Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I went to the gym again today -- 33 minutes on that treadmill. That treadmill. And I've been hungry all day. Feeling a little sick, actually. Like when you're pregnant. Wanting to eat everything in the house. Munching all day. Just ate a couple of carrots at this hour of the night. Too bad I didn't have a treadmill to work off all I've eaten today.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to start out with oatmeal and see if it makes a difference in the day. I think it does. One of those eating days. Maybe tomorrow I will fast. Ever have eating days?

Monday, 27 February 2012

How does the week go so fast? I look today and it's been almost a week since I posted. Hard to believe. Am I getting older? Will time fly by even faster as I age? I know that now I teach these students and then it seems like they come back to me two days later.

Had a great weekend. Yesterday we had a surprise birthday party for Alicia -- turned 30 years old. And she really was surprised -- about 40 family & friends up at Greenhill Lake lakeside room overlooking the lake. She has four children under seven and is only 30 years old. What could be better? Perhaps having five children under seven? There is a battle going on between Alicia and Natalie as to who will have the next child. Actually, they're not battling about it at all. I'm just saying that 'I think" there is another grandchild out there for us. Perhaps it's a foster grandchild; one never knows.

Went to the gym today and worked out again, even though last Thursday I put my membership on hold. Well, it's not actually on hold until the end of March, so I have a month to try and psych myself up to use the gym once in awhile. I know, it's a strange psychology. I just can't seem to let go of my gym membership.

Then I sat in the chair and finished up a movie -- trying to pretend like I'm retired.

But alas, the students started coming at 3:30. I guess I'm not retired -- I see one outside.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My New Love

I've decided that cross country is my new love. I have had cross country skis for years and used to ski a lot in my younger years, but with raising kids and working all the time and everything else in my life, the skis got tossed aside. But after skiing on the river at Temple on Sunday, I decided to renew my love (and skill), and set out at noon to ski at Killarney Lake today. I had a bit of a scare as I went down a hill first thing out. Except I forgot how to ski downhill on cross country skis somewhat. My heart was pounding, and I was praying to beat the band -- "Don't let me fall, don't let me fall!" And I didn't. Whew. My legs were shaking; I need to research how to cross country downhill, or at least bend my knees more.

After a few minutes of skiing, I got the hang of going downhill again. I can downhill ski, but it is completely different than that, other than rhe bending of the knees for balance. I'm sure I'll get better as I practice more. What a beautiful day it was today, and the forest glade was soothing. And the exercise quotient -- is aerobic exercise. Actually, the best exercise aerobically I hear. So, I'm thinking about ditching the gym and adding this to my repetoire. I'd rather be outside anyway. I really do not like being inside. I'm an outside girl. My new love -- at least for this week. LOL

Cross Country

Courageous was a great movie. A bit of a tearjerker. We rented it on Rogers TV and watched half of it until Rogers went off the air. It took us awhile before we got to watch it again, and ended up with surround sound, after Doug set up speakers so we could hear it. Max & Dale, and Bill & Louise attended our movie theatre. I told them to turn their cell phones off (just like a real theatre), however, by the time the night ended, two people were on cell phones, Doug and I talked to Stuart in Mexico via Skype on Bill's cell phone, Max was on the phone to Rogers, and we had the laptop out. Too much technology goin' on. B & L had to leave before the movie ended, but rhe rest of us toughed it out to the end, and it was worth it.

Sunday found Doug and I on a road trip and ended up on the Charlie Lake Road (although the GPS told us it was the "Charlee Cake Road." Where do they come up with their names via satellite?). Perhaps we were going to find some cake at the end of the road, but we found Charlie Lake. Granny told me that Jed used to fish there when he was young. We couldn't look around too much since it was private property, so we went cross country through the forest, snowmobiling our CRV through the woods. At least that's how it felt. Beautiful snow road. Didn't have a clue where we would end up or where we were, because Mrs. GPS decided to take a break and lost her signal. After quite a jaunt, we made it to a main road -- the road to Canterbury. So we headed towards Meductic instead. Down on the river, past Sabian Cymbals, and into Temple -- where my grandparents lived and my father was raised. Tried to find the property where the old house once stood. I remember the chicken shed and visiting Gram & Gramp, but that was a LONG time ago.

It was so quiet and the snow on the river was inviting me. "Doug, I want to ski on the river where my grandparents used to live." And my ancestors probably canoed up the mighty Saint John to settle. So I put on my boots and skis and off I went -- a lone soldier skiing on a frozen river. Skiing in Temple. Never did that before. A first. Doug stayed in the recreational vehicle (not a first).

