and I up hanging off the side of the truck banging on this truck to no avail – no open window there. Call Doug again..."I put a latch on that so it won't open anymore, I told you that; that's why you need to take the spare keys with you..." "But I didn't PLAN on locking the door, so why would I take the keys?" He told me another way – get a stepladder and climb in the slide-out window over the table. Right. So, innovation struck, and the three warrior women – one four months pregnant, one older but lithe, and one without usable wrists flung into action. Gran and Nat moved the newlywed's picnic table over close to our RV, just below the window to be broken into. (The newlyweds live beside us and come and go like birds in the wind; they are 'older' newlyweds, to say the least. And that's an understatement. Or is it?) We were hoping the newlyweds wouldn't come back too soon and see us standing atop their table with all their goods on the ground. Granny took Aiden away in the stroller, as he was getting annoyed that he couldn't be held by his mother. Nat and I went to try and find Byard but he was not in our line of sight. We saw a step ladder in his workshed. We stole it, er, rather, borrowed it. Nat carried it, since I'm the one with the wrist non-action. A tall, rather thin man approached us from the seasonal section. "Do you need help?" Why yes, we locked ourselves out, and you look rather thin – come with us, you can help. As we arrived back at our site, there was Byard and another campground worker on the ground by our sewer, doing something with our hose. I still don't know why he was there, but he caught us with his stepladder, and made some snide comment that it wasn't too cold outside tonight for us sleeping outside on the ground (with a baby, no less). What a joker, Byard is. Anyway, the stepladder went atop the table, tall Captain Kirk climbed the ladder, Nat held open the window, and the campground man held the ladder. Captain Kirk managed to wrangle his long, lean body into our RV aided by the aide. Byard took off somewhere. I went to meet the hero at the front door as he emerged from the Starship Enterprise. I thanked him and shook his hand – mission accomplished. He came along at the right time, and we were saved from sleeping on the ground. Off he went into the campground. I wonder if we'll see him again, or was he an angel? I told him if I would bring Doug around to meet him when Doug arrives.

Called Doug again – "You don't have to come down – we got in. And by the way, you built this big rig and you don't even have a hide-a-key?" "I made one the other day, I'm bringing it down." Great. I found the spare set of keys I had in my wallet in the closet and threw them in the side carton (that's what I like to call it, for lack of a better name).

Nat and I were so hyped from this break-in adventure that we began to eat hilariously. Furiously eating a bag of chips, then I took out the residual carton of ice cream, threw in some roasted almonds, and chowed down on that as we were collecting chocolate chips, marshmallows, graham crackers and peanut butter for the campfire feast. Jed did a great job on the campfire and we relaxed once again.

It's 10:35. Aiden is asleep and Nat is reading by the light of the Sylvania Dot-It. I am typing in the dark, and going to try and finish a book called "Edge Seasons" by Beth Powning of Sussex, NB. I need to find out how her mid-life crisis works out. I think I'm in one.

Monday, 26 July 2010

I'm Back in St. Martins

Here I am again -- Century Farm Family Campground in St. Martins. Been here since early Saturday morning, after Doug and I slept the night just outside Saint John. We pulled off and set up camp on the side of the highway, after leaving Killarney Lake late on Friday night.

What am I doing? Basically nothing. Walking, eating, reading, napping. Waiting for Natalie to get to New Brunswick with Aiden. Coming on a jet plane. Tonight at 8:30. Doug will pick her up. I will drive to Freddytown tomorrow morning and bring her back to the coast. Doug got up this morning and drove to F'ton to work for the week. I miss him. He's my best friend. After all these years (32), I still long to be with him.

Must go play Scrabble with Granny over at her trailer. Will let you know who wins again.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Summer Harvest

This morning, Nurse Cherry and I went to the raspberry field to pick the best harvest of raspberries in 26 years (Walker's Field on the Northside). And to think the city was going to pave this piece of paradise and put up a parking lot! (or apartments) Two hours and lots of sweat produced an enormous amount of luscious fruit. We are pleased and just had a bowl of this delectable delicacy with real 18% cream. MMM.. Now we're off to Harvey's Big Potato in Maugerville to load up on fresh vegetables, and perhaps visit another u-pick. We feel like Proverbs 31 ladies today.

