Friday, 27 August 2010

The Soul Cafe Cooks

In today's Soul Cafe kitchen, we have been producing these items: cornmeal blueberry muffins, oatmeal blueberry muffins and SALSA. Deb's mouth is burning from the jalepeno taste, and Natalie is violently using the Slap Chop I received for my birthday to smash tomatoes everywhere.

We're trying to decide where to go for the weekend. St. Martins? (Any room, Linda?) Miramichi? Miscou Island where the Southshore sister is headed? Where or where will we go? Stay tuned. We need to get out of the kitchen so we will stop producing preserves and pickles.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Today was a good day for doing housework and cooking. I cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed the upstairs, rearranged and cleaned cupboards, got groceries, made a fabulous supper complete with chocolate zucchini cake (zucchini from my garden). Natalie made peach jam before supper. My feet and legs were aching, so Natalie served up a spa treatment for us (including Becky, who is a regular here every night). Tonight we adopted Becky formally and had a special dance ceremony to adopt her as our daughter. It was really quite funny. Sorry, Reg & Lin -- we seriously think she's our child sometimes -- she is strange, like us. Thanks for having her.

Tomorrow we hope to make tomato salsa and perhaps I'll whip up some other edibles. I'm in the mood for cooking.

I will be having surgery on my right wrist on Sept 7th. It will be none too soon, as my arm is definitely not working right and paining like crazy. The plastic surgeon (yet ANOTHER doctor) tells me it will be 4-6 weeks before I can do anything, but he is not factoring in the God-factor.

The Southshore sister is up in northern New Brunswick with her family, and we hope to RV with them this weekend. It's been strange being here at home this week. Since we miss being in the RV, Doug and I have been sleeping in it a bit. Our yard is like a pine tree campground anyway. I don't know why we spend time traveling around the countryside when we have everything we need right here. Nomads, I guess.

Natalie and Aiden go back to Manitoba on September 8th, so we need to squeeze as much out of the next few days as possible.

Seize the day! Carpe diem!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Two Islands and a Wedding

Hi -- we arrived on Campobello Island on Saturday evening after an EVENTFUL trip -- Truck/RV broke down on the way out of Fredericton. Delayed for 4 1/2 hours -- spent them in a truck repair yard in Fredericton. Went to Wendy's to get some food while waiting for the repair man, and Aiden decided to upchuck his meal all over himself, Natalie and the hallway. Spent 4 1/2 hours trying to keep him happy and ourselves happy. Dancing in field as we listened to a rock band practice, Nat did pedicures on me and herself, a trip to Blue Canoe for gas and snacks, Veggie Tales, and finally arrived in Black's Harbour at 12:15 early Saturday morning. Up early to catch boat to Grand Manan for Casey's wedding. I had white pants on and sat ON a chocolate chip muffin that Aiden stole from some lady on the ferry, and spent a long time in the bathroom with diaper wipes trying to take out the chocolate which covered my 'bum.' Doug called me 'muffin bum.' Thankfully, I got most of the stains out and my pants dried just before the wedding.

Back across the ferry on Saturday afternoon, and to the Milltown border crossing, where we were held up again, as they didn't believe Doug was driving an RV and they decided to search it (I think they just wanted a 'tour'). Anyhow, we are now here, and just finished the first day of Mothers' Camp. There are about 15 mothers and 25 kids (haven't taken a definite count yet, but there are 12 two-year-olds!). What a gong show, I call it, and to have Alicia and her kids here, and Natalie with Aiden, is a blast and Doug and I need to build a bigger house to house all the grandchildren here on the road.

A rainy day today -- hoping for better weather tomorrow. Cheryl and Rhonda are here. Rhonda brought her two grandchildren. Doris is due to come tomorrow. Must go to bed in this crowded RV. Alicia and kids are outside in their new Eurovan and tent, and Cheryl and Rhonda are tenting beside us as well. The campground has exploded. Doug is working on a new campers' cabin they are building. And I am trying to build women.

Friday, 13 August 2010

PICKLING and other things IN THE CITY

A picture is worth a thousand words, isn't it? Yesterday was pickling day, and what a great day it was. AND an INTERESTING one, to say the least. Here is what went on here on Thursday:

1. Mustard pickles -- Natalie and Granny laboured over these
2. Tomato relish - Natalie food processed and stirred forever
3. Peach jam and general Aiden duty -- Deb
4. Puttin' up a few beans -- Deb
5. Playing the Omnichord: 93-year-old Sid from across the street came over with his Omnichord. We all took a turn. Sid sang and played for us while we were pickling, I had a song or two, and then Natalie had a great time with this unique musical instrument. Nat absolutely LOVES the omnichord. Granny used to have one (a newer model) but she sold it this summer on Kijiji.
6. Becky entertained us with her presence and drank coffee, ate my famous guacamole (well it's not that famous), hummus and general Aiden duty. She went home at supper but came back and stayed the night
7. Becky & Natalie had drives around the house on the lawn in the chair that Doug built (a Laz-y-Boy atop a set of wheelchair wheels. Matthew across the street now owns it). They had a blast on this and we laughed hilariously
8. Natalie did scads of laundry of baby girl clothes that she acquired at Wendy's yard sale. She doesn't even know if she has a girl, but is acting in faith. Pray for a girl!
9. BBQ supper and clean-up
10 Movie night
11. To bed at 11 -- what a day

I just finished blanching some more beans from my garden, and am preparing to go to Black's Harbour tonight. Grand Manan on Saturday for Q's son's wedding (Casey & Winter), and then on to Campobello for Mother's Camp next week. Probably won't blog til I come back unless I find internet (which IS possible sometimes).

Have fun everyone!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Test Results

White blood count -- climbed up a point to 3.8 (normal is 4-10).
Having a mole removed off neck area
Blood pressure high -- 160/90 in the office. Dr. Broad said to watch it over the next while. I was astounded! Took it yesterday at the Superstore and it was down to 142/83, but still high on one end.

I put my back out up at Alicia's and am now trying to get that fixed up. On muscle relaxants. Doug also put his out the other day. What is going on??? We need to be straight by the time we go away on Friday to Grand Manan/Campobello.

Anyway, today we're off to adventure again. Me on muscle relaxants and Aiden at Nanny's (Wendy DuBois). We are going to have a wonderful day and see what trouble we can get into today, out and about the beautiful city of Freddytown and the scenic village of Maugerville (is it a village?). Driving, driving -- it's what I like to do. Have traveled to Bristol three times in the past four days. I'm a nomad.

Superstore Blues

Superstore -- where I like to shop. Things happen there. I meet many people there. But yesterday afternoon, this was the funniest thing that was said to me there. I said hello to Doug's older uncle in the store. His wife Marion passed away a few years ago. She had breast cancer years earlier.

I said, "Hi, how are you doing?" "Fine," he replied. "How did you make out at the hospital?" (Doug told him I had an appointment with the oncologist). Then he said this (Natalie was standing next to me): "Marion has a couple of breasts up at the house if you'd like to have them." (Her old prostheses) Taken aback a bit, I replied, "Oh, thanks, but I have one at home. No one has ever offered me something like that before." I stood there a second, not knowing how to continue. Then I said, "You should just throw those out." He replied, "Oh, no, I never throw anything away." Me: "Right, someone else might need them, but I'm OK. Thanks anyway." We walked away and when out of earshot broke down. Spare breasts anyone? I know where you can find some. It was very kind of him to offer them, though. Only at the Superstore, do I find myself in the strangest predicaments!

Then Natalie told me that she had seen a man with a beautiful shiny bald head and a black goatee in the baby food isle. He was bending down to find something. She was staring at his head and became enamored by it. She almost reached out and touched it, then realized, "What am I doing?" and took off.

Only at the Superstore you say.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Is it Monday?

It's Monday, and I haven't written since last Wednesday. Wow, time flies when you're having fun. I'm currently at home on this rainy Monday morning, but not for long.

We left St. Martins last Thursday morning. We had a difficult time leaving St. Martins, so we didn't leave for two hours after leaving Century Farms campground. We took pictures of the old houses, a private tour of the restaurant/inn on the hill (no one was on duty that we could see in the gift shop or dining room, so we walked around and had a viewing of an amazing house), another viewing of the house with many colours on Main Street where a potter and artist reside, a trip to Jimmer's Shack to buy pottery, and a foray into a used book shop in West Quaco, which was an experience in itself. Natalie entered the house, took a couple of whiffs and started to feel sick, but I told her she had to buy a book before she left. So she grabbed a child's book of the shelf and told the woman, "she'll take care of this," and out she went to the fresh air. The woman watched me like a hawk as I meandered through the nooks and crannies of the store, trying to find a book I might like, which usually is not difficult, but it was this day, no doubt because of the smell. I finally found "Mathematics for the Million," a book from 1933 or something, which Jon is now reading and enjoying immensely. He loves Math. I do, too, but it is heavy reading, for sure. Last year I thought I wanted to teach Math as a new career because in mathematics, you can find the answers and solve the problems, unlike life and what it throws at you.

Near noon, we finally decided it was time to leave our homeland, and we made the half hour trek by car into the city. But we didn't just pass through the city -- I decided to treat Natalie to a four hour tour of Saint John, so she could get a new appreciation of 'Europe' like I did last year. We had a great time, touring in the rain in Saint John. We stayed the day there, as Doug told me it was 37 or something inland! Coming back to Fredericton was like re-entering earth again. Took some time to get adjusted (I'm still not adjusted and it's Monday).

