Friday, 29 January 2010


We are in Shelburne, NS at Brenda's. Doug, Nat, Aiden and moi. We traveled here yesterday, through all kinds of weather, but nothing serious. Today it has been snowing to beat the band, whatever that means. We enjoyed an amazing meal last night of Sweet Potato Fries with Curry Dip, Roasted Rosemary Garlic Potatoes, Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese (my favorite), Haddock with Orange Sauce, and Broccoli with special sauce. As I went to Sobeys in my van to buy the goat cheese, I knew just where to get it in the store, and realized how many grocery stores I've been in in the Maritimes. I love grocery stores. Haven't a clue why, other than the variety that is available, and I like variety. I posted a couple of recipes on the recipe section of my website, and will try to post some more. Check out Nurse Cherry's Greek Salsa recipe as well.

After considerable time getting ready this morning, we piled Baby Aiden in the van and started our adventure -- to the big mall (not) to the Bargain Store and Sobeys once more to buy this evening's meal ingredients. Nat tried out a new harness on Aiden, but he really didn't like it much, and ended up on the floor most of the time in protest. I grabbed a cart and wheeled him around. We went to The Beandock, one of my favorite places to have coffee, and I had a gluten-free Greek pizza. Nat had French Onion soup, and Brenda had a bagel with smoked salmon. Aiden ordered grilled cheese, but ended up going home with Papa as he didn't really like the sit-down requirement at a restaurant.

After lunch we had a stop at Spencer's, a garden centre extraordinaire. I bought Brenda's birthday present there -- stained glass press-ons for her kitchen cupboard glass. That was our craft project for the weekend. It took her all of two minutes to install them, but looks great. To the New-To-You shop, run by the hospital auxiliary, where we got clothes and childrens' books. To a store downtown where I bought new reading glasses, because I can't see the printing on vitamins or medication.

While we were beginning to make supper, Doug went upstairs on level three (where our room is) to retrieve my fake arm (splint) for me. All of a sudden, I heard a huge crash and Doug moaning and groaning at the top of the stairs. I bounded up the stairs to find him at the bottom of level 3. He had fallen down level 3 stairs and was flailed out on level 2. I screamed for Nat and Brenda, and they bounded up to help. He almost fainted and severely bruised his back. We tended to his wounds and made him take some pain relievers. He sat with a bag of frozen peas wrapped up in a towel, but after a few minutes of that, he was sitting in the kitchen again working on the computer. We are thankful that he is OK, but very sore, and will no doubt have a huge welt/bruise on his back. Like daughter, is this father. Natalie fell down the stairs on my birthday last August while we were out west, remember? And you should see the scar on her back!

We continued on with the evening meal preparation -- homemade pizza (yes, I had yet another pizza for supper). It was the BEST pizza I have had in 17 years. I also made strawberry/chocolate pavlova (Nurse Cherry's recipe)for dinner, although I was still shaking from the stair accident.

Brenda and Nat have gone out to get a movie while we eat pavlova and no doubt some junk food. Friday night here is usually movie night, so why destroy the tradition? Luke and Aiden have been playing all day long. Luke is a great cousin, and Aiden loves him.

I'm going to watch Doug climb the stairs tonight to make sure he doesn't fall. I think we should build Brenda an elevator. Other guests have fallen down the stairs coming down from level 3 as well. They are the very narrow, curved stairs you find in older homes. This house, built by a shipbuilder, is over 100 years old. Brenda and Nat just arrived with the movie. Gotta go....

Monday, 25 January 2010

My Arms & Wrists

Last Thursday, I had nerve conduction studies on my arms and wrists at the EMG department at DECH. Dr. Poole told me that I have severe carpal tunnel syndrome in my right arm and carpal tunnel syndrome in my left arm. The technician hooked me up to electrodes and proceeded to 'shock' the nerves in my arms many times. I was glad that was over! Then he told me that I also have de Quervains Tenosynovitis in my left wrist. It has been hurting severely for two weeks now. Here is the description of that condition...

What is tenosynivitis?
Tenosynivitis is inflammation of the sheath that surrounds a tendon as opposed to inflammation of the actual tendon itself (tendinitis or tendonitis). de Quervain's tenosynivitis is inflammation of the synovium of the abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis longus muscles as they pass through the wrist (on the thumb side of the wrist). It occurs more frequently in racket sports such as tennis, squash or badminton as well as canoing and ten pin bowling. It also occurs in golfers (left thumb of a right handed golfer and vice versa). Tendon injuries such as this are often labelled with the umbrella term RSI (repetitive strain injury).

So, he prescribed a consultation with an occupational therapist for a splint for my left wrist, and a consultation with a plastic surgeon to see about 'carpal tunnel release surgery.' It never rains but it pours, I guess.

