Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Is it hot or what?

Is this July? August? or almost October? I have new roses budding on my rosebush! And string beans hanging off the verandah posts!

I awoke after trying to sleep with a wheezing cough. Up in the night making a concoction of hot water, concentrated lemon juice and honey. Downed that in the dark so I wouldn't upset my REM sleep. To the spare room to bask in the heat and try to go to sleep. Woke up dizzy and nauseated and stayed that way, with sleep deprivation throughout the long teaching day. How many students you ask did I teach today? Let me count....10 and one didn't make it. Finished off the day with Katrina, a grade 12 student who drove herself here (I always feel old when the students drive to their lessons). Katrina and I tuned up our guitars and crooned Taylor Swift's 'Teardrops on My Guitar' and 'Tim McGraw.' One thing about Taylor Swift's tunes -- they are catchy and fun to sing. I have a feeling I'll be singin' a lot of Taylor's songs this year. Perhaps on my 'Taylor' guitar.

Doug and I went for a long talk/walk to catch up on the day. I value those times together. I am so hot that I wish I had a pool in the backyard. Perhaps I should go jump in Janet White #2's hot tub while she's sleeping. Just might help me get to sleep.

Oh, I bought another violin from W last night and played it all the way home on the street. A traveling minstrel, so to speak, although the sounds coming out of it weren't that pleasant, considering that I really don't know how to play the violin well (and I have two!). People ask me if I teach the violin -- "NO!" emphatic NO. I think I would pull my hair out if I had to teach it. I can hardly stand the noise and screeching of learning how to play it! Move over Natalie MacMaster. Deb Mac is on the highland trail with her fiddle.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I started teaching yesterday for this season. I love it! I'm in my element when I'm teaching and making music. Or anything to do with people, actually. I can't shake this cold I have, and am going to Dr. T. this afternoon to have him check my throat and ears. Wonder if it has anything to do with my white blood cell count being lower than normal, or just that it's a long time cold. Doug has it now, too. Someone told him this morning that it hangs on for a month! Yikes. I did my radio show this morning and apologized for sounding the way I do.

Well, we have a new premier, David Alward. He is Stephen Alward's older brother. We love Stephen, so if David is anything like his brother... Almost a landslide victory.

I see the leaves falling from the tress outside -- a beautiful yet sad sight, as winter nears. I love the fall, even though it does bring back memories of my diagnosis last fall. But I will cast that aside and cast my eyes outside to the beauty I see.

Friday, 24 September 2010


If you have me on facebook, look at my page and see the cute pics of Aiden: his first day of preschool and his new room that Natalie designed for him. Last night was his first night in his big-boy bed and he passed the test with flying colours. Natalie was amazed.

Revolving Door

Well, it's certainly been a revolving door here at the Soul Cafe. Started Bible study this morning at 10 with a bunch of crazy women (D., D., A., E. S.), then taught Els, Ann and Granny piano. One of the Bobbsey twins picked me up and took me to a cafe in the Brookside Mall, just outside Zellers, my favorite store. She drove me home where K., a new friend from camp, came shortly after to share his life with me (he is young enough to be my son). While he was here, Doug came home, R. arrived, then L., then A. Soon I had us all playing and singing. K. left and S. came. By this time it is after 8 pm, and in came Jon, Alicia, Afton, Jack, Ivy. Then Doug and I left and went to the Superstore for some groceries. They put the grandchildren in bed. We came home and Jon and Alicia left to visit friends. Now it's 10 pm. Is there anyone else that wants to come over?

I love it.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

I spent the whole day at home today, save for a walk down the walking trail. Still have a sore throat and cough. Feeling under the weather, with a headache as well. Oh, well, this too shall pass. Worked on the computer, read, ate, watched a bit of TV, played a slight amount of guitar and fiddled around on the piano. Waiting for my hand to heal. Perhaps I should keep it idle? Hard for me, isn't it?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


D. picked me up this morning and we drove to Everett's Apple orchard, where we picked Macs off the ground in the Mac Block (that's what the attendant called it). Deb Mac picking Macs on the Mac Block. $3.50 for 10 lbs. Not bad. Now to eat them all.

Found out this morning that the women's retreat at Camp T next weekend has been cancelled. Too bad. I wanted to go there and spend the weekend with good friends. I miss them. Oh well. We'll go next March for the winter retreat.

Going to McAdam this Sunday for church service and a potluck meal after. 'Tis the season for potlucks. We're having one here at the Soul Cafe next Thursday night as well.

I developed a sore throat at the Blues Festival, so am feeling a bit under the weather, and the weather outside is warm and not frightful, so perhaps I'll take a Strepsil and go for a walk and see who I could meet for a chat. It's hard not to drive! But I have been many places due to the generosity of friends and Mr. Doug, my beautiful husband. Next week I'll be back to routine with a full teaching schedule (I think I'm at 24 students right now), small group studies here at home and going places here and there.

