Monday, 30 November 2009


Becky sent this link to Jem, a cartoon that Nat & Becky used to watch all the time. It's hilarious. And now that I'm in the Misfits band, it's so appropriate....

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Just In

Just got home, but don't tell my mother. Here's what we did today:

I had one awesome day -- Gagetown today (sang about five Christmas songs) at a church in the village, during their "Christmas in the Village" celebration, including "O Holy Night" with a fiddler from Nova Scotia, named Lukas Munroe (he is 20), and he is amazing -- I believe he will go far. I have his CD, had him autograph it, and talked to him about getting him up here to perform, produce a CD and we want to promote him and invest in his life. Met his girlfriend Stephanie, who is a sweetie, and it was like we knew them forever as we spent a couple of hours together. Doug and I are going to make a demo CD for them, God willing, and we hope to arrange places for him to play around this area, and hopefully play his music on the radio. Stay tuned for this guy... I also want him to play in my worship team....We certainly made a connection with them, and God only knows where it will lead.

To Bob Johnson's old house filled with antiques for lunch (all the performers were invited for a huge meal), and spent the whole time talking 'business' with this new and upcoming artist, Lukas... even teaching him a bit of theory, and he telling me how to play the fiddle. Said he would even give me a fiddle, even though I have one and can't yet play it proficiently. Oh, well, to have another fiddle is just like having another guitar -- you can never have enough, right? (If you own instruments, you know what I mean).

Back to the church to listen and got called up to sing "O Holy Night" on the piano (with Lukas accompanying and the stage band). This is the second weekend in a row that I've been asked to sing this song. Do you know how high this song is? God help me, and He did.

Took off for Fredericton to Morning Gate Church (our church), where I hosted a Christmas Gospel Concert, and acted like a female Bill Gaither. It was awesome. More performers singing all sorts of songs, mostly Christmas. An amazing night. I also sang "Mary Did You Know," one of my fav songs. Stay tuned for more of these concerts in the new year.

We have so much local talent in the Maritimes, it's time we promoted them and listened to them more. And this is one of the roles of the radio station.

Hard to believe all the doors God is opening up for us. Had a call from Florida last night that my instrumental music is being used for a DVD, and they want me to send a bio/resume to include in the DVD.

Well, it's been a day and a half, and a pack-filled weekend. Going to have some toast, now, Mom, and go to bed. (She told me at the end of the concert to go home and go to bed, but I 'disobeyed' and went to Tim Horton's with Doug and friends).

Night, Mom. x0x0 your loving daughter

Saturday, 28 November 2009

What a weekend so far

Thursday night, Doug and I recorded "The First Cut is the Deepest," which is the song I'm performing in the rock band I'm in (it's actually a band performing at Doug's work party, but I like to think it's a rock band, because we ARE playing old rock music: U2, Trews, etc.). Doug and I stayed up until almost 2 a.m. We recorded voice tracks, and I played guitar, piano, drums and synth and harmony. Sounded pretty good for home recording. It was fun -- something to do together. Not that we don't do a lot together, because we do.

Friday found me writing a new radio spot, "Unpack Your Heart with Words." Recognize those words, Shakespeare fans? Stay tuned for the spot to be uploaded to the website. Nurse Cherry drove up from Saint John and cleaned my house while I stayed in my office and wrote. Doris joined us for lunch here at the Soul Cafe. After lunch, Cherry and I went in to the radio station, where it was like a party all afternoon. Lots of interviews and contests, and Cherry found herself being a secretary, as Gloria put her in charge and left the building. Someone told Cherry that if you hang around me, you never know WHAT you'll end up doing. I had a great time on air, interviewing people with Gord. It feels so natural. I've had so many people tell me that I have a great radio voice, which I never knew. Apparently, it's a mid-range voice. Doug, Cheryl and I were in a SonLife conference all weekend at our church, and a random man from Nova Scotia who I just met today told me he could listen to me all day long. I found this strange, as all I did was talk occasionally during the meeting, with the odd comment during breaks that I desired chocolate.

So apparently I'm supposed to be on the radio, as I have the voice for it. And no one can tell what you look like on the radio, unless they come in -- like the other day. I requested coffee on air -- that I was craving a coffee, and a delivery man came about ten minutes with coffee and timbits. So I asked for a new car on air, but no one showed up. Yesterday I asked for a carpenter to come and build us a balcony because it is SO hot in there, and I could go outside and get cooled off. But alas, no carpenter came.

Our conference lasted til 3 pm today -- Steve McEvoy taught it and it was fantastic. For those of you who know Steve, I'll put in a plug for his ministry. He is a great teacher.