Tonight is Doris' 60th birthday bash at Killarney Lake Lodge. If you want to come -- it's wishes only

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

60th Birthday Bash

Doris is almost 60, and her party is almost here -- Friday night here we come. I'm the emcee and partial singer (well, I'm a whole singer, but some of Sisters Act girls are going to sing with me). I asked her today how she felt being 60, but I think it's all relative, isn't it? You just pass from one day to the next sort of thing. Age is beauty, isn't that how the saying goes? (Well, I think I'm taking some license with that saying).


This morning I went for a walk on the southside walking trail with C., one of the Bobbsey Twins. We always try and solve the world's problems and are pretty excited by the time we finish being together. Too bad we don't take action on what we talk about. Too busy, I guess, and solving the world is a bit beyond us. I took off to the Lighthouse Bookstore and bought some books, and then headed to Davidson Lake again to try and just sit and rest. Ended up going in the lake with Doris' old clothes on because I forgot my bathing suit. Headed back to town for hamburgers at Jed & Granny's. Then we went up to Doug's mother's and weeded my new garden. Jed & Gran helped me weed and worked on the lawn a bit. A real family affair. After visiting with Doug's mother awhile we drove home and visited with Janet & John White (#2), and Matthew on their new deck overlooking the river. We seem to have a hard time staying home and just flit in and out. If Cus C & W were up right now, we'd probably be over at their house, too, but I see the lights are out. Perhaps that's a sign I, too, should hit the sack, but I'm hungry, so no doubt toast or cereal is in order before retiring.

I'm trying to figure out how to live the 'teacher off in summer' routine, but struggling to just BE. Any suggestions out there? Since last year, I seize every opportunity I get to visit and DO stuff. Understandable, perhaps, but I seem to have to go away from the 'office' (my house) in order to relax, thus the continual travel I've been doing of late. Nurse Cherry comes tomorrow for a couple of days and we have some things planned. Perhaps I'll pretend we're in Europe and take her around the city to help her recuperate from her caregiving of Almira (in Saint John Hospital undergoing treatment).

Update on Judy F. -- she had a mastectomy. Mom was out to see her this afternoon. Things seem to be going well and she's awaiting the pathology report, so pray that all is well. Every day, I thank God above for His health and pray for health for others. We need to SEIZE the day, and most important -- seize His love for us.

Night...!Travel Bug Deb

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Garden Parties, Chickens, Debbies, and Bob & Mary

Today was an interesting day. After the radio show, I walked up to Cousin Els' mother's house for an old fashioned garden party, complete with tea, coffee, sweets, cheese and fruit, a quilted tablecloth, and people in strange garden clothes, especially a woman named Debbie (not me), all decked out in pearls, shawl and long garden dress. Ann H., Noreen, Margie, Lynn, Tammy, Loreen, Els, Lynn's mother from Kingston (imagine, people all the way from Kingston! correct me if I'm wrong, Ann), and myself who arrived late. After a hearty brunch, we ventured outside in our garb (me with a semi-hat on my head), for a garden tour. Wow. If you want to see beautiful flowers and gardens, go to Ruby Street to the Kellys -- you won't be disappointed. Note the picture of the gang at the garden party.

Ann drove me home as I was tired after the garden party. I made a tomato sandwich, and headed for Mactaquac to crash another party -- this time it was for Pam Gordon's 60th birthday party at Janet White #1's house. I believe all the 'chickens' were there. As soon as I came up the stairs, they started singing Happy Birthday -- I thought to me in preparation for my 51st birthday in August, but I was mistaken and I arrived just at the moment they were singing for Pam. It was a bit disconcerting, but I joined right in. I haven't seen the chickens for quite some time. The last time I think was when I crashed their party at the Keswick Church the day I was searching for Janet White #1. Some times I lose her and go looking for her. Debbie Gordon and Susan (who I thought was another Debbie for a short time, as I forgot her name was Susan, my middle name) arrived and more hugs all around. I had a great time with the chickens, drinking and eating and laughing. And crying, as we discussed the recent passing of Arthur Versloot from his accident yesterday (he hit a moose). Pray for the Versloot family of Keswick, as they go through this trying time.

