Thursday, 22 November 2012

Wild Women of the West

Wednesday, I had a flying trip to Woodstock to speak to a bunch of wild young women of child-raising age.  Yes, the "Women of Worth' women at the Jacksonville Baptist Church.  It was so much fun, then a flying trip back home via the Grafton road, which Granny says is the "Bull Road," and I'm glad I never saw any bulls, nor did I do any bull riding.

After a quick lunch, an onslaught of cute little students -- "Half note is two beats, half note is two beats," I repeated over and over, which is what I say more than anything.

This morning was a meeting at the church with some more wonderful women and one man.  More teaching today, after making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in my new Christmas present -- a Kitchen Aid mixer.  I love it!   Thanks to my special family 'friend' who gave it to me and allowed me to use it early.

Tonight I didn't think anyone would show up for the Gathering.  I always think this, and then the house is full.  It was a great time together -- so many exciting things are happening in everyone's lives.  Right now, as I type, Mallory is doing the dishes and three people are sitting at the kitchen table composing and typing a letter.  This truly is the strangest house, but I'm glad everyone feels at home who comes here to Heartland Fredericton.

Hopefully bedtime will come soon.  Or will it be studying late into the night, preparing for tomorrow morning's onslaught of another crazy bunch of women?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sarah Kathryn DuBois -- Looks like her Mom!

Happy Birthday, John Douglas MacDonald!

You are 57 today.  Congratulations.  I am happy to share in your life.  You are the greatest husband a woman could ever have!  (I'm a bit biased).

Two wonderful children, and six amazing grandchildren.

It's interesting that today, on your birthday, that we had to visit your mother on her first day at the special care home.  A new chapter in her life, and ours.  Many changes this year with our parents, as they struggle with the problems of aging.

We've been married for 34 1/2 years.  Here's to many more birthdays, and many more years of wedded bliss.


Thursday, 8 November 2012



My mother and father, on their 55th wedding anniversary (Jed & Granny).  May the Lord bless and keep you.  I thank God for both of you.

Doris & Laurie Mersereau on their 38th wedding anniversary.  May God grant you many more years of wedded bliss.

Doug & Deb on the 36th anniversary of their first kiss and the 35th anniversary of their engagement.  May the Lord grant you many more years of wedded bliss and FUN!

Today I received a call from the doctor's office -- to call them back.  "Oh, No,"  I thought.  Not again.  It is now four years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Your first thought is always to panic.  "Don't panic," relax.  I sat and talked with a friend about what happened earlier this morning and tried to keep my mind off the call and what I would find out.  It was the same week four years ago that I found out I had cancer.

I went up to the laundry room to put the wash in the dryer.  I felt like getting on the floor and praying in front of the dryer, but made it to my office -- flat on my face, in front of the Lord -- "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want."  "I have been healed."  "Lord, let me have peace."

The phone rang.  I looked at the number.  It was my friend at the doctor's office -- "Deb, we got your report back -- it was NEGATIVE -- that's good.  We'll see you in one year."   I started to cry -- 'Oh, Ruth, you don't know how that makes me feel; I was just praying on the floor."   "Yes, we knew you would be worried, so we called."  "Thank you, thank you!" I cried through the tears.

I rushed downstairs where Nurse Cherry was busy typing -- she could hear me crying -- "Are you OK?"  She knew I was waiting for the call.    "YES!" I exclaimed, as the tears poured down my face.  "YES!"  She embraced me and we rejoiced.


My yearly mammogram is on November 30th -- it too, will be a GOOD REPORT!

Monday, 5 November 2012

The MacDonald kids were down on the weekend -- Jonathan, Afton, Jack, Ivy and Croy.  Friday and Saturday.  Saturday morning they went to Pete's to make apple cider in Pete's makeshift operation.  Jon cut the apples, Jack operated the garburetor, and Afton and Ivy helped J make apple pancakes before Pete extracted the apple juice.  I tried my hand at Jack's job for awhile, but got tired and went grocery shopping.  Those kids are little workers, got to give them that.  And the finished product -- YUM!  Croy wandered in and out of the little apple cider shop, not straying too far from Daddy.

I made the little tykes Kraft Dinner and tuna sandwiches.   Croy and Ivy went for a Saturday afternoon nap.  Jack wanted to make cookies, so we set up the 100 year old table as an island in the kitchen, and he gathered his ingredients, checked his recipe off with a pencil and whipped up a batch of amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with the on-looking eye of Gram Deb.  He was pretty proud.  Six year old baker.  He even decided he wanted to give Cuz C and W next door cookies, so he wrapped them up in a pretty napkin, tied with a red string and made a 'Tasty Treat' card with Afton & Ivy.  They traipsed across the lawn to make their presentation to Cuz C & W.  They were tickled pink, or maybe chocolate chip.

We went for a small walk through the forest with Granny.  Granny invited them in to have a watercolour class.  Afton, Ivy and Jack all painted with watercolours and created beautiful paintings.  Croy ate a cookie.  After that, Jack made an airplane out of a chip box.  Jon and Afton created a new code language and tried to talk to each other with it.  I made gluten-free brownies and worked on supper.  Croy walked in and out of the house, playing with Ivy who was playing with Russian babushkas I call them (little dolls inside of dolls, you know what I mean).  The house was quite a mixed up affair.  Doug was working out in the field washing out bins and things.  I never really know what he is doing out there in his 'man cave.'

After chili and baked potatoes for supper, they decided to get ready to go.  Doug and I went to a games night at the church, which was a great success and lots of fun, even for Doug, who doesn't like games.

Sunday was church -- leading worship and preaching on 'Encouragement Under Fire."  I was so full of energy when I came home from the after-church luncheon, that I ran like Forest Gump through the forest.  Then I crashed in the Laz-y Boy for the rest of the day.  I wonder why?

I think God said to Moses:  "Your strength will equal your days."  Yes, indeed.

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Ever walk into a room with some purpose in mind,
> only to completely forget what that purpose was?

> Turns out, doors themselves are to blame for these strange memory lapses.
> Psychologists at the University of Notre Dame have discovered that passing
> through a doorway triggers what's known as an event boundary in the mind,
> separating one set of thoughts and memories from the next.

> Your brain files away the thoughts you had in the previous room
> and prepares a blank slate for the new locale.
> It's not aging, it's the door!

Beautiful Stained Glass -- Boston trip