Sometimes I think, why? But I keep going. Would appreciate your prayers for my body! And my feet ache like crazy...

Saturday, 23 January 2010

What DO I look like?

I never thought it would come to this: people came up to me at the concert to say they have been listening to me on the radio, and wanted to know what I looked like. For years, I've wondered what certain radio announcers looked like, too. And they never look like I think they should, so I'm sure it was the same for those people staring at me tonight. Funny. What goes around comes around.

Haiti Concert

Played tonight at a fundraiser for Haiti -- raised over $2500. Many performers. I played the piano for congregational singing, and the singing group I formed, "First Love," sang "Mighty to Save" and "I Will Lift My Eyes Up." Quite a night. It's amazing that the whole world is raising money for one of the poorest countries in the world. It was great to be part of this event tonight.

Friday Night Late!

The family meal was a hullabaloo, with a few tantrums thrown in for good measure. Two tables in two rooms, quite an obstacle course to get around. It took me a long time to eat my meal due to babysitting and putting out 'fires' amongst the two youngest ones. Seems to be a power struggle there. Very funny.

Afton and Jack played library in my office and basically took all the books off the shelves and piled them in neat piles. I went to the 'library' and asked what their names were: Jack was 'Killis' and Afton was "Kelly,", so I decided to be "Megan." Kelly told us that she loved this library, as "you get out books and keep them for the rest of your life." They told me they had been working there for 60 weeks, as they stood side by side, as if they really had their own library. I love their imagination. They were very proud of their library, and said they had a public washroom down the hall. So cute! I spend quite a bit of time in the library and then read a book to Killis, Kelly and Aiden, who appeared in pajamas (since it WAS his bedroom). I loved the confusion, and all the toys scattered throughout the house. Everywhere you step there is a toy or a baby, or a piece of food. Jed & Granny Clampett left to go play dominoes, and Doug's parents retired to their home for the night, probably glad to get out of the confusion.

After the babies were put to bed in various places, the house filled up with new arrivals, and they just left our abode at 1 am....I heard Holly say she knew it was late, but didn't want to go. We were having fun. Party people: Holly & Jay, Becky, Jon & Alicia, Natalie, Scott & Jo Everett, me and Doug.

We talked about various and sundry things together in the living room, finished up the dessert, the guys moved to the kitchen to have guy talk and deep conversation. The girls talked girl stuff and played a game of Cranium. I ate clementines and oranges every time I had a hot flash (a new form of therapy I devised; not sure it works). Shared my oranges with Holly, who is pregnant, and required something 'savoury' in the evening. Nat took care of her request with cheese & crackers. Everytime we congregate in this house to visit, we eat constantly. Must be the Soul Cafe.

Doug wants to go to bed, but doesn't know where to lie down because there's a baby at the foot of our bed in a playpen and one in our bed. Now I hear a baby crying. Well, must go to bed because Natalie is on the couch and wants to go to sleep, I think. I must make my way up the wooden stairs and see if there is a baby in my bed. Perhaps it's only Doug.

A long day, this fabulous Friday.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday:

1. A meeting at the church
2. Preparing for a huge family meal here at The Soul Cafe Home Edition
3. Games and conversation with family and friends
4. Babies running around
5. Sleeping every where there is a spot

Ask me tomorrow if I'm sane


Wednesday, 20 January 2010


We are having a great visit with Aiden and Natalie. They've been here three weeks already. Natalie has been going to the gym faithfully and working out. Myself, not as faithfully. I've been involved more with the radio show every day, teaching and dealing with computer problems. Isn't it amazing how much work a computer creates? And it's supposed to make our lives easier! Sometimes I wonder. I think back to years past and how we didn't have email. How did we ever manage? I think technology has created more work sometimes than it saves. Capiche?

Natalie finished her quilt top for Aiden (still haven't uploaded the pics to my 'computer'), and is now working on scrapbooking. I just watch her and drink white tea. Do you know about the benefits of white tea? Google it and see. There I go again -- computer stuff.

Must go drink my coffee and start 'catching' up on my Bible reading. I'm behind on that, too. Want to read the Bible through this year in a chronological fashion. You can Google that, too, if you're interested in joining me. There I go again -- computer stuff.

Have a good day.


Oh, by the way -- I LOVE being a radio DJ. Go figure.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Haiti Fundraiser -- Concert Event

This is from my friend, Robin Hampton....I am also in the group "First Love."

On Jan. 12, 2010 -- A magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck southern Haiti. These people need help now.

