Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hello Mudda, Hello Fudda, Here I am at Camp Shiktehawker, It is raining It won't stoppa, Say hello to my little brudder (not that I have one, it just rhymes)... Well, I've been here at camp since Saturday. It's been raining since I got here, and it doesn't show signs of stopping until Friday. I feel like a duck. The staff are starting to grow webbed feet. Swimming around the campground is almost an option or a skill activity. Today I fell down at the Dollar Store, the steps were so wet. I'm OK, Mom. Afton, a.k.a. 'River,' now, helped me up. It's been a great time at camp so far. I have kept very busy, what with talking to the staff each day and wandering around the campground, in and out of my RV for food and sleep, and occasional reading (plus preparation to teach, of course). I've had Jon's junkbox car to drive (an old Volkswagen Golf, which should be in the junkpile somewhere, but it does drive somewhat...) It doesn't like first gear, so I've had quite a time jaunting about the village of Bristol, trying to find alternative ways to avoid a stop sign, like starting out in second gear or find places to do a u-turn in second gear, or take long, round-about ways to get somewhere. Sunday night I took a trip up the road clear to Bath before I could make a circle back to Bristol. I was a woman alone at twilight, in a 45 hp put-put junkbox that Jon calls a car, no wallet, no license, and I wasn't sure I even had headlights or not. Reminded me of our earlier days when Doug and I always had some kind of junky car. Those were the good old days -- I felt young again. I eventually made it back to the campground, where I spent the whole night by myself -- a random woman in a random RV in a rainy campground in the woods. Jon and the staff were on an overnight trip to another random camp -- a survivor kind of thing. I survived the night and fired up the trash can and made it out in second gear. Joined the campers and spewed words of wisdom to them, and spent time there by the rushing brook. I then decided I needed another adventure, so I made it out of the woods and managed to make my way to Coldstream (wherever that is), and visited the Pirate for about an hour to catch up. The Pirate looks the same and always has a tale or two to tell. He was heavily involved in his chipping operation, so I left him to that, and took off across the bridge and up the Rockland Road to Hartland, where I descended upon the graveyard store, and surprised The Undertaker with a surprise visit from his crazy cousin. He supplied me with a refreshing Coca-Cola in a styrofoam cup. I asked for a glass bottle, but that's all he could afford at this time. I hope he stocks up on glass bottles for my next visit. We sat in his office and caught up on life. I like The Undertaker. I spent a lot of time with him in my younger years. He still looks the same, although some of his hair is gone. This afternoon, I asked River if she wanted to go to Coldstream with me (yes, again), to get my hair cut by the Pirate's wife. We got as far as Egypt Hill Road, and it was raining cats and dogs, so we decided to turn back and go to the Dollar Store for office supplies. That is where I fell down, AND where I was finally able, after two days of driving, to get that car in first gear. It's hit or miss, and you have to hold your mouth a certain way. I spent all afternoon in the camp office, working on the computer, editing a massive word document for the camp. Good thing I used to be a secretary (among other things). Well, I must go to chapel -- music is happening, and then I'm involved in a girls' night here -- it will no doubt go late, as we talk about all things girls. I'm the oldest (of course). Toodles. Deb at Camp Shiktehawk

Friday, 22 June 2012

The Promise

The PROMISE Tonight I saw a rainbow kissing the clouds Wrapped around the wandering moon Your promise that hope abounds, A future that starts none too soon O Father of lights, you do not change Your faithfulness projected in the heavens And as I view your handiwork I feel no reason to fear My thoughts tell a tale Like the heavens above Ever changing yet remaining the same You are loving toward all you have made Shine your glory on me, Lord Shine your glory May I be your servant forever Showing forth your promise That I will live ever after I worship you, God of sun and moon and stars Of earth and sky, of water and fire May your name be glorified And above else -- BE PRAISED! PRAISE HIM FOR HIS PROMISE PRAISE HIM FOR HIS GRACE PRAISE HIM FOR HIS ABUNDANT MERCY PRAISE HIM FOR HIS LOVE ...Deb MacDonald, 2009 (after I finished cancer treatment) The Lord is faithful to all His promises and loving toward all He has made (Psalm 145:13) Isaiah 60:1 Rise, shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. PS: I found this while looking for my 'notes' on some other topic...