Tonight, Doug and I went to Musicplex for a band practice. I played the piano and sang harmony with the rockers. Now I'm just like "JEM," Natalie, remember JEM and the Misfits or something? Correct me on their name. Now I'm one of the Misfits, I think. "Our songs are better." Any mother who has a daughter Natalie's age would know what I'm talking about -- a cartoon on TV that Nat was obsessed with. And now your mother is like Jem. Imagine. Tonight was LOUD, and I mean LOUD. It's a wonder I have any eardrums left.

I was invited to sing in Gagetown tomorrow, at Christmas in the Village, but I can't decide whether I'm going or not, because it is 11:30 right now and I haven't a clue what to sing. If it comes to me in the night, perhaps I'll go.

Any way, tomorrow night (Sunday night), I'm hosting a Christmas Gospel concert at Morning Gate Church at 7 pm. I will also sing at this event. If you're free, join us. I feel like a radio host. Or perhaps a blog host.

Today is the first year anniversary of my surgery. And I'm OK.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Wednesday was full of music teaching, and all evening, I practiced music for an event I'm playing at. My fingers were so sore by the time I went to bed (I played the guitar). Today is Thursday, November 26. I'm speaking and singing at Smythe Street Cathedral Bible Study on "Waiting and Longing." A luncheon meeting with one of the Bobbsey Twins, and then to the radio station I go for the afternoon. Tonight I hope to practice music again. This weekend is full of activity - a conference on church growth, a band practice Saturday night, and one or two concerts on Sunday that I may perform at. I take one day at a time, and it all gets done. Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow, right? Right.

I've been thinking about this: that you're never too old to learn something new. I have six adult women learning piano and five adult women learning guitar. I am an adult woman learning the 'ropes' of a radio station, and how to be a radio host. So, if you're thinking about doing something NEW, but feel you're too old (smile), do it anyway. You can do it!

You know, the anniversary of my mastectomy surgery is coming up on Saturday. Hard to believe it's been one year. It feels like such a long time ago, though, at the same time. Hard to believe that now I am doing all these new and exciting things in my life. I thank God every day for life and the opportunities He has opened up for me.

Blessings to all this day...

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

New Email Address

I had to change my email address due to "infiltration" from an evil source!

My new address is: (I have 4 grandchildren and I am 50!).

Please update your address books accordingly. Thanks!
Wow, it's Tuesday all ready, and I haven't posted since Friday. The weekend was full of activity, and Saturday found me with a huge migraine. I did some cleaning projects around the house, anyway. Then went to Greenhill Lake Camp for a Christmas dinner, and played the piano for carols and sang with a womens' quartet. Finished the evening singing "O Holy Night" with the crowd. Sang with all my might, head pounding. Couldn't believe that I could sing like I did with a headache like that.

Sunday went to church and led music, then co-lead the youth class. Doug and I went out for a nice lunch at Jack & Andy's, to the radio station to produce "Anything and Everything," and then to a matinee movie. Haven't been to a movie forever; it was nice to be on a date with Doug. We saw "Blind Side" with Sandra Bullock. Based on a true story and of course, it's about football, my favorite thing. Over to Doris' for a cup of tea and a bite to eat, and we called it a day. A good day.

Monday was so full of activity that I didn't get up today (Tuesday) until 9:30! Exercise at the gym, radio show in the afternoon, where Gord put me on the controls by myself for about half an hour (that was interesting!), teaching scads of students til almost ten, a visit with Doris around our table, a walk with Doug after 10, a talk with Natalie until midnight. Time for bed for sure. No wonder I woke up late.

Well, the coffee is ready -- it's almost 10 am. Going to my office to read. This day will be full as well. Exercise with Saffire at noon, radio show til 3:30, teaching til evening, then Fredericton Ladies' Choir.

My body still has a lot of pain and it takes me about an hour each morning to get it going. My hands and fingers ache most of the time, and are numb from carpal tunnel syndrome. But, praise the Lord, I'm still alive and ticking and want to thank Him and you for your help. I'm seizing the day each day. But this morning -- I seized the bed and stayed in it longer than usual, and that's OK.

Friday, 20 November 2009


Spent this morning walking the river bank with D. Tomato sandwiches for lunch, then off to CJRI for the afternoon show. Had a great time -- lots happening today; seemed like a party atmosphere. Must be Friday. Close to 5 o'clock, Gord had me 'take the controls,' and I pushed all the buttons to make everything happen, while announcing the songs, station identification, the time, etc. A lot to monitor and to think about when you're 'on the air.' I've been observing for four days, but to actually be in the 'captain's' chair is a different story. Multitasking, although it should come easy to me being a woman and all, shouldn't it? What an education I have had this past month!

Ann and 'Richard' picked us up at the radio station and taxied us out to Don & Elsbeth's for a wonderful dinner and birthday cake for Doug. Quality conversation for a few hours, then home again. Called Nat and found out about her adventures at the senior home the other night. Something about her being mauled by a cat and encountering a ferret in a cage. She's like her mom; you never know what situation she will be in next.