I will be performing with the group First Love on Saturday evening at the Salvation Army Church on St. Mary's street at 7:00 p.m. There will be several other performances. The fee is 10$ at the door. I know that some of us may be a bit strapped for cash but these people don't have anything. I don't just mean food, clothing, shelter or lavatory access, these people don't even have water in some places. This money will be used to get immediate help, water and medical supplies. This concert may not even be your style of music but I still encourage you to come or make a donation through the radio station today. We are so blessed here, so lets give a few bucks to help these people who have lost everything, and pray for those who have not only lost material things, but who have lost family in this disaster.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Amy from The Pas

Natalie just found out that Amy's father passed away this morning. Amy is a friend of Nat's and coordinated Team Dancing Queen in The Pas. We don't know any details yet, but Nat is now on the phone to Debbie from The Pas. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. Amy's parents are from Nova Scotia, and moved to The Pas to be closer to Amy and her husband and son. Please pray for this family.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


Watching CNN the past two days on Haiti coverage. Praying. So much devastation. Hard to believe. Friends of ours went to Haiti a couple of days ago...heard they were OK. I'm going to post an 'eyewitness account' from Heidi Billington, who went there as part of a World Vision Tour. Rosemary and Miles Blair also in the country and word is that they are OK, but hungry, tired and heartbroken because of the devastation. Back to watching Anderson Cooper on CNN. I may read the 'account' on the radio in the morning, or at least report on it. The world is praying for Haiti. Doug has been there three times for mission work over the past few years, so he has been glued to the television, as all of us are, I guess. Lord, help...

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Feeling a bit 'under the weather' today, with aches and pains and sore throat. Still did the radio show, however, but had a nap this afternoon. Taught a couple of students, but didn't go out to Ladies' Choir start-up. Natalie finished Aiden's quilt top today. It is absolutely beautiful. Will post pics once we get them downloaded. Aiden is still using lots of Kleenex with his cold, but is in general good spirits. Having some difficulty getting him to eat, however. Nat downloaded an eating guide and is finding it quite informative and will implement the suggestions. She's been here two weeks tomorrow; five more to go. Now we're going to get into scrapbooking and the stickers and paper and pictures are ready. I will watch her for awhile; not sure if I have the energy to go through all our pictures over the past 33 years!

Last year this day, January 12th, I started my first chemotherapy. I have thought of this several times over the past few days. It's a strange feeling. I try not to dwell on it, but that I'm alive and going strong. Sometimes fear creeps in as I remember, and when you don't feel well, your mind tends to imagine 'things' about your health. I announced some 'fear' verses on the radio show and talked about it a bit. I must always remember that God has seen me through this trial, and He will continue to see me through.

Off to bed for some refreshing sleep!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Baby Hope Update

I was talking to Jalene (our friend from Campobello)today regarding Baby Hope. They have an appointment on Wednesday in Saint John with a specialist. This doctor will decide who to refer Jalene to in order to prepare for surgery when she gives birth to baby Hope in a few months. Jalene would like us to pray that she be referred to a specialist in Portland, Maine and not Toronto (as Portland is closer, of course). Portland has an excellent reputation for doing heart surgeries on hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Please pray for Jalene and Stefan as they prepare for this most trying time in their lives, and for Baby Hope. I told her today that there is 'always hope for Hope.'

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Remember the other day when I went to Saint John for a salad? Well, this afternoon, Doug and I took Max and Doris to Carolyn's gym in Boiestown to do a one hour fitness work-out at her new gym location. Doug sat in the van as it was for 'women only.' It was fun, although I hurt my back on the way out the door of our house, and have been nursing it ever since. Natalie stayed home and sewed on Aiden's new quilt she is making for his big boy bed. Doug is out tonight doing some computer consulting, now that he has so much experience on our home computers and all the technology we have here.

Tomorrow is another full day -- radio show, exercise and teaching til all hours of the night. Must go record something for the radio.


Saturday, 9 January 2010

Somebody Like Me Video Release

Somebody Like Me Video Release

I play Jason Crabb's music on CJRI. I love his song "Walk on Water." Thought you might enjoy this video I found on his website.

Radio Bear Deb

A Hubbub of Activity

Saturday has a feel to it, doesn't it? Anything could happen on a Saturday. This is what's happened so far. Went to the radio station and did Barry Sullivan's show (The Bear), as he was unavailable and called me yesterday asking me to take over. The Mac doing the Bear's show. Randy and Sandra came by and we went to lunch at Beairsto's restaurant. Doug and Randy took off looking for computer answers, and Sandra and I proceeded to the Superstore, where I ended up talking with an old friend by the crates of Pepsi. It was a God-ordained visit, for sure. Sandra found me and we met up with Linda. "Come up to the Soul Cafe for tea." So they did. Doug went to get sand for the driveway as Sandra was afraid to drive the car into the hockey rink we have for a driveway. Linda went back home to retrieve her computer and Doug is now teaching her computer skills and updating things for her. They are currently trying to Skype her husband down in North Carolina. They got him...I hear them talkin' in the music room. Natalie is also in the music room, with a sewing studio set up. She is creating a quilt for Aiden when he moves into his 'big boy bed.' Aiden and I are in the living room surrounded by toys and Veggie Tales. Soup is on the stove and computers are everywhere. I wonder if we'll get a bigger house to house all these activities? The house has exploded with technology, crafts, musical instruments and babies. Never did we realize when we moved here six years ago, how much activity would go on here!

