Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I just finished another LONG day of teaching -- 11:30 this morning til 6:00 tonight. Whew! One more week of teaching and I am off for the summer. SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!! I feel like almost singing. And then we'll be into an amazingly busy summer -- moving Granny & Jed up here, training and kids camp at Camp Shiktehawk, vacation in St Martins, Natalie, Aiden and Sarah home, women's camp in Campobello, St. Martins again, and so on and so on, a new house coming here to Heartland Fredericton in August. Wow...should be fun! Now, to continue preparations for our trip to Rexton this Saturday, to speak at a women's retreat. My theme? "Sow a Seed." Wanna come? Should be a fine old time. Taking a few friends with me; they have a cottage on the ocean, and me and Papa will once again head out in the RV. We should make an RV movie, like Robin Williams. Although would anybody watch it?

Poor Sweet Baby, Peppermint Patty

I called one of my 7-year-old students, "PEPPERMINT PATTY" today, and of course, she didn't know who that was, so we watched this very cute video. We laughed. I love to laugh.

Monday, 28 May 2012

“There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.” ― John Calvin

Weekend Adventures

The weekend was another adventure -- this time to Bristol-Florenceville, the great metropolis in Carleton County, land of the potato field, Covered Bridge chips, the longest covered bridge in the world!, and the Jonathan MacDonald family. Friday night we camped out in their driveway, and at 0800 on Saturday morning, 'knock' 'knock' at the RV comes Afton, Ivy, and Chef Jack, who proceeded to make our breakfast. So cute! They love the 'Big Rig,' as Ivy has always called it. Now Croy likes the Big Rig, too. Saturday found us at the Florenceville Baptist Church at a volleyball tournament, where they were raising money for Camp Shiktehawk. Jon was playing, and I cheered and bellowed quite a few times for my little boy (although he is six feet tall). Afton kept looking at me and laughing. I think she was a bit surprised that Gram Deb would be a cheerleader. Saturday evening, Doug and I went hiking: a 96 acre farm, uphill all the way. What a view from the top -- Mars Hill, Moose Mountain..I felt like Heidi and wished I had a donkey by the time we were at the top. After our descent, we had tea, cake and salmon sandwiches with the owners of the farm and learned about their lives. Jim and Veina Brown -- stop in sometime; I'm sure they would love to have you. We went back to the RV in the MacDonald campground and watched Don Cherry on our 5 inch black & white television. Fun. Sunday morning we fired up the motorhome and drove to Lindsay. Ever been there? Beautiful...more green fields laced with dandelions, rolling hills and a view of Moose Mountain, Mars Hill AND Mount Katahdin. Jon was speaking at Lindsay Baptist Church -- a promo for Camp Shiktehawk. Great speaker he is...I knew several people there, from the retreats I've done, and the radio show. We love everywhere we go. We were invited out to lunch at Heidi & Charles Brigg's house up the road. I fell in love with their house and their view. Jon & Alicia and the kids were there as well. After a great lunch, we headed out for a land-looking adventure in Jon's Multivan. We decided that was too far from Bristol to live, so abandoned the search. We want to live up there sometime (we think), so we've been on this land searching hunt for over a year. It may be a pipe dream, or a real dream, don't know. Doug and I like to delay coming home because we love being in the RV so much. So, we stopped at the Mactaquac Dam and had a sleep before venturing home early evening. Then friends came over til it was time for bed. A full weekend full of people, sports, beautiful land, children and LOVE.

Study in A-minor (Andantino) - Ferdinando Carulli

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Travel Log and Missing Persons