The chickens are a great group of gals and a great support for each other -- and for me. They read the blog and pray regularly for me and each other. I'm glad they make me an honorary member. And they all look so young. Thanks for loving my hair as I enjoy my love affair with my hair and all the curls I have now. You are truly an encouragement to me.

After arriving home and trying to catch some shut-eye on the verandah (not), Doug and I took off to Canadian Tire, Kent Building Supply and Walmart to try and find an air conditioner for the truck, but none to be found in our price range (cheap). So what to do but go to the Superstore, where we met more people -- like Keith McMullin, dentist friend just back from Africa, who prayed for me outside the store, as I told him to pray for me and the pain I have in my body. Why not? I'm sure people were wondering about this man with his hand on my shoulder, praying in public for this strange woman with all the hair. The Superstore is like church to me anyway, might as well pray there. Then to the van to see Shirley and Emily (former student, now 20) and make arrangements to watch a Japanese style animation film with her (something we like to do).

This all on the way to our dinner date at Bob & Mary's (that's the new name they picked for themselves). Doug and I are now Bess and Henry. We had a wonderful meal with them, topped off with homemade raspberry sherbetcreamcheesedessert. (is this really the same day I'm in?). Made connection with their daughter, another 20-year-old and talked of many and sundry things. Had a tour of their house. Talked about how we met. Bob and Doug are inventing something but we can't tell you as you might steal the idea and make it yourself. So, someday maybe you'll see it in the stores (seriously, you never know with my inventor husband and this other intelligent man with the idea).

After ten we came home and went for a walk to wind down after this very full day. Tomorrow will be another one. They always seem to be that way when you love adventure and people. Thanks for listening -- and YOU be blessed.

Practical Project

I have a practical project you may want to help me with. I have been teaching the Bible at Samaria House every Monday morning to young women (25 years old) who are drug addicts and trying to get off drugs.
One of the young women there recently received an ambulance bill for $672. from the NS government. One night she was suicidal and at the last minute called for help, thus the bill. However, she has no extra money to pay for this bill, and I told her to give it to me and that I would ask my friends and would raise the money to pay the bill.

She is very grateful and her face lit up when I told her that 'we would take care of it.'

So, I'm asking for your help if you can give it. You can make a donation to
Nomad Ministries Inc. if you wish to help (tax receipt given). I will be sending a cheque this
week and praying that the money will come in to take care of this. I've
raised $55.00 thus far, plus what Doug and I will put in. If any of you
want to donate, I would appreciate it. And I am making a list of those who
donate and will give it to the young woman so she will know your names.

My address in case you want to mail a cheque:
105 Claremont Drive
Fredericton NB
E3A 1E7

Thanks, partners....

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hey Dusty

Hey Dusty! Saw your son, Joe, at Greenhill Lake this past Thursday night -- what a cutie he is! So handsome -- like you! Are you still out west training your new dog? Dusty is a dogmaster for the province of NB. (Reminds me of that song -- "He was a lineman for the county" by Glen Campbell).

I'm Home!

I finally got home from a fantastic week at Greenhill Lake Camp as Pastor Deb. What a week, which ended with me making my famous tuna slushie for the kids on Friday. Of course, I drank a glass full before letting them try it! Lots of new believers (32!), making my week, for sure. Doug and I stayed an extra day and had our own mini-retreat on Saturday, and packed it up on Saturday night, driving in to town and home for a short while, and then to Marysville, where we stayed the night on the Nashwaak Stream, parked in the Marysville Heritage Center parking lot! Today we came home and helped Jon fix his car, and tonight was back up to Davidson Lake to escape the heat of the city. This week I'm home and about the city, but you can probably bet that I won't be home much!

Natalie is coming home for six weeks -- arrives next Monday night the 26th, and she will be joining us as we travel to St Martins again this Saturday.

Doris is 60 this coming weekend, and we will be celebrating her birthday, so make sure you send her lots of cards and emails. (Remember, she is the OT Director from last year).