And it's only 4:30 pm. Must go and write a column or two. Another opportunity today: write a bi-monthly devotional column for a local magazine. So, I guess I'll work on that, and some more radio devotional spots, and look at my show for Monday. Then the soup might be ready. Perhaps we'll go to Sandra's for dessert tonight.

Carolyn, our associate, is having an open house for her new gym opening. She is very excited, and I'm excited to go out tomorrow and see it. Lots of stuff happening everywhere. Opportunities abound for 2010!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Oh No, You Never Let Go & Interpretative Dance

Jack the Country Singer

Around the World in 7 Hours

2 pm.... After doing my radio show, I hopped in the van with Doris and went on an adventure to Europe (Saint John) to meet Nurse Cherry and another friend. Dinner in Scotland, and a jaunt out to Ireland, and then back around by Sussex, England and home again jiggety jig. Got home at 9 pm -- felt like I'd been around the world. Even encountered a snow squall near Sussex, but drove out of it as we passed McCready's Restaurant.

A profitable day I must say -- have van...will travel...wherever, whenever, however..

!Deb on the Run

Monday, 4 January 2010

The First Cut is the Deepest Video

If you want to see me "LIVE" at the Stan Cassidy Christmas Party, check out this YOUTUBE video that one of band members produced and emailed us. This is the song that I'm singing "The First Cut is the Deepest," with the back up band and singers.

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Copy and paste into your web browser, or go to YOUTUBE and search for The Rehabbers....>

Here's what I received via email today:

Doug Schwartz posted them to his site: Channel "trout108." Feel free to subscribe to it.

Please rate the videos highly!!

Searches for this stuff should work if you use "The Rehabbers Band" .

Specific links are as follows:

Winter Wonderland

Thank You

These Boots Are Made For Walking

The First Cut Is The Deepest

Stand By Me

Son Of A Preacher Man

Not Ready To Go (Sepia Version)

Not Ready To Go (Reg Version)

Hard Sun

Groove Is In The Heart (ranj out of tape part way through this)

Chain Of Fools

It was a pleasure to play with/for you!


Doug Schwartz

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Years!

This past week has certainly been a whirlwind. I hardly remember any of it! It was the fastest Chrismas I had, I think. I worked too much, me thinks. It was nice to visit with Cheryl and Allan the other day in Saint John while awaiting Natalie's flight from Manitoba. And a surprise adventure out to see Barb Mackey -- did I ever surprise her! And then to be surprised while I was shopping at the Quispamsis Superstore for new socks and turned the corner to see Angie Murphy and three of her five kids staring me in the face! Only God could arrange all the stuff that happened the day Nat came home. And I still haven't told you about the missing pear and the fox deceiv'd....remind me, will you?

Hope you're having a quiet New Years Day. We are, although Doug had to 'snake' the bathtub drain, as it was plugged. Aiden was sleeping, Nat had gone for a winter's nap, and I was doing radio show research. This is the FIRST day in MONTHS that I have been at home ALL DAY. Why, I am still in my PJs! We had a quiet New Years Eve --Doug and I went to the radio station for a 'live' event from 6 to 8 pm, where I sang and played my guitar, and provided harmony for other artists. Came home and Nat searched the house for small gifts I had wrapped and provided clues for. Randy & Sandra came over and we ate and ate, then watched Jim Carrey in "A Series of Unfortunate Events," which I subjected people to watch last year this time. A strange and eccentric movie, for sure.

The Soul Cafe radio show is going well, and I love it! A big learning curve this fall, for sure, and I thank the people who have been teaching me this new 'career': Rick Green, Ross Ingram and Gord Wilson. Who would believe that I would be a radio DJ? Only God -- He works His wonders, for sure.

We're heading up to Jon & Alicia's tomorrow, weather permitting, for a 'hullabaloo,' I call it -- it will be wild with four children under five running around! And the sleeping arrangements, well, that will be another story, I'm sure.

Nat and Aiden are headed out to the in-laws for the evening and Doug and I will settle down for a nice movie (Sandra Bullock's new one). Must go have a cup of espresso to wake me up. Perhaps the headache I woke up with will take a flight. I'm leavin' the PJs on ALL day. Are you?