Monday, 20 September 2010


Got my stitches out today. It hurt more than the surgery. Not sure if I told you that the carpal tunnel surgery experience was like a spa treatment. Told the surgeon that today (Dr. Menesi). He laughed and said, "that's nice to know." I still can't drive for another couple of weeks, so after Mom drove me home today, I went on another long walk down to Brookside Drive Tim Horton's to have a meeting, and didn't think I would make it there, and that somebody would find me on the side of the highway. Not a piece of ID on me, either. I really need to think about these things more.

Yesterday, Doug and I picked up Dawn Marie and drove to Minto Baptist Church, where we sang up a storm and I spoke up a storm. They probably wondered about us, but they accepted us as we 'is.' Ava, who is a faithful reader of this blog, and a breast cancer survivor gave me a lovely introduction. She truly is an inspiration to me. Thanks, Ava.

After yet another trip over to the Jazz & Blues Festival where I stood and talked with people (everywhere I go I know someone), we decided about 4:30 to take our new/used Nissan X-Terra 4WD and speed up to Woodstock -- Lindsay, exactly. To the Baptist church in Lindsay, where Jonathan was playing drums and where we met up with Alicia and the grandchildren. We didn't get enough driving in to Minto in the morning so thought we would go north. Came home late again.

Today I have a sore throat. Wonder why? Well, must go try and do dishes and finish my teaching schedule.

One of my favorite sayings is this: "Be who you is, 'cause if you is who you ain't, you ain't who you is."

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Got the Blues?

I don't. Even though I have been at the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival here in Freddytown since Thursday. Every day. Every evening. Even walked from home yesterday, since I can't drive yet due to my carpal surgery. I have SO enjoyed myself the past three days -- walking the streets of downtown Fredericton, over and over, enjoying the people, the beautiful weather and the talent that abounds. Took in a few workshops as well -- harmonica, pedal steel guitar, slide guitar. Had great food and saw many friends and acquaintances. Saw students, past and present. I started to think I lived downtown. Hated to come home tonight. Two things I learned -- people love music and people love community. Tomorrow morning we are headed to Minto Baptist. Picking up Dawn Marie in Maugerville on the way. She's going to sing with me and be the guitar player since I'm on the mend. I'll be glad to get my hands back! Must stop -- typing still hurts. Got the blues? I don't but I've been enjoying the blues. Perhaps I should start my own downtown blues band.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

On Nashwaak Lake

Still bandaged up

It's been a week since I've reported. Still bandaged up. Wrist still limited in what I can do. Typing with my left hand and one finger of my right hand. One more week with bandage, then stitches out on Sept 20th.

Doug & I took off in RV on w/e. Stayed in Wicklow/Clearview, up on the River St. John. Nestled in the birches with a water view. Crisp and cool. Saturday found us firing up the car and traveling up through Plaster Rock, Riley Brook (with a stop at Tobique Valley Campground to see if we want to RV there sometime), and up to Mount Carleton Provincial Park. Traveled through the park and around a beautiful lake, with a stop at the campground there as well. On to St. Quentin with a stop for lunch, then St. Leonard, and back down the highway. We were gone from our campsite for 5 hours. 350 kms. When we go for a drive, we go for a drive! Doug fired up the fire about 6 and we enjoyed chicken stew in front of the campfire. Just the two of us. Strange to be alone again, but nice.

Sunday found us traveling through the forest towards Juniper, and to Nashwaak Lake with Jon & Alicia & Stephen & Becky and their quiver of kids. A beautiful, untouched lake (so to speak), with shiny white sand laden with formica (or mica as we call it). The kids could wade way out and it wasn't soon before they had shed parts of their clothes and were free as birds in this remote territory. Cute! Jonathan pulled out his guitar, Alicia the violin, and we were serenaded and sang on the sand. A beautiful time.

Monday, Doris drove me to Saint John and we visited Almira in the Oncology Ward and David in the Cardiac care ward. Good visits and our prayers are with them as they go through this hard stuff.

I went to Dr T, my family doc last Friday for another blood pressure check, as it's been up this summer, although I have no idea why. 157/94! I was wired, I'll tell you. He said we'll have to watch it and gave me a booklet to keep track of it. A booklet!!! I want to say I REFUSE to have high blood pressure. Can I say that? Yesterday I got the nurse in Almira's room to check it for me: 135/89. Better, but I need normal. I'll pray about it. And exercise. And reduce salt. And live one moment at a time. I'll let you know. Must go get my morning coffee. I still feel like I'm on vacation because I can't do much with my hand, and it's hurting right now from all this typing. I wish the Southshore Sister was here. She could get me organized. I've got so much to do and will begin teaching music in a couple of weeks. I have a busy fall planned for speaking and music and am excited about that. Now to get my hands working NORMALLY so I can play and teach. Thanks for listening...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

leaving on a jet plane

they're going! boo hoo our darlings are leaving soon for The Pas. they will make it home tomorrow and a stay-over in winnipeg tonight.

still learning this left-handed living. appreciate all the southpaws out there


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

carpal tunnel surgery is done. typing w/one hand. spent all day in hosp first for bone densitometry test and then surgery prep at 1ish, then the walk down the long hall to the OR. quite a different experience than 2 years ago for mastectomy. this time I put myself on the table voluntarily. i am all bandaged up and sore and weary. thanks for praying. talk to you soon.