I feel like I'm rambling, so must go call Nat and see how the little mama is doing. She is due next January, remember? And Alicia the end of November. I still can't believe it -- that there are so many grandkids running around.

I made a lot of new young friends at camp this week, and I think some of them might even be reading this blog -- so HI, TEENS!

Love you

Pastor Deb

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sheep, Anyone?

I've been doing dramas about being a shepherd here at Greenhill Lake, complete with stuffed sheep, and an occasional human sheep thrown here and there to add to the mixture in the pasture. I sing, dance, drum, play the piano, strum the guitar, jump up and down, share the Gospel, laugh and sweat profusely on stage. But it's all worth it. More sheep coming to know Jesus today -- 16 of them today. That makes 20 this week. Having a great time and making lots of connections with the kids and the staff. Thank you for praying for me. Pray that I get some sleep tonight, though! Didn't sleep much last night.

Tonight, we climb the mountain and I do campfire on top of the hill tonight. And believe me, it's a mountain to climb. Pray for my legs! That these ol' sheep legs can manage the crags and the crannies of Greenhill Lake Mountain.

I told the kids today while I was acting so silly, that they should never lose their sense of play as they get older. I certainly haven't, and I love it!

!Pastor Deb

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Greenhill Lake

Hi -- I'm at Greenhill Lake as camp pastor. Things are going well, and I am being my usual crazy self. Have been acting with the kids here at camp and pretending to be a shepherd, and using stuffed sheep and other assorted stuffed animals, as well as humans. Yesterday, Afton, who is 5, stayed the day with me and she helped out as Mary and her little lamb who followed her. Today I was a crazy shepherd and played the harmonica, sang a blues song, rescued Jonathan Gilbey, who acted as a sheep who fell down a ravine, and so on. It was as hot as Egypt by the time I was done.

Four boys came to know Jesus today, so God is working! And I'm hot and crazy still. I'm glad that God uses my unique ways to fulfill His purposes.

Thank you for praying, and I will try and update you by the end of the week.

PS: I also have swimmer's itch all over my body from my weekend swimming at East Grand Lake, as we celebrated son Jonathan's 30th birthday. Oh, by the way, Jonathan received his teenage dream. Yesterday, on his 30th, he bought a Eurovan a.k.a Westfalia, Volkswagen van. The kids love it and now I want one, too. Complete with fridge, pull out bed, table and enough seats for their growing family. They drove to Halifax to buy it yesterday. That's why I had Afton, and Jay & Holly kept Jack and Ivy for the day, and Jed & Granny put them to bed. Kids all over the place.

Kids all over the place here, too. Nurse Alicia is here as well, and is having a grand old time answering "Nurse Alicia, Nurse Alicia!" calls. Must go have a walk around the campground and see what 'trouble' I can get into. I just finished doing a puppet show with a pen for Janette's son, Jadon.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sweet Potato Head and Pedicures

Today I once again did numerous things, and at this hour, not sure of everything I did. Remember doing radio show (of course), and working on the database at the station for over an hour. Having a small fries and an iced cafe mocha on the way to my pedicure. Receiving a wonderful pedicure and "Moon over the River Kwai" or something like that nail polish on my toes. Felt like going to sleep for awhile there, but didn't. To the credit union to meet Doug and get a line of credit in case we see a Jeep pop up somewhere. Went to the Superstore twice today because I forgot the ingredients for a cherry cheesecake I will be making on Saturday. Jon is turning 30 years old and that is one of his favorite things. On my second trip to the Superstore, I noticed an older woman who was dressed in a flowered long skirt, talking to the fishmonger. I glanced into her cart and thought I saw the head of a baby lying on a black blanket. I thought it very unusual that a woman that old would have a baby just lying around in a cart, however. On a double take glance, I realized that the 'head' was a sweet potato lying against a black 'green' shopping bag. I started to laugh out loud, and as I passed her, I did a triple take back to see if I had seen correctly, because I was almost convinced that that sweet potato was a baby's head. The eyes really do play tricks on a person, do they not? Probably the extreme heat today played havoc on my brain. 45 degrees in Fredericton with the humidex!