I hope I get to work in my office tomorrow. I need to spend a bit of time getting organized. Now, if I had a secretary....

Going to Greenhill Lake Camp in the evening to sing for the people with Mom, Max, Beth and Judy.


Happy Birthday to my dear husband, John Douglas MacDonald, on his 54th birthday!

Love you forever,


Thursday, 19 November 2009

Recording Studio and Radio Studio

From one studio to another -- CD recording studio for preliminary talks, then the radio studio from 2 til 5:30. I love it! I'm going on air again tomorrow afternoon as well. I'm going to leave Friday open and if I can make it in, I will, so if you're available, tune in!

I recorded another radio spot last night as well, so stay tuned for that.

Now to call Nat and see what funny story she has to tell me....I'm actually tired, not sure why.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Well, I bought some shampoo this morning -- Fructis, for frizzy hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. (Sounds like those two sentences go together). Went for a walk around the Middle School with Doris, bought groceries, made hamburger soup for supper and popped a frozen pizza in the oven for lunch, and taught piano, guitar and drums to students from 1 pm to 6:30. Then to the church for a video, to DQ for a frozen dessert with Doug, and to the radio station where we recorded a new spot called, "Your Spiritual House."

Tomorrow is another full day. A meeting in the morning at a recording studio, live radio in the afternoon, a possible dinner meeting, and a music practice at night. I thank God for energy and His creativity. I need to punch my 'off' button now and go to sleep. Blessings to all, and to all a good night (You know it's getting to be that time of year again, and since Santa is now 'real"...see Saturday's post).

Miss you Nat....

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Lance the Snowman

Shampoo Woes

Could someone buy me some shampoo? I keep trying to buy shampoo, but end up with CONDITIONER – every time! It's like when I used to buy pantyhose when I was a secretary, years ago. I would stand there and stare at all the options – control top, colour, size, shape, style and think I picked the right one, but when I put them on – Voila! Wrong size or control top when I didn't want control top, etc.

I'm rambling and ranting again. I keep buying what I think is shampoo, end up in the shower, pour it out, and discover it is, once again, conditioner. Yesterday I made a special trip to buy shampoo. Picked out a lovely bottle of Fructis, opened 'er up this morning, and once again, found out it was conditioner! So, what did I do? Used body wash to wash my locks, which I had also purchased yesterday. However, it had these lovely qualities: "waterlily and fresh mint scent." Bad choice. It dripped down over my eyes and they felt like two burning York Peppermint Patties ready to eat. Oh, !Deb, slow down and smell the roses and get shampoo, will you?

So, if anyone has any spare shampoo to spare, please send it my way. All these months of not having hair to wash, and NOW that I have hair to wash, I can't wash it properly! On with the show….stay tuned…

Monday, 16 November 2009


Hey! Check out my web page to see what's new! ( I'm on the radio, live in the afternoon.... details on the main web page.

And I fell in love with a dog today (I watched "Marley & Me" last night). Will wonders never cease!

Must go have some toast. It's been a LONG DAY!


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Lance, Joydee, The 'Realness of Santa,' Curious George & Mrs. Doubtfire

OK. You're probably wondering about the title of this entry, for sure. Let me explain...

Saturday, I went to speak at a womens' craft day retreat at Camp Shiktehawk in Bristol. Bristol, NB, not Bristol, England, although that might be a possibility for me some day. I took Doris with me for this event. It was a great day -- we went to a snowman making class (yes, it is THAT time of year again, believe it or not). Seems to me it was just yesterday when D and I were making "Frosty," and all his brothers and sisters last winter. This time we made giant snowmen out of fabric and spent the morning sewing his parts together -- the most difficult part was the nose, for sure. I didn't get to finish mine because I had to prepare for my talk, so Tammy and Doris finished him for me. We named our snowmen "Lance" (my snowman), and "Joydee"(Doris'), and they sat in the back seat all the way home in the van, capturing my attention in the rearview mirror every once in awhile and scaring me. After awhile I decided to think of them as angels traveling with us, and I calmed down.

I spoke after lunch -- "Christmas Memories, Christmas Celebration" is what I named my exhortation. I made them laugh quite a bit, as I shared my memories of Christmas and the season surrounding it. Had some props -- a doll, half of a Barbie body (she's 50 this year, you know, like myself), a video of Linus on the Charlie Brown Christmas special, etc. At one point in my talk I said something like, "and then there was the time when I discovered Santa wasn't real." "Oh, is there anyone in here who thinks Santa is real, by the way?" (with a smile). I continued to go on and on about the 'let down' about finding out Santa's un-realness, when I noticed some ladies in the crowd were hand signaling me to look to my left. In my peripheral vision, I noticed a little girl sitting there. Of course! This would happen to me. So, I started ranting and raving about how Santa was 'so REAL!' "When I found out he was real, well....!" and so on. The crowd burst into laughter as I made a huge comeback, and I think I convinced EVERYONE that Santa was real, including the little girl, I hope. If it didn't work, her father (who was the camp director), could just tell her that I was insane and not to believe me.