Back in the vehicle. Exhilarated I was. "Doug, I want to go to the cemetery where my ancestors are buried." Down the Temple Road to the Hillman Cemetery. Skis on again and for the next half hour, I skied through the cemetery, searching for my grandparents, great grandparents. It was a very deep experience for me; I was surprised at how it affected me. Found a very old tombstone with "Christian Fox," an ancestor from the 1800's. Spent quite a bit of time in front of my grandparents' stone, remembering Ella and Cecil, and weeping. There's nothing like a cemetery to bring home how 'short' life is here on earth. I'm glad I have a future and a hope and will live forever. Like many of my ancestors, I hope.

What next to do? Go to the Acorn for lunch. Met up with Rick & Patricia and had a nice lunch. Good food. Then home to read and catch up on episodes of The Naked Archaeologist (yes, very good show), and Heartland. Yes, Heartland -- we're almost caught up to season 5. Quite a weekend.

And I've decided my new love is cross country skiing. Skiing on the river, and in a cemetery. Never had a clue I would do this when I set out that morning for our little road trip adventure. You never know what you're going to do. You just need to "do."

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Lazy Day Saturday

Saturday at home. Hmmm, doesn't seem to happen a lot. But it was nice. A fitful sleep, probably due to the fact that I basically was in the chair yesterday afternoon til evening. The week took a lot out of me. Doug was home sick since Thursday, too, and laying around.

After coffee and breakfast, I got on my knees and washed the living room and music room floors. Groceries (again), a walk with Doug, talking with the neighbours, making meatloaf for supper, working on receipts, washing the kitchen floor a bit, vacuuming (is this a lazy Saturday???)

Tonight we are watching the movie, "Courageous." I think I need to relax from having such a lazy day.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Are you still up?

Are you up? Anyone out there? Or am I talking to myself? Anyone out there in Cyberland? Just finished eating a couple of pieces of toast (of course). Really need to go to bed so I can get up again.

This morning I was at Carolyn's house watching a Boundaries DVD. Do I know how to set boundaries? Apparently not.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day 2012. My honey gave me fudge. Famous rehab fudge. If you've had it you know this fudge is extremely good. And very sweet. Just like my sweetie..

I have a cold once again. Perhaps I need some fudge. We are watching a marriage video right now. Well, actually I am watching it.. He is sleeping in the chair. Just heard a snore. We have celebrated almost 34 years of snoring...

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Doug and I traveled to Bristol for Snow Blast, and that it was -- a blast of icy wind and snow all day, but beautiful, nonetheless. Doug backpacked Croy across the snow in the village square; the other kids went on a John Deere hay ride without the hay. I saw my niece, Kristen, en route and hugged her. My sister, alas, was no where to be seen. Probably at home out of the cold. We trekked up to Afton & Jack's elementary school and escaped inside, where we entered a planetarium, a huge circular tent planted there by Science East. We enjoyed a space star planet show inside. Doug was in his glory, I think, watching the constellations. In St. Martins, every night we watch the stars and await the 10:30 pm satellite to fly by. (It's one of Doug's highlights of the summer sky). After the planetarium, we made soap carvings out of Jergens soap. Yes, and Papa Doug carved one, too -- a moose. (What is wrong with my husband?) Jack and I worked on a hen, and Afton carved a whale. Jergens flying everywhere -- hard not to feel like you worked in a soap factory. Jack was so excited about this new craft, that we went to the Dollar store and then the Co-Op to find more soap, but all I could find was Ivory. But it works, and at their house, we continued the creations. Doug carved a transport truck with a load of wood and Jack made all sorts of things, including a bathtub.

Then some colouring with crayons and pastels, and hot chocolate to warm us up. I was into colouring, having coloured with Kim's daughter, Shayla, the night before at their house. Very therapeutic.

Then it was birthday time for Afton yet again, with our present -- a dollhouse and accoutrements. Afton and Ivy LOVED the dollhouse and the Barbie fridge and fake food. Jack loved it, too. After set-up, we began to build the dollhouse plantation with all sorts of dolls and furniture, including cardboard stairs that Afton made. Jack and I made an outside BBQ out of Lego. Ivy made a truck out of Lego. Croy was sleeping and Alicia cooking. Doug was snoring. I was lying on the floor in front of the fireplace on the big bear rug. What could be finer than to be warmed up by a fire in the winter? (Jon was doing camp interviews = he is the director of Camp Shiktehawk).