Travel Log for the Long Weekend: Friday - Saturday: Grand Manan with M & S -- lots of chat, food and fellowship. Thank you guys! Good to be back on the island again. An island adventure it was, and I believe the ferry is named the adventure as well. Saturday evening, off the boat at 9 pm at Black's Harbour, and on to St. Martins, Century Farm Campground. Thanks for taking weary travelers in at 10:30 pm. We won't make a habit of it. Sunday was our 34th wedding anniversary. Beautiful sunny day (the whole weekend was), walked, and A & C came and visited for the afternoon. Monday morning took us towards Sussex and Snider Mountain Ranch where we spent the afternoon there, and found ourselves on an adventure through the woods with a bunch of people -- trucks and fourwheelers, down hill and dale, through forest til we made it to a falls in the woods. Doug and I sat by the falls and wondered, "how did we get here?" Nomadic adventures. Toured the ranch again, many suggestions made to the owner, who pointed out our RV site whenever we want to come and visit (and work). On the road again Sunday as the sun got low in the sky. Made it to Sheffield and felt gant, so stopped at Casey's Restaurant and antique shop. We ordered and were enjoying our fare, when in walked friends, F & R, who had been at their RV on Grand Lake, and noticed our noticeable RV (R said, 'No one else in North America has a truck like that'). That's for sure. They ate with us, paid for our meal, and we backtracked to Douglas Harbour with them, in their halfton. Halfton adventures, plus a golden retriever. Douglas in Douglas Harbour. Walked through their house, then down to the shore to their RV, where they have room for us, they said. Another place to live. We finally made it home after 9 pm, and I relished in the campground that we live in, what with the tall pines and environmental pleasures. Funny how you come back home and wonder why you left in the first place. Wanderers have to wander -- it's in the blood. Now to tonight's adventure -- I walked Sunset Drive and on to Main Street, where Max picked me up in her car. Doug was at Jed's, as Granny went to choir. I was going to meet him there, but needed my exercise, thus the walking. Max and I got there, and Jed was trying to put his car keys in our CRV (another RV we own, although like a car). Doug was missing. Me: "What are you doing?" Jed: "Tryin' to figure out what's going on." Wanted to move the car into the garage. Mom is missing (she's at choir), Doug is missing. Jed said he was out back, but Max and I searched -- no Doug. But a missing lawn tractor. HMMM...mystery -- battery on ground, battery cables, no tractor, no Doug. I searched all over -- out to Jed & Granny's RV, downstairs, upstairs, over to the neighbour's house, thinking perhaps he went for a drive on their Spyder motorcycle. Called him on the phone a couple of times. No answer. Hmmm...Max and I decided just to relax and drink tea on the new deck. Max got Jed settled on the couch and propped his pillows for him, for he was a bit confused as to where everyone is, plus all the vehicles in the yard. Plus, 'where's Doug?' I began to wonder, but didn't want to panic, so decided to relax. After 45 minutes of chatting, I decided to phone his cell again. No answer. Across the street I trotted to the Spyder people. No idea, he said. Just got home. Hard to say where Doug is, he said. You're right about that, I thought. Back home...called Michel up the street and left a message on their phone. Tryed Jay & Holly's number. No answer. Phone finally answered -- it was Doug. Where are you? I'm home, he answered. How did you get home? I asked. I drove, he replied....down Bird Avenue, down Fulton, right on Fraser, left on Cherry, down Winter Street, onto MacFarlane, over the bridge, on to the walking trail and up Sunset Drive walking trail -- 4 kms....on a lawn tractor. Passing people -- some happy, some quite annoyed that a middle-aged man would be driving a lawn tractor on the walking trail. He couldn't hear my calls because of the noise of the tractor. He was afraid to turn it off in case it didn't start again. It was Jed's tractor and he was trying to get it running, and thought he could call me and tell me where he was. Alas, I was walking down the road, probably parallel to him as he was going the opposite way on a lawn tractor. And since he was home, why not mow our lawn? While his wife is thinking he's been attacked by wild dogs or something. Unreal. But yes, another nomadic adventure for two people still in love. It's a wonder.

Monday, 21 May 2012

back in town -- lots to report....later....too late now, but a weekend of nomadic adventure!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Happy Anniversary

Yes, it's true -- 34 years strong on Sunday, May 20th. We're off on a weekend adventure. First stop -- Grand Manan. The RV is fired up and we're ready to go. Amy and Robin are still sleeping here in Heartland Fredericton. Hey! There is an actual 'Amy' sleeping upstairs! I wonder, can she ride a horse? Yes, I believe so -- she is the daughter of two veterinarians here in the city, and she herself applied to vet school just this week in PEI. Wow. My own Amy. Will wonders never cease! Little Mac, our mascot of 36 years, is all fixed up, thanks to Doris, who lovingly repaired his torso, and made him a "Love is Grand" t-shirt. So, let's go, Little Mac! and Big Mac out there firing up the Peterbilt. Happy Anniversary to us!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Aiden & Sarah in the Kitchen -- cute!

Yes, SS Sister and The Undertaker, I am waiting with bated breath for the arrival in July of our beloved daughter and her children. They will once again stay a good long time, I'm hoping. We have much planned, of course. This day has been so crazy -- I think I have talked, emailed, facebooked, chatted or seen someone from every activity under the sun that I am involved in/with. Plus a phone call that someone even had a dream about me two nights ago and wants to tell me about it, but alas, I can't find his number. If you're reading this, dream man, (which I doubt you are) -- call me and reveal your dream. I will have to go find this person somehow tomorrow evening -- perhaps search the city til I find him. Don't you hate that? When someone tells you they have something to tell you, but then you can't connect with them? B & L just stopped over for coffee and conversation and many laughs. A few paragraphs in French were spoken, for they are fluent, and of course Doug and I are just pretending we know French, although I told them I have a desire to learn French. Shouldn't be too hard, should it? I can count to 20 in Dutch. Surely the French language shouldn't be too hard. Eh? Just another thing to add to my ever-increasing resume. Sorry, can't find my accent 'aigue?' (sp?) Help Your strength will equal your days....this is one of those days.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Had a great weekend at Greenhill Lake Camp, speaking to the Christian Reformed Ladies of the Maritimes. Spoke on encouragement, and they truly encouraged me. They love to sing, and they love to laugh. I was blessed by being among them. Came home this afternoon, took the mothers out to supper at Frank's Finer Diner, then came home to prepare a Mother's Day Sermon, "Vignette of a Mother," for when I speak at Morning Gate Church in the morning. Also lead music there. Then, it's up river again, to see Jon & Alicia, Afton, Jack, Ivy and Croy. My baby therapy -- on Mother's Day -- what could be better? Wish I had the other two grandkids to hold -- counting down the days, Natalie!

