Tuesday, 29 January 2013

An Ordinary/Unordinary Day

Many days it astounds me the varied things a person is involved in.  Like today.  Here's a brief list of what I did today:

1.  Worked on discipleship course
2.   Radio show
3.  Prepared talks for weekend retreat coming up at Greenhill Lake -- "Be Who You Are"
4.  Laundry
5.  Made lunch for Doug
6.  Walmart to shop for a new teakettle and an Android cover
7.  Walked around the block
8.  Taught eight music students
9.  Made arrangements for a sitter for Dad
10.  Drove to Greenhill Lake Camp with M, J, & D.  Sang & played for a couple of hours.  Great fun and jocularity
11.  Drove home with Doug
12.  Emails about the weekend etc
13.  This posting
14.  Toast and jam seems to be in order
15.  Bed

Quite an ordinary/unordinary day in my life.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cold Day in Freddy Beach

Another cold day -- a great day for working in the office, studying about Noah's Ark and the science behind it.  And for doing laundry and teaching piano and guitar again.  Seems like I do this everyday now.   What I find the hardest about working from home is that your work is never done and you never leave your work.  Dont' get me wrong -- I LOVE working from home and love the freedom that I have here.  And the variety -- from doing a radio show, to studying things, to laundry, to cleaning, to dishes, to making meals, to teaching, to watching American Idol, to entertaining friends, to doing Scrabble on my IPad, to having people stay overnight, to having Doug work in his office which is my craft room.  Why, I've hardly seen him since he retired!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Another Day

Not a manic Monday, fairly calm.  A trip to the laundromat surprised me with a a bill of $27. for washing a feather duvet.  Can you imagine?  Didn't have time to wait, so have to pay the piper, I guess.  Home to clean house and watch inauguration ceremony of  President Obama.

Taught piano, bass and guitar.  Made glazed chicken drumsticks and red potatoes in the oven.  Ate late -- seems like that's what we do lately.  Doug works upstairs in his new office, my craft room.  I now have a 'man upstairs.'

Now we're watching reruns of the inauguration ceremonies.  Quite a  day in history, and another day in my life.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Life and the New Reality

Another day in the paradise we call living.  Doing a radio show.  Making the beds.  Watching Doug work at home in his 'office' I call my craft centre.  Sharing coffee with a friend, talking about life and love and God moments.  Wrapping china and dishes with newspaper, cleaning out a whole lifetime at Doug's family home.  The Fredericton workhorse helped me for a couple of hours.  Taking care of my father and answering the same questions a few times.  Teaching a myriad of students and saying the same things over and over.   Like, "a half note has two beats," and things like that.  Trying to cope with  a sore back -- I wonder why?  Could have something to do with all the furniture and things I've lifted in the past couple of weeks at the homestead.    Making quinoa pasta with portabello mushrooms and bruschetta.  Watching my father knit as he waits for his wife to come home from somewhere.  A full life, full of joys and sorrows.  But life nonetheless.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Had a great group of women over this morning.  We studied Genesis 5.  How CAN one study genealogies, anyway?  Yet we did, and gleaned much from the text.  The discussions we have always amaze us.

Doug spent all morning at the hospital with his mother, who fell and passed out this morning at the seniors home,  and the ambulance was called.   She has a bladder infection, but they didn't find anything else wrong,  and  Doug took her back home.

This week has been one of sorrow and stress....Doug's dear uncle George passed on to heaven, and his funeral was on Tuesday.  I started teaching this week as well, and Doug is trying to work on his new project of computerizing a heavy equipment business and we are cleaning out his mothers house....Then his mother's episode today.  Now Doug has a cold and is under the weather.  I wonder why?  

When it rains it pours.

Friday, 4 January 2013

The Holiday Bubble

Yes, I've been in the holiday bubble.  Don't know what day it is.  Don't know what I do for a living.  Get up late, go to bed late, eat basically whatever I want (within reason) of course, go shopping (unusual), drive my 4 wheel-drive up and down the road with Brenda, laughing all the way.  Take Dad shopping, paint cupboards, play with grandchildren, play countless games of Bohnanza, Scrabble, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, eat, eat and more eating.  Enjoying family.  Missing that part of our family that lives out west.  Wish I had a ticket to ride to go there right now.

Tomorrow morning we are traveling to Saint John to take the Southshore Sister to the boat so she can cross over to Digby and go home to Shelburne.  We sure have enjoyed her visit here at Heartland.  Sisters -- we love being together.  Just like I love being together with my daughter and husband and kids.  Daughter, come home!  And I love being together with our son and wife and grandkids!   And my beloved husband, who is now retired -- NOT.   Well, he is retired from his regular job, but now is this unusual consultant of sorts, available for hire for all sorts of weird and wonderful tasks.

Brenda, stop working and get ready for bed!  We played two games of Scrabble tonight with Granny-- Brenda won the first, and Granny the second.  And Jed kept wondering what we were doing.   Oh, the joy of living life.

Must go back to work soon.  I need to burst out of this bubble....you'd think I was retired.