There was more to the talk than that of course, but you should have been there. And it wasn't taped. I hope I get to present it again. I had a lot of fun, and it was filled with singing carols and Christmas songs for everyone to participate.

After my talk, we went into workhops again and I chose a cardmaking workshop that was so stressful that I thought I was going to have a fit. The card was much too complicated for my brain and ability, but I did manage to finish it, after crumpling up my half-finished card in my hand and trying to escape that session to go finish my snowman. But the teacher caught me and made me start again. I must admit, though, it is beautiful.

Doris and I went on a road trip to Windsor (no, not England, but outside Coldstream, wherever that is), and then to Jon & Alicia's house in Carlow (NB). Had supper and playtime with the kids and I made up a couple of songs on the piano for the kids. One about having a rainbow in my pocket (because Afton said the word "rainbow," my rainbow word for the day was presented to me once more), and a song about Jack in the field with the John Deere tractor. They certainly were original songs which I played hysterically on the piano, and I can't remember them today, although Alicia videotaped the Deere one.

We made it home late and I slept fitfully. Woke up today with a lot of pain, knowing I needed a day of rest. Had breakfast with Carolyn, webmaster extraordinaire. I'll skip over to later in the day.....I've been trying to find the movie "Mrs. Doubtfire," and went to Jumbo Video the other night to inquire about its availability -- NOT. Today, tried again at Blockbuster. The clerk gave me a brusque, "NO, WE DO NOT HAVE IT!" So I walked out, wondering how I could get my hands on this video. Nurse Cherry has a copy, but she lives in Europe and I haven't time to fly to Europe this week. She says that perhaps I'm like Mrs. Doubtfire, and I need to see why.

Anyway, I called Carolyn and told her I was looking for a copy of this video. Carolyn said, "Oh, I'm at a flea market at Kings Place, perhaps I'll find it for you here." Yea, right, I thought, but gave her encouragement, not thinking she would find this movie, since two reputable video rental places do not have it, with NO explanations why it's not rentable anymore.

About two hours later, Carolyn shows up at my door with a plastic shopping bag. She is so excited. "I have gifts for you, Deb!" She pulls out the first one -- a Curious George wind up doll, which she got for rock bottom price, that I can use for a prop in my shows for children. I was very excited about this, always loving the books of Curious George, and I actually think I am Curious George sometimes, because I am curious about absolutely everything. Then, she pulled out a beanie baby breast cancer bear and gave it to me.

Then, she pulls out Mrs. Doubtfire VHS tape, and we scream and dance around the room. "Hear the story, hear the story!" she yells. She went to a vendor's table and there were many DVDs and VHS tapes. She asked the man, "Do you have Mrs. Doubtfire? == DVD or VHS would be fine. It's for a friend." "No, that particular title is hard to find, and if I did have it, it wouldn't last long. Someone always snatches that one up." He knew the titles he had for sale, and he KNEW he did not have Mrs. Doubtfire. She went away a bit disappointed.

After perusing the flea market for awhile, she and her husband, Brett, came back to the same table. She looked down -- there it was, staring her in the face: a VHS copy of "Mrs. Doubtfire," at the opposite end of the table from where the vendor stood. She yelled to Brett, "There it is! There it is!" She grabbed it and got the vendor's attention. "Look! Look! Remember me? It's here -- "Mrs. Doubtfire" is here! He smiled and said, "Yes, it WASN'T here when you asked, but awhile ago, SOMEONE came and TRADED it for something else." (Perhaps it was an 'angel' that traded it...Lance?)

AMAZING! ONLY GOD! NOT A COINCIDENCE, FOR GOD IS THE GOD OF COINCIDENCES, AND DEBORAH MACDONALD DESIRED TO WATCH "MRS. DOUBTFIRE." (At least that's what I believe). I cried when she gave it to me, because I knew that God cared for me, in this small detail, found the movie for me, and PLACED it in front of Carolyn. Isn't that awesome!

We watched it this afternoon (Doris came over, too), and we laughed our heads off.

There, that is like the BELIEVE story from last winter. Nothing is impossible for God. This weekend, He helped me make a huge snowman named Lance (who sits on my veranda now), an intricate card, recover from my 'Santa Claus' faux pas, receive my own Curious George, and delivered an impossible-to-find movie into my hands.

I'm not doubting today....I'm believing!

Friday, 13 November 2009


A day of music and writing. Played guitar at a morning Bible study at Smythe Street Church. To Tony's Music Box to take my guitar in for a 'tune-up.' Bought a mandolin instruction book, because the Pirate's wife