I'm getting ready to go to Greenhill Lake Camp next week. I am camp pastor, so you probably won't hear from me next week unless I get on the camp computer. Would appreciate your prayers. I've been gathering props for my daily presentations of the gospel. I have three Woody's (Toy Story) hanging from my cupboard doors right now so I won't forget them, and sheep, Gumby, toy cars, Pokey, toy chainsaw, markers, books, toy box, and so on. I need a separate prop trailer just to haul my props. I have some strange ideas when I do children's ministry, but they usually do the job and the kids get my point and have a lot of laughs. Me, too. I love children. Have I ever mentioned that? And six grandchildren soon to be by the end of January 2011. Thank you, God. I love people, too. And I love you.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

It is much TOO hot to even write! Today I traveled up to Davidson Lake to get Doris, back to Fredericton, to Oromocto, to Sheffield to pick up the three girls, back to Fredericton to Toy Story 3 3D. It was awesome and I want to see it again. Would recommend it highly. I liked it better than #1 & #2. Then took the girls to Tim Hortons Drive through in Oromocto, back to Sheffield, and back to Fredericton, then up to Davidson Lake to take Doris back, have a tomato sandwich and swiss chard, dangle my legs and arms in the lake and back to Fredericton to visit with Doug's mom and water my garden, visit with Syd across the street, look at his guitar, get him guitar strings, receive a tea cup and saucer in return and go for a long walk with Doug.

Now I have composed an extremely long sentence and must stop typing as I am much too hot. That's a synopsis of this hot day spent mostly inside an air conditioned car and an air conditioned theatre. Now to go up to my air conditioned bedroom, thanks to Reg & Louise from Saskatchewan, who gave us this beautiful creation last year when we were out west. Never thought I would ever have an air conditioner in my bedroom but in this kind of heat, you'll do almost anything.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


OK, I want to be back in St. Martins. Linda, help!!!! Jed and Granny do, too. Monday found us at Davidson Lake for supper, couldn't take the heat of this inlandish city (like that word, all you wordsmiths out there? Perhaps you could use it in Scrabble). Well, I forgot my bathing suit, so after supper I donned Doris' summer shorts and t-shirt and in I went. We lazed around on pool noodles for an extraordinary amount of time until we were waterlogged. Doug slept on the floor in the cottage and Laurie read a book on Walt Disney. We stayed until sunset, and then Doug came home and built shelves in the RV so I have more dish space. A fan in the window on high blast, and we were off for the night, although it WAS 1 a.m. before I drifted off.

Today I have been flitting about hither and yon, trying to escape the heat here in my house. After the radio show, to Killarney Lake for a hot walk around the lake. To the Mop Top Hair Shop to try and book a hair appointment for my mop top. To coffee at Tim's with a friend. To Chapters, Staples, the theatre to inquire about tickets to Toy Story 3D. To the gym to put my membership on hold for the summer. To the Superstore to buy something that will help me sleep better now that I'm inland. A random meeting with Sonya, one of my music parents, who is undergoing her last chemo today. Hugs and tears. "You can do it! I did it! Look at my hair. Radiation is a piece of cake!" That kind of talk. Please pray for her. I know I encouraged her and we had a couple of hugs and I was off to the credit union to apply for a line of credit in case I see a Jeep I take a fancy to (I've left my name at a couple of places; I'm sure they think this woman is 'cra...zy' wanting a Jeep at HER age. Just look at that mop of hair she has!).

Oh well, on to the Mop Top Hair Shop -- not my usual hairdresser; a fill in, but she did a bang-up job, and I am very pleased. I even like the colour this time. She cut it, but not short. I kind of like this longish hair. Nat, if you could see me know. Now I know where you get all your curly hair. Speaking of Nat, I miss her and can't wait to see her, Aiden the Peanut and Joshua, RCMP man.

Hey Nat -- Dad and I felt like we had Josh close by the whole time in St. Martins, but can't reveal to you at this time why. It's another mystery.

Anyway, must go eat somewhere with Papa Doug.