Fish, Fishing, Fisher of Men

Do you see the fish app to the right of your screen? Just put your cursor on it and tap -- you will see the fish eat it. Feed them somewhere else on that screen and they will scoot over and eat that, too. So fun! It is fishing season -- do you like to fish? I used to, but never liked putting on the worms. Had Jed do that for me. He loves to fish. Hope to get him fishing in St. Martins again at Century Farm, if we ever get there! Hope to be there in three weeks for a week. Depends on Jed & Granny's house situation. We hope to have a done deal on their house in a week, after much negotiation this week with the buyers. Then, it will be moving day by July 25th! Eek! I am leaving in an RV tomorrow and won't be back again in Superior City until July 7th or so, although Doug will be here working at his day job. I'll be a fisher of men (and little children) at Camp Shiktehawk. Appreciate your prayers. It's finally raining -- what a beautiful rain I hear outside my upstairs window, as I sit here like John Boy Walton writing in my composition computer. I feel like fishing. I am looking on my computer for some notes I taught a few years ago at staff training. Do you think I can find them? No. I know I typed them on a computer, but which one? I have a computer in my office, a computer downstairs on the desk in the music room, a computer sitting in a chair in the living room, an IPod, an IPad, a Kobo and a cell phone. Have I got way too much technology? Yes. Can I do anything about it right now? No. I just need to find my notes. Where are they??? Can anyone out there help me? LOL Fishing in Fredericton....

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

This week I have been cleaning up my office. What a chore. And trying to get my annual return done for Nomad Ministries. Do you ever find yourself stalling when you know you need to accomplish something that has a deadline attached to it? My deadline is June 30th, but I need it done by Friday, because we'll be heading out in the RV for two weeks at Camp Shiktehawk, and then a week at St. Martins. OK, I must go do it! JUST DO IT, DEB, JUST DO IT. Life -- JUST DO IT

Monday, 18 June 2012


Mrs. Mac's Music Night 2012

Birthday Weekend

Doug's mother turned 85 on Friday the 15th. A big surprise party at Frank's Finer Diner. And she was surprised...amazing that no one slipped and told her. Then, on Sunday, my mother (Granny) turned ? Maybe she doesn't want her age revealed. I'll just let the pictures tell the story...Happy Birthday, Mom...

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Well, I've gone five hundred miles til the day is done.... Or something like that. Over 600 kilometres since Tuesday morning til today. Here is my road trip schedule: Tuesday - to Saint John on Route 7: Meeting with record producer, Tim Davidson about CD recording project Nurse Cherry's house overnight, ice cream sundaes and bonfire of sorts on the deck with Shelly, Allan and Cherry Wednesday -- to Moncton: Cherry and I traveled to Swiss Chalet to meet with Jennifer from noon til 3 pm, then over to Second Cup for another 4 hours, where Kim Bond joined us. Back to Saint John in evening. Then phone conversation with Almira for an hour. Thursday -- we went back towards Moncton, to Norton. Picked up Angie Murf (a kidnapping of sorts), and drove to Riverbank Cemetery, where there was an small antique church on a hill amidst the gravestones. Mallory from Sussex joined us, and we had a La Petite Retreat -- four of us. We prayed, sang and read from Joshua, then had lunch out on the deck of this old church. I even performed a little drama about a circle maker. I felt like a young girl in a theatre production. Isn't it great when we can just be ourselves? A wonderful morning together. A great little meeting place tucked in the hill of Riverbank. Said my goodbyes about 1:30 today, and proceeded on towards Apohaqui, a stop at McCreadys Restaurant for a coffee, and then the old road towards Fredericton, and up through Sheffield and Maugerville to Heartland Fredericton, where I had a nice little nap on the verandah til Doug came home and I tried to share all that has happened in these three days. Then the gathering of 16 friends tonight. Our life is so rich and full. We are blessed. PS: Pray for Nurse Cherry as she heads for her Guatemalan adventure this coming Sunday!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Road Trip

I had an amazing recital last night at Corbett Avenue Wesleyan Church. I had over 30 students this year (lost count at some point). There were probably 150 people there last night for this music extravanganza. Piano, guitar, singing, drama, even musical theatre. Ryan Legere, a previous student of mine, played an amazing rendition of "Majesty" that made his ol' teacher cry. I bowed before him and kissed his hand at the end. So amazing when a student surpasses the teacher. I taught Ryan for 11 years. And he almost quit! So many cute students playing and singing...Rodeo was very popular, with cowboy boots and hats. The youngest student was 6 years old and the oldest -- ? They were so cute! I even bought a can of lemonade from Ella Christie after she played "Lemonade Stand." The whole 1 1/2 hours was like this -- very entertaining. And much humour. Of course, I am a ham myself. I try to relax the crowd. One of the parents called me a comedian. LOL All the children were so cool and collected -- hardly anyone made a mistake, and if they did, no big deal. I played a lot of duets with them as well. The guitar players were amazing as well, including Jared Cook, who crooned, "Have You Ever Seen the Rain." Will Marshall and I played "Surfin' USA," and of course I had to sing. Nahum Collicott played "Margaritaville" on his guitar, and of course, I had to sing that song, too. These guitar players will eventually get the courage to sing in front of me, and then an audience. It's a process. Family Christie was a hit as were my two adult students, Laura Christie and Ann Hetherington. Very proud of them. Missed Cousin Els, another adult student, who was home recuperating from an operation. I'm sure she would have been a hit, too. So nice to see the older students performing with the younger. Sarah MacLoon and I performed "Down by the Bay" and "Dancing Queen" at the end of the night. I danced -- the Dancing Queen danced, with her Dancing Queen t-shirt. One of my young students told me later, "Mrs. Mac, you can dance!" YES! I knew it all along. Sarah really hammed up the song as I danced... Children are wonderful, and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be in their lives and have them in mine. They truly are my family. Now to celebrate the end of my teaching year, I'm treating myself to a ROAD TRIP, starting this morning. Off to Saint John to meet with a record producer at 2:00 pm, on to Nurse Cherry's for the night. Tomorrow takes me to Moncton to meet with a couple of people, back to Saint John to meet with others. Thursday morning is a mini-retreat with a few girlfriends at a random country church somewhere between Norton and Sussex. Then back home for Thursday night. Let's hit the road, Jack!