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Prayer for Almira

Almira is in need of your prayers -- for healing and for stem cell donor. Here is an excerpt from an email today: Hi everyone, I am home from the hospital. Resting in His Presence but really tired and achy all over but trusting God for my healing  and the plans He has for my life. Please share this and please keep me in prayer that I not get discouraged – honestly it is really hard some days. It has been over two years of waking up and feeling sick and it is hard but My God has been faithful and so have you in your prayers, cards, etc.   I have 3 appts on Friday and a petscan on May 17 to see if the cancer is gone in preparation for a stem cell donor. This is exactly 2 years to the date of my admission in the  hospital in 2010. I am praying for a another miracle.   Love you all and thank you!   See below       Almira Hi Almira, I hope you are feeling a bit better today. I wanted to share with you the poster that is encouraging people to make a blood donation in your honour either the week of May 22nd in Saint John or Moncton or June 19th in Sussex. Also, we will be issuing a press release to the media about these events as well as the event that is being held in your honour in Toronto on May 26th. As soon as I have that press release I will share it with you as well as your doctors at SJRH as the media may call upon them to do an interview. I will keep you posted on all fronts. Please pass this poster on to all of your contacts in New Brunswick. Rest up and take care. Sincerely, Jillian Jillian Adler Patient  & Transplant Liaison Specialist Canadian Blood Services OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network tel. 902-474-8295 cell: 902-222-9707 fax: 902-474-8206 Toll Free: 1-877-442-5663 Ext. 8295 Register to become a stem cell donor at You could be the one match that could save a life.

Bridge Movie - The Father Heart of God Chinese Subs

Cece Winans-Always Sisters

Monday, 7 May 2012

Amazing Beats with Pens (Shane Bang)

Jared, one of my long-time piano students, showed me this video tonight...take a watch -- amazing! Music and rhythm is amazing! Thanks, Jared!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Another amazing weekend. Played guitar and music at St Margaret's Church here in Fredericton with a bunch of friends. Had Nurse Cherry and new Mallory here for the weekend as well. Had a great time eating, laughing and sharing together. They made food for me and Jack (Doug). My new name is 'Lou,' because I'm a bit of an administrator like Lou on Heartland. I'm a bit tired, but not too bad -- we went to bed at 3 AM last night. Why do I do that? Oh well, had a little nap today and it fixed me right up. We love having people here at Heartland Fredericton. I know a lot of people don't understand why we enjoy having so many people in our home, but we just do. So, if you need a place to stay, a cup of tea or just sit on the porch and look at the big ol' pines, come along. Sit and stay awhile.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Yes, Krista, I do believe I am way too busy. But I am never bored, that is for sure. We seem to have so much happening in our lives right now, what with the stuff we do, selling Mom and Dad's house (and preparing it for sale), helping Jon & Alicia move to a new home this past weekend, and working. And today, we decided to tear off the old sundeck from Mom and Dad's house and build a new one. Brenda, the Southshore Sister, is up from NS, and she and Doug (and Jed) tore it off today. The next few days will see the old house with a new deck. We pray it sells soon. It's only been on the market for two weeks, and is in a great location. Had a great time with the grandkids on the weekend, and am glad they are now in a larger home. And the chickens in the backyard, in their chicken house are no doubt a bit confused, but I'm sure they will adjust. (Jon & Alicia's chickens, not mine). Not sure if they are allowing chickens here in the city or not. What DID they decide? I should have asked Mayor Brad Woodside last Wednesday when I was at the mayor's breakfast singing a song or two. Now it is Wednesday again -- where does the week go? This weekend I am getting ready to do a music/worship event at St. Margaret's Anglican Church here in Fredericton. Jack and Anne Marie Sheffield from Texas will be speaking. Should be a wonderful time. Aiden is in the hospital in The Pas for severe dehydration caused by the flu. Poor little thing. Hope he gets out tomorrow. I sent out the word for prayer earlier today. If you think of my sweet little grandson, please pray -- and that my sweet little granddaughter, Sarah, doesn't get it, either. Or Josh and Nat. These are times that Natalie wishes she had her mom near. I wish that, too, Nat. Love you and yours....Mom