Another prayer request -- Judy Finnamore is having a mastectomy on Thursday morning -- add her to your prayer list, too. This cancer ministry that we find ourselves in. And of course, Almira in Saint John Hospital, is having many struggles in her struggle with cancer. But OUR God is able to do MORE than we can HOPE or imagine, right?

Stay cool


Saturday, 3 July 2010

Book Report

The mystery book that I've been reading is now revealed. I finished it the other night. "Nikolski," a novel by Canadian author, Nicolas Dickner, translated into English (winner of the Governor General's Literary Award for translation in 2008). An interesting read about the lives of three people. It left me a bit confused at the end. I'm going to give it to Katie to read when she has time. Perhaps someone else would like to read it and give me your thoughts? Nat? Becky? My rating: 3.5/5. Perhaps I should have read it in French.

Where Have I Been?

Why, I’m still in St. Martins at Century Farm Campground. Been so busy relaxing that I forgot to blog. I’m as mellow as a puddle, my friend Mary used to say. Not sure if she’s reading the blog anymore, but hey Mary, you should be here with us. You love it here. Miss you. I’ll have to find your email. Isn’t it strange when you lose track of someone? I’ve lost track of Mary. Actually, I’ve lost track of a lot of people, I’m sure. If you’re one of them, email me, will you? (
Brenda, Luke and Aaron arrived on Wednesday and we’ve been busy walking, hiking, beaching, biking, eating, campfiring and playing Scrabble. As I reported on Tuesday, Mom beat me in the 5-game tournament we had. So we started the Brenda/Deb/Granny tourney – but only managed one game. Results: Granny again a winner with 227 (Deb 218; Brenda 177). Thursday found us scouting out Brown Beach, a hidden beach only known to locals (unless they tell you where it is). We’re considered local now, I think. I feel like I live here. Actually, wherever I find myself is where I feel like I live. “This world is not my home…”
Gran, Bren and I made our way to the miniature horse farm/garden/art store in West Quaco (just outside the village proper) to get some freshly picked salad greens, broccoli and art work. We decided not to buy a miniature horse, as we have no place to house one in the city, but we did have fun traipsing around the mini-droppings all over the property. On the way out to our car, we stopped by to look at the Swamp Woman, lying by a small pond of water. She is certainly a sight to see if you make it down this way.
Friday found us touring the Fundy trail, all the way to where we could not go any further. Each year, they build a little more trail. Hopefully in our lifetime, they’ll make it all the way to Alma, and the trail will be completed. It is like being in Cape Breton but different. The look-outs are amazing, looking out over the Bay of Fundy. If you come, make sure the brakes are working correctly on your vehicle. Last night’s game of Scrabble had another add-on: Max. She won, much to my angst. Her score? 152 (Deb 116; Brenda & Gran at 112). I told Max that she wouldn’t win the next game, but would have all vowels like I did this game.
Max and Dale showed up on Friday night, and we had a huge campfire with s’mores, chips, peanuts and singing. Today has been a day of lounging, walking to Huttges General Store (where I like to get Mr. Huttges’ take on the world; his rant, I call it), and a game of Scrabble. I won. My prophecy worked from the night before. Score? 257 (Gran 184; Max 142). And we’re not even Scrabbled out yet. It’s great using your brain, isn’t it?
Brenda and the boys left this morning. Boo hoo, I hate when she goes to the southshore. Making plans to go see her.
Nurse Cherry and Allan are here on the campground as well, treating their nephews/niece to a camping trip this weekend. Doug went to Sussex today to get their daughter, Katie at Circle Square, and to check out a few junkyards. Came back with an air breather for the Peterbilt truck, and he and Dale have been busy cleaning that.
Must go prepare supper/dinner. Icecreamville later, then an gynormus campfire on the beach, put on by the good folks here at the Campground AND then fireworks. Thanks, Byard and Linda for everything. We’re not leavin’ on a jet plane tomorrow, but firin’ up the RV and trudging back to city life for a week. However, I made a scheme this morning and booked the last week of the month to come down here again. Granny and Jed are coming, too. Well, actually, they’re going to leave their trailer here. They’ve put their name down for a seasonal. This place is a great place to be. Burger anyone?