Thursday, 21 June 2007


My granddaughter -- Afton Natalie MacDonald

Conversation with my 2 y.o. granddaughter, Afton on June 12 at breakfast:

Afton: "I didn't cry though. I just bit my mouth like this [she demonstrated]. I didn't like my toast. I was not putting my cup in my mouth and I drink it all chick and a bick. A dinosaur came to the shade. I was slapping at the dinosaur. I was cryin' and I said "woo" like that strawberries. I screamed at that shade -- I washed my hands off. It's a shade.

I jumped up like this [again, she demonstrated the action]. I put my foot down -- Yup, and I go like this [she wiggled her bum]. I fall down on the floor and I bumped my head.

I slapped my stick on the bacuum cleaner. I went 'round and 'round in a sicle (circle). I didn't scare the shade though [I don't know what the 'shade' is]. I choke on Baby Mum Mum. Jack [her 1 yr old brother] choke on Baby Mum Mum too, on the floor."

Gram Deb: "What did Gram Deb do?"

Afton: "Gram Deb did dishes." [I actually retrieved the Baby Mum Mum cookie from Jack's throat! However...]

"Jack spit it out on the floor. I always hit my arm on the table. I bump my head on the wall. I wanna go on the swing. Where's the diapers?"

and so on.....what a her Gram, I guess.


Wednesday, 20 June 2007

My daughter is here!

My daughter, Natalie, is here from Saskatchewan. We are having a wonderful time -- exercising, preparing food, visiting with family, making lists and checking them twice, many trips to Walmart, and making up songs like "Big Moon Tonight." (Ask me to sing it for you sometime; it's very musical and lyrical!). Saturday, we had the "Soul Cafe Spa Experience" here on my verandah with friends and family; it was quite an event. Last evening, Nat & I went on a bike ride on the walking trail using Grandpa & Grandma's cruising bikes. We were perched up on our seats like little old people, travelling at quite a speed. It was quite a sight! Then a 'felark' down the walking trail later (a combo of running & walking). Today, my hips hurt. Getting younger, I guess.

We're going to attempt a 1,000 piece puzzle next and see if we can complete it in 3 days. Oh, the beginning of summer; don't you just love it?

God is good and His mercies endure forever!


Thursday, 7 June 2007

The LORD is good!

"Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!" (Ps 34:8).

How true this is! If we could remember that He IS good, and good to us, how much better would our days be. He wants us to be filled and satisfied with Him. Are we satisfied with Jesus? Are we content? Are we filled up with His goodness? This is my prayer today -- Lord, fill me up!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The Weed of the Woods

Oh, I'm obsessed with the weed of the wood,

My O' my, they taste so good

Alas, my keyboard painted with flecks of green

As I type this melody of muted scene

A New Brunswick delicacy, borne from waters clear

A weed we all hold so dear.


No one in Canada understands but those brave souls

Who let down their guard and eat them whole-heartedly,

Oh, the weed of the wood,> Its fruit tastes so good.

Deborah MacDonald

May 30, 2007

Welcome To My Blogspot

Hey everyone,
Well, Q has set me up with a blogspot to help me stay connected with everyone. (Q is my trusty administrator by the way).
This is my first attempt at joining the world of bloggers. Hopefully I will be able to keep everyone up to date on the goings and comings of debmac aka B.O.S.S./ Princess Mac/Gingerbread Gal/Mama Mac/ and who knows what else.
Q is still trying to figure out stuff (and she is known to make the odd typo upon occassion - take it easy on her :)
Notice the nice green font......Q used it because of my love (obsession with) fiddleheads. I wrote a lovely poem about the 'weed of the woods' - maybe I'll post it soon.
Well, ta ta for now.
Let's see how this turns out.
Yours truly,