Wednesday, 25 April 2012

This morning started early again: 5:45 AM. To the Ramada for the mayor's prayer breakfast. I sang at 7:15 AM. Never sang that early before, but I was able to pull it off (with a little help from my Friend). Sat at the mayor's table as well, and we joined together in praying for the mayor of this great city of Fredericton. It was an honor and privilege for me to sing today. What a long day, though. A walk by the river between 9 and 10, another breakfast at 10:30 (since I didn't have time to eat this morning at the prayer breakfast, since I was singing....LOL) and teaching from 11:30 til 6:00. I think I am tired again. Tomorrow is another full day. I think they are all full days -- our strength will equal our days, the Bible says. That is so true.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I went to bed early last night, so it was an early start to the day -- 6:30 a.m. Well, by the time 0800 rolled around, I was at the gym working out on the bike and treadmill. Home at 0900 and on with the second part of the morning. I wasn't sure what to do with myself with that extra time in the morning. And two breakfasts! By the time my teaching workday started, I was ready for a nap. I'm singing at the Ramada Inn tomorrow morning for a Mayor's Prayer Breakfast -- praying for the mayor and the city. I've been practicing whenever I can throughout the day and for the past while, and my brain is inundated with this song right now ("God of this City"). I have a new appreciation for American Idol contestants. Just picked out my clothes. Never did this before. Just got over my cold -- now, God it's up to you -- take me where my voice has never been before? And sell Granny's house -- perhaps tomorrow? Two showings of the extreme makeover house. Never realized there was so much to do. Where did the simple life go to?

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hey Granny -- are you tired? You should be -- you are a workhorse!

Extreme Makeover

Well, we did it. The 'Extreme Makeover' of Granny & Jed's home. Started on Tuesday, finished on Saturday about 3 o'clock. Had a 5 o'clock showing. The house is 'spic and span.' We all contributed (except Jed, who was a bit confused and slept on the couch). It was fun, but very tiring. Had some help from our friend, Doris, too. Thanks, D. The basement looks like it's never been lived in -- a brand new paint job on the floor, no furniture (Stephen came and rescued the couch. It will live on at GreenHill Lake Camp). The hall newly painted, bookshelves painted white, I cleaned out Jed's workshop and raked a few leaves to boot. Bins and bins of stuff are now stored at our house, awaiting their move to their new pad this coming August. Now, house at 106 Bird Avenue -- SELL!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Prov 31: 17 She sets about her work vigorously;
her arms are strong for her tasks.

This was a verse I read this morning, and it worked in my life today. Actually this week... At Mom's working on getting their house ready for sale. Painting woodwork, walls, washing walls, moving bins and stuff up and out of the basement, rearranging furniture. Taking deer heads and antlers down (actually, Doug did that)... Stay tuned for a picture of Jed's deer in Cousin C's swingset.

D. helped me this afternoon, peeling wallpaper like a wallpaper warrior. Mom made a fantastic supper for the work crew. Tomorrow after morning Bible study group we will hit the house again and get it in top ship shape (or something like that; I'm rather tired at this point, after having a bunch of random people in the house all evening throwing all sorts of ideas around).

We have fun, anyway. Night Mallory (who is still in the other room talking cell phones with Karen). You guys need to go to bed!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Random Monday

What do these things have in common?

Income taxes
Excavation contractors
Raking the lawn
Real estate agents
House showings
Granny & Jed hanging out at the house
Music students
Fighting with huge ants
Chicken Alfredo
Real estate agent
Walking the block
Sitting on the verandah late at night trying to get thoughts together

These things all happened this random Monday (or should I say 'Manic Monday?')

Friday, 13 April 2012

Praise Report

I received this praise report from Heather McNeill, daughter of Laurel & Anne McNeill -- wanted to pass on to you....

Dad update: Dec 2011-liver biopsy results indicated malignant melanoma. Jan 2012-PET scan showed issue isolated to the liver. Feb 2012-major liver surgery in Halifax. Today-pathology report results: the tumour is not cancerous! (What?!) Dad is cancer free! (For us praying folks--healing miracle...thank you, God!) The value of family and friends is so evident at times like these. To all of you who have been so kind and generous with your love, prayers, and best wishes--my family sends a million+ thank yous! XO!
Feel free to forward the good news! (In case I missed people!)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

I have my fifth cold of the season today. Someone told me this morning it's because I am building my immune system. Has anyone heard of such a thing? That every few years, if you get a bunch of colds, it's because your immune system is rebuilding itself. Weird. Made me feel better somewhat.

Don't feel like it's rebuilding at the present moment, but maybe tomorrow will be a better-feelin' day.!

Had a great Easter weekend -- The sugar bush on Good Friday, lots of time with the four grandkids (wish the two western babies had been there, too), and Jon & Alicia. I so miss Natalie and Josh -- they'll be home this summer for a time. Becky is getting married!

It takes me a whole week to recover from a long weekend, and then we're usually off on a weekend adventure again! Love it, but perhaps I need to stay home this weekend. We'll see what is in store.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


I'm not sure if I like Facebook. Especially when things get posted on your page that you have nothing to do with. Like today -- a picture posted on my page. I finally figured out how to take it off. And all those weird little apps that appear. Took them off, too (I think).

Also got a weird email from somewhere in Singapore, pretending it was PayPal, and that I ordered an Android! Found out it is a scam.

And earlier today, I had several discussions with Rogers cell phone service...some problems that they hopefully will iron out. Why Is everything so complicated? Did Alexander Graham Bell foresee that people would be so frustrated with phone companies?

What happened to the simple life of communication? Old fashioned telephones, letters and envelopes, face to face? Is it possible to rebel against all this communication? I'm communicating right now.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A dear friend visited us tonight -- haven't seen her for 12 years. It felt like we just spoke yesterday. Caught up on 12 years' worth of living in two hours. This 'freind' (sic) of ours has been a friend since the 70's. Shared a lot of history together. Makes me want to keep in touch with her more. It's interesting how that works - you realize how much you do miss them after reconnecting with them. Old friends never 'die' -- they just move away. However, that's no excuse for not being in touch -- we have so much technology to keep us connected -- why don't we do it more?

Thinking of old friends -- I haven't spoken with my maid of honor for almost eight years -- where are you, Kim? Remember the days when? I must go look her up on facebook and see if she's there.

Speaking of friends -- my new friend that is a bit older than me is making her way from her winter hiatus in Florida. Where are you now? I should put an APB out on her.

Friends are everywhere