Saturday, 28 July 2012

Campobello Island

Just got back from a week at Edith Lank Christian Camp in beautiful Campobello Island. Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, we parked our 'Big Rig' among the flowers, LA LA LA LA LA LA Alicia with her Volks Van and four children, me and Natalie in the big rig with her two children, Doris in a cabin, and that made 10 people in our little tribe at Mothers Camp. What a chore feeding everyone breakfast in the big rig (our RV). Fun and games, and lots of mess and laughs and fun and a few temper tantrums, even sickness. Many mothers, grandmothers and their children -- a bigger camp than last year, probably about 50 campers and staff at least. I taught twice a day and played all day.
Here are some pics:

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Good-Bye and Welcome Home

Sitting here in our campground here at 105 Claremont. Mom & Dad are settled in their trailer, Doug and I in our motorhome, Natalie, Aiden & Sarah and Brenda in our house. Now we are all together. We have made a campground courtyard of sorts, complete with swings, easy chairs, and mini lights strung on the big storage trailer housing Mom & Dad's furniture. Even a beautiful garden to boot. A swimming pool for the kids and a badminton net -- what more could you ask for? And a canoe on Doug's 4WD, should we want to haul it over and go for a canoe ride on the St. John. All is calm, and now waiting for their house to close next Wednesday. A smooth transition so far. I had a little cry this morning in my old bedroom as I said good-bye to our family house of 50 years. Granny & Jed are doing OK so far. Next week, the construction guys will be here to prepare the land for the new house to arrive a week later.

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (5 Piano Guys, 1 piano) - ThePi...

Monday, 16 July 2012

What a busy summer! Whew! And so hot...we came home from St Martins last Thursday and have been working at Mom & Dad's house ever since. The Southshore Sister made her way up from the southshore, and we have been purging stuff from Jed's shed, moving furniture (we call ourselves 'Wallace the Mover'), driving to the dump, to the town of 'Debris,' which is part of the landfill plantation. At least that's what the guy in the booth tells us where to go -- "Go to Debris." OK, sir, we'll go to Debris. I drive that trailer up the mountains of garbage til I get to the sign that shows where Debris is. Getting familiar with the village of Debris, we are. Going there in the morning, too. It is so hot and we are weary. And not finished yet. It will take us all week long, until we have Jed & Granny safely transported up to Heartland Fredericton. They will live in their Puma trailer until their new house arrives at the end of the month. Natalie & kids come on Wednesday from Manitoba. They will also live here. And the Southshore Sister is living in our bedroom. We are in the motorhome in the yard. I have a feeling we will have a family reunion here this summer. LOL

Sunday, 8 July 2012

We are now in St Martins with our motorhome, enjoying some much needed rest, after two weeks of work -- me in Bristol at Camp S and Doug in Nova Scotia and Freddytown working on projects in the evening for people, and his day job. I had a great time at camp and a wonderful time with the staff during the week of staff training, and of course with 52 seven to nine year olds and 54 five to six year olds. so cute.... I also had some interesting encounters with birds and rodents while there, which I will post about at length soon. The rodent issue is still in progress, whilst the bird love affair has ceased for the time being. More later. We just finished a great campfire, and Doug is snoring. Nite