After a couple of hours, Alicia and I ventured out with Afton, Jack and Ivy, leaving Croy home with the Papa. It was 5 pm, dusk was a' comin', but that didn't stop us from our goal of cross country skiing in the woods with the children -- their FIRST day of cross country skiing. The Shiktehawk trail -- along the creek and around and around in the woods -- a loop of sorts. I hadn't been on skiis for 4 years, but it's like riding a bike, right?

I didn't fall and did fine, but Jack fell repeatedly, and after about half an hour into the trail, and picking him up repeatedly, I suggested we turn back. Alicia thought it wasn't too much longer til the loop finished, so we kept going. It was getting darker and darker. I was in the lead with Afton and let Alicia pick up the Jack. We had to take off our skiis twice and walk up mini mountains. The kids were getting scared because it was dark, and THEN I saw the lumber yard and knew where we were -- but how much longer? We made it out -- back to the elementary school and Alicia skiied to where the van was. It was quite an adventure and we figured Papa would be worried, which he was, but moreso he was dealing with what to feed Croy and his dirty diaper. Yes! He did fine, though -- I clapped when I found out he had to change Croy. When there's no one around but Papa, Papa it is. Proud of you, Papa.

We had a wonderful roast beef stew for supper, and then J & A went out and we kept the children. Or should I say, I kept the children while Doug slept. He needed to, for we left Bristol at 11:30 -- in the snow and it snowed harder and harder as we neared Woodstock. I slept, and it's a good thing or we might have been off the road. At least that's what Doug said -- he's a great driver and we made it home safe and sound at 1:30 in the morning. A late night, for sure.

Adventures left and right -- and we DO live in New Brunswick.

Seize each day that God has given you!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Happy 7th Birthday, Afton -- your dollhouse will be delivered to you on Saturday...
Gram Deb & Papa

Thursday, 9 February 2012

BTW, Congratulations, Becky! 2012 is a good year....

Your strength will equal your days

I recall that God said this to Moses -- that his strength would equal his days. Yes, indeed, God, for today my strength has certainly equaled this day. On THIS day, I have prepared a Bible study on Romans, a radio show, attended a painting class (I was only an observer), bought a dollhouse at Toys R Us, ate a taco, had a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks (thanks, SS Sister), toured a Prestige Home with Granny & SS Sis, talked on the phone at length, made two banana breads, prepared evening snacks for the group gathering in the evening, delivered the banana breads, went to McAdam's Funeral Home to pay my respects, home to the gathering in full swing, and banter afterwards until 11:30, clean-up, radio show prep for morning, and now, bedtime -- YES!

My strength did equal this day...but a bit too much strength, wouldn't you say?

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

We had a wonderful, jam packed weekend at Greenhill Lake Camp. A women's retreat with a couple of men thrown in their for good measure (one of them being my trusty soundman husband, Doug). Theme was The Amazing gRACE, and that it was....grace and the race of life. Sisters Act led the music and we were, might I say, wild? Me, too -- I was wild and relaxed. The women had a great time -- lots of laughter, competition, and a few tears of healing. I had planned quite a few skits to go along with my talks, and the actors were amazing -- thanks to Max, Kim P.F., Marilyn, Dawn, and Carolyn. Hilarity reigned as we acted our little hearts out. Someone asked Max if we all took acting lessons! Broadway here we come! Or perhaps Hollywood?

An amazing weekend of communion with one another and the presence of God covering us like a rainbow.

This morning's reading was based on Phil 4:6-7, about not worrying about anything, but praying about everything...
David Jeremiah says, "If you are worried today, the question is not, What will happen? but,What do I believe? Worry is practical atheism. Faith says, "I believe."

A good way to start the day -- "I believe."

Opposition to divine sovereignty is essentially atheism. C. H. Spurgeon
Point taken....

Friday, 3 February 2012

The Week

The week has flown by. What have I done? Taught, had a snow day on Wednesday. And preparation for this weekend's retreat at Greenhill Lake. 'Amazing (G)race' is the topic for the weekend. I've been immersed in the topic. Do I understand it? I hope so. Do I have grace myself? I hope so. Do I show grace to others? I hope so. Lots of hope there.

The Southshore Sister told me I haven't been writing much lately. I know. I think it has something to do with being busy, and watching way too many episodes of Heartland on the computer, catching up from season 1. Doug and I are turning into ranch hands here at Claremont.

I'll try to write more. Perhaps if I had an alarm go off at 9 pm each evening, it would remind me. Let me go find my IPad and set an alarm. But will I hear it? "If an IPad goes off in the house and she doesn't hear it, is it still heard?" or something like that.

Back to preparations and on the road again this afternoon....