Thursday, 28 February 2013

Snow Go Away?

I do love snow days.  I love the feeling of being sheltered inside the warm house.  I had a few brave parents brave the snow, sleet, hail and rain and trek here for their music lessons.  

I am getting weary and need a winter get away.  Wanted to go to Florida with the grandkids, but not enough time, energy and money to make it happen.  Nor the will for such a short time.  So, I'll settle for a chalet in the woods.  Perhaps Mars Hill area.  Perhaps Blaine, Maine.  As long as it doesn't rain in Blaine, Maine, I think that's the place for a winter get-away to get my batteries recharged.  I do have rechargeable batteries.

He makes the snow fall from heaven.  Might as well enjoy it.  We live in Canada.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Preparing for an afternoon tea -- will it be high tea or low tea?
Today's error -- trying to make a bank deposit in the bank machine without actually putting anything in the envelope!  So I made another deposit with the cheque inside.  Had to go in and tell them what I had done, and got to relay my washing machine story.  Honestly.

Tonight -- GREASE at The Playhouse = Leo Hayes musical production.  Had a few students in the play.  They did an awesome job.  Charlotte Pyke stole the show, in my opinion, and her mother said to me:  "Be prepared to see a Charlotte you've never seen before!"  She was right and she was fabulous, darling.  Her mother said she is a composite of all the people who have influenced Charlotte, and that I am one of them.  I had my picture taken with this fabulous singer, dancer and actress.  (And piano player).  And her sister, Grace was in the play as a dancer/actor as well.  Adam Moore, Abby Evans and Samantha Evans were amazing in their roles in acting and dancing.  A great night and a trip to Dairy Queen afterwards with S & J, D & K -- it was so busy that we went through the drive thru for our treats and ate inside the restaurant.  Now that's innovative thinking.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Two Things

1.  You know you are distracted when you put laundry soap in the washer, let it fill with HOT water, put cover down, and go clear to the SPIN cycle before you discover that there are absolutely NO clothes in the washer!  Never did this before in my life...a first, but hopefully the last time I will waste water and time.

2.  You know you are still young when you go to the indoor pool and swim 16 laps in the pool, doing all the strokes you learned as a teenager.  So, on this Valentine's Day, I have a renewed love for swimming.  It made me feel SO great this afternoon, full of energy, so much so that I made two batches of muffins and BBQ chicken wings and ate a wing like a cavewoman.  Now, knowing me you would know this is very strange, given my non-propensity for meat and my dainty-like tendencies while eating same.

Two things of many that happened today.  Many people in the house again tonight -- great time.

PS:  Doug sent me an email of a Costa Rican frog with the caption, "Happy Valentine's Day, my Beauty...perhaps we could go there to see one of these."  Now THAT's the first time I ever got such a romantic Valentine's card from my hubby.  A frog....

Carolyn's Poem

I had the ladies write poems at the Greenhill Lake retreat.   Here is Carolyn's poem.  Enjoy!

by Carolyn Carr

I am a flower in a garden
That the Gardener comes to trim
To make me more beautiful
So that I'll bring joy to Him.

He trains all my branches
To stand up straight and tall
By placing things around me
To always break my fall.

The winds they come, the rain it falls
But I am standing strong.
If it wasn't for the Gardener,
I wouldn't stand for long.

There was a day not long ago
When the storms came raging in
That I was nearly broken
And my roots were wearing thin.

But the Gardener came by again
And with His tender touch,
Repaired this little flower
That He loved so very much.

Today, I stand with blooms so bright
And wonder at His love.
That He would take the time with me
To prepare me for heaven above.


Monday, 11 February 2013

And Doug

And Doug and I just went for a long walk in the snow.  Snow falling gently, talking about life and getting to know one another (LOL).  You need these moments in your marriage.  It's not all about work.  You need to make time for one another.  Life is so busy, we must not forget our mates.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Be Who You Are

Had a great weekend with women (and Doug) at Greenhill Lake Camp this past weekend.  My theme:  "Be Who You Is, Çause if You Is Who You Ain't, You Ain't Who You Is." (Say that five times).  We had a wonderful time and lots of laughter.  Singing and being who we were.  On Sunday we took in Afton's birthday party at Jon's -- Alicia went all out -- scrapbooking, movie theatre complete with a concession stand, and an elaborate fudge cake.  On Sunday evening, we traveled to Jacksonville Baptist Church to participate in the Superbowl party -- what a great set-up.  Thanks, Stephen Page -- for all your hard work.  Why, even couches on bleachers were in the church.  Imagine.  It was awesome -- and lots of food -- chili, nachos, vegetables, soda, dessert.  Young, middle and old enjoyed the game, complete with power outage.  Yay, Baltimore!

Doug is still working at home and  I think he likes it.  I enjoy having him home.  Now I get to make two meals a day.