Friday found us home, doing laundry and getting ready to go again. I got my locks cut, the eye doctor, and tried out a Jeep. Natalie went to dinner at the DuBois' and Doug and I went out to supper at Jungle Jim's and had jungle food. We went to pick up Nat at 9 pm and got trapped inside Marysville Baptist Church at a yard sale in the gym. Wow -- we both were amazed at the finds we found. Natalie came home with a huge trash bag of girls' clothes. Hope she has a girl! Start praying.

Saturday we took off to Jon and Alicia's house in Bristol (1 1/2 hour drive). I played trucks and crafts with the kids, hammered and drilled with Jack, and ate. Doug and Jon made a mitre-saw table. Nat & Jon started to make steps for Jon's shed. Doug and I came home late. We left Nat & Aiden there.

Sunday morning I preached and led music at Morning Gate church. Good to be back there. Haven't been there since May 9th! I guess I 've been travelling and vacationing since then. After church, we took off up river again to spend more time with the children and grandchildren. We arrived to see six little children sitting at the table eating their lunch (Becky & Stephen's girls were there, too). More food, a cup of tea, Perfect 10 game with Nat & Alicia, naps for little ones, and a bunch of us piling into Jon's new Eurovan. He put the bed down in the back of the van, and we piled in there and talked for awhile and laughed. Even laughing about us lying down in a van in the driveway when we could be sitting in the living room. Jon told me that when he's home for more than a couple of hours, he wants to get going somewhere. Jon and Alicia are just like us -- they always want to camp somewhere.

We had the brilliant idea of ice cream, so it was pack up and pile into three vehicles for the mass of kids we had, and off we went to Coldstream about 4 pm (wherever that is). To Doreen's canteen, where the portion sizes are huge. We ate our ice cream by the Becaguimec stream. Sitting in the heart of Coldstream, down at the corner, where I spent much time in my early years. Good to be home there again. I have many homes. I'm at home wherever I am, I think.

Back up the hill to the homestead, and we saw the Pirate out plowing his field with a John Deere tractor. So we stopped and talked to him for awhile. Good to see him again. Said he was leveling out his field to make an amphitheatre for outdoor concerts. Sounds good to me. Told him we would stop in when we had more time to talk.

Back to Bristol again for another couple of hours. Doug had a sleep in the car to prepare for the drive home. He tried sleeping on the couch, but the babies won't leave him alone. They kept jumping on him, so he escaped. I didn't know where he went to, and called him on his cell, and woke him up. The poor man just can't get rested! We finally left and traveled back to Superior City. It's a good thing we don't mind driving. We've been driving ever since we met. It's what we love to do most, I think. Just drive. Like Forest Gump walks, we drive.

This morning, I'm going to drive down to Samaria House to teach Bible to the young women in the recovery program there. At 11:30, I have my three month blood test and at 2 pm, I see Dr. Broad, my family doctor in oncology. Would appreciate your prayers that everything is EXCELLENT.

I may decide to drive back up to Bristol and stay the night this time, bringing Natalie and Aiden home on Tuesday night. This week, we plan on making pickles. Friday we leave for Grand Manan overnight for Q's son's wedding on Saturday. Then to Campobello for the week for Mother's Camp. Alicia and brood are also coming. More driving. But I love it.

Must go eat breakie so I can go drive again. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


We had a tent/RV community here all weekend for our first annual camping trip. Attendees: Allan & Cheryl; David & Shelly; Carolyn & Brett; Max & Dale; Rhonda & Chris; Doris & Laurie; Jed & Granny; Doug, Deb, Natalie & Aiden. Our site looked like 'tentville' as we ate and played together, campfires, singing 'rounds' over and over again ("Fires burning, fires burning, draw nearer, draw nearer, in the glowing, in the glowing, come sing and be merry"), discussions, washers, Scrabble tournament (David was the ultimate winner -- Congratulations!) Oh, and Max won the cribbage tournament (me, Max and Dale). The weather was absolutely beautiful and the company was wonderful. John and Laurie from Nova Scotia were supposed to come, but had work commitments. It was great to be together and just this place -- beautiful St. Martins.

Thank you, Linda and Byard, for providing such an awesome campground for people to just BE.

Doug comes from Fredericton again today and we will leave either this evening or in the morning. Boo Hoo. I love this place. It is where I truly get a rest. And we've met some great people from different provinces and states.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Still Here

Hi -- I'm still in St. Martins. Doug went back to work, and Nat and Aiden are here with me. Doug is coming down tomorrow and I think we'll head back to Fredericton, but we are sure enjoying our vacation here. We've had a great weekend here with many friends visiting. I'll tell you about it later. Thought I'd pop in and tell you I'm still here.
!Vacation Deb