MacDonald Fredericton Company

The Lord's Prayer by 2-year Old

Monday, 11 June 2012

You're Beautiful

I just checked You Tube -- 'You're Beautiful'(written by Amy Page) == we've had 192 hits so far! I'm meeting with a record producer, Tim Davidson, tomorrow in Saint John to see about recording it...

Sunday, 10 June 2012

MacDonald Fredericton Company

Jack, Ivy and Afton came for a Gram Deb Adventure for the weekend. Including (but not limited to): free yard sales, walks, train bridge walk, free stuff, Gallery 78, Tim Hortons, Wendy's, ball tossing in the yard, water hose, Lego, Curious George movie, bouncy castle, motocross show, sports cars and motorcycles at church (even a Harley coming down the aisle!), cotton candy, popcorn, sno cones, Gram Deb's "Quacker Jack" stories (about a duck named Quacker Jack who has adventures) and so on. The kids have their own company, which they call, "The MacDonald Fredericton Company," which consists of them setting up office in the upstairs of the house. So cute! Stickers, white boards, markers, sticky notes, buttons, staplers, paper, etc. They work hard in these offices and I love to see their imaginations hard at work, as they go to "work." A great weekend with a great trio of grandkids. The summer will be full of grandkids. Bring it on! God is good -- thank you, God, for kids...

Friday, 8 June 2012

You're Beautiful

Cousin Amy Page wrote this song a couple of months ago.  We debuted it in Rexton on June 2, 2012.  Robin and Hampton and Deb MacDonald on harmony.  Wonderful song, Amy -- really touches the heart of women...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

School's out for summer!

Whew! Final day of teaching music until September! Amazing year, great students. Final recital on Monday night where I will see all my students at one time. I will, no doubt, be overwhelmed with emotion to see how they have grown in music over this past year. It will be quite a night, I'm sure...

Monday, 4 June 2012

The Weekend

How many times do I write posts that say, "The Weekend?" A lot, I know. We certainly do travel a lot on 'the weekends.' This past weekend was a whirlwind once again. Friday afternoon we headed to Minto, Chipman, Harcourt and finally arrived in Historic Rexton at Victory Baptist Church, where we set up the sound equipment, and joined our friends who were traveling in separate cars: Marilyn, Janette, Doris, Robin, Amy, Julie R. Max came on Saturday morning. We stayed at a lovely place on a river, complete with cottage and sunset extraordinare. El Douane (sp?) was the name of the place. Doug and I stayed in our RV next to the cottage, and we had many laughs inside that cottage with the girls, I'll tell you. Saturday was spent inside the church with about 45 women, as I taught my seminar, "Sow the Seed," and we led worship, and prayer and even skits (of course; again much laughter was had by all). There were many local women singing and sharing their talents as well. A great day. We even recorded a new song by Amy, "You're Beautiful." Watch for it on YouTube and out on CD in the fall/winter. Seriously. We all said good-bye to each other and went our separate ways. We traveled once again over hill and dale until we came to Minto. Then to Ripples, French Lake, Douglas Harbour and Scotchtown, where we drove down a long country lane to the famous Grand Lake, parking our RV right by the water. At R & F Hunter's property, where F was celebrating her 60th birthday. A campfire was already underway when we arrived. Of course, we can't slip into any place quietly with the 'big rig' (as Ivy likes to call it). And we gave many tours (If we had a dollar for every time we give tours of this rig, honestly)... I got my guitar out once again, even though I had played a long time that day, and I led campfire music. It was so beautiful outside, with the moon on the water and the sounds of music floating in the atmosphere. Neighbours told us the next morning they heard us -- not sure whether they appreciated it or not! Oh well. Then R started the fireworks -- WOW and KAPOW -- better than Canada Day celebrations in Fredericton (almost). A great night. We sat around the campfire til well after 1 a.m. In the morning we had a great breakfast and time on the deck. And off again by noon to put the RV in the driveway and pick up our other mini-RV -- the CRV. Granny and Jed joined us and we drove up to Bristol, to Camp Shiktehawk, where they were having 'Shiktehawk Sunday.' Stayed there til late evening. Tired when we got home? A little. I didn't get up today til 9:50....But I feel relatively good right now. Still haven't had my supper, since I taught til 8 pm. Oh my, I need some downtime. Good night.