nat and aiden leave at 1:45 pm tomorrow. again, please pray for our parting. love you all

left-handed !deb

Monday, 6 September 2010


The convoy arrived home tonight about 7 pm. We spent Thursday, Friday and half day Saturday at Coy Lake Campground in Gagetown. We were quite a sight at the campground site: Our RV, hauling Jed & Granny's trailer (it followed us around all weekend; we never unhooked it). Friday was very hot and we took advantage of the inground pool -- it was like we had our own personal pool. A trip in to Gagetown in the morning was beautiful and very hot. I spotted the Bookmobile arriving in the village, and of course, I had to have that unique experience, and of course, had to borrow a couple of books, just to say that I did -- one on history facts and one on being a young mother (don't ask me why, since I'm an old mother, but a young grandmother).

Friday night was quite a packed house in our RV -- Jack & Afton on the floor with Natalie on the couch, Baby Aiden in the playpen at the foot of our bed. Jon, Alicia and Ivy in the Volkswagen Eurovan, and Jed & Granny in their trailer behind us. I'm getting used to having all these people sleep with us (ever since the end of July it's been this way). Why, even last week at Mactaquac, Becky slept on the floor in the RV. We love people and now they're sleeping in the same room! Natalie had a dream last night about a skunk in our room and she was scared of it, but I made friends with it! "Deb, the skunk charmer, she called me this morning. We've been chasing skunks around as well this past week. I'm rambling...

We pulled stakes out of Coy Lake on Saturday noon in the rain, and chased the rain and wind all the way to Moncton, stopping for lunch at DQ, then on in to get groceries at Superstore (of course), and a trip to Princess Auto. I was determined to buy something at this 'man's" store, and bought some gardening gloves and a small car broom. A call to Gary & Diana, new friends we made at Century Farm Campground in St. Martins, and we were headed over to Riverview, Hopewell Cape and on to Harvey, NB to St. Mary's Point Road on the Fundy Coast. They have 13 acres there, and kindly invited us to vacation there for the weekend. What a beautiful piece of property they have. It was like being in a tree nursery that overlooked the marshland and ocean. We traveled in to Alma and hiked trails at Fundy Park for two days, ate in Alma and had a wonderful campfire last night on Gary & Diana's land. New friends and new horizons, what could be better? We said our good-byes today and off we ventured to home again home again jiggety jig. When we got home, Doug and Jonathan put a new window in the upstairs bedroom. Jon thinks our neighbours probably think we're rather strange: A caravan arrives after being away all weekend, and two men rip the side of the house apart near dark. Inside the house it was mayhem again as babies are being bathed, playing drums, reading books, wood flying, etc. But now it is quite. The window is semi-installed, Natalie's on the phone to Josh (she goes home on hoo), Aiden is in bed, Jon & Alicia and kids are on way home, Doug is tired, and my hands hurt. Tomorrow is a bone densitometry test at 11:15, and then carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand at 1 p.m. Would appreciate your prayers again. My blogging will no doubt be short as I won't be able to use my right hand. But I'll try to type something or get Doug to type, which will probably be about the same as me typing with my left hand. Should be quite an experience learning a new skill -- left handedness.

Well there, you have it. A synopsis of the hurricane weekend. So there, Earl.... we vacationed despite you and had a great time.

Appreciate your prayers on Wednesday for Natalie and Aiden as they travel back to Winnipeg to meet up with RCMP man. It's been a great summer with them here. An amazing time we've had. Thank you, God.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Pickle Post

Just the minute we get back in the house, we get pickle fever. That is, the desire to make pickles. Natalie had it today, and whipped up Nurse Cherry's dill pickles. They are a fav in our family (excluding Doug, of course, who would never put vinegar to his lips). If you want the recipe, let me know and I'll put it on the Recipe section...

where ya been?

You're probably asking this question. Where have I been? Thought we were going to St Martins by the sea last Saturday, but found out Doug was on call, so we went to Mactaquac for a couple of nights, which turned into many nights. It was way too hot to venture into Superior City's concrete streets. The Southshore sister showed up with her family and tent trailered beside us. So for days we sat under the trees, played smiley ball with Aiden, had some campfires (til they put a ban on them), had a skunk scare in the firepit (me and Nat), hiked and went in the sweet Saint John to get cooled off.

We came home yesterday, and started to plan for our annual Labor Day camping trip = this time to Fundy Park. But alas, Earl is playing havoc with those plans, so after many plans and campgrounds around the province, we have finally decided to go to Coy Lake Campground in Gagetown for a couple of nights and wait out the storm there. Jon and Alicia are arriving tomorrow with their Eurovan. We're hauling Jed & Granny's trailer behind our Peterbilt and awaiting take-off soon. Need to get free and out of this hot weather, but is it possible? So, off we are to Coy Lake! "Don't need to be cornered, Roy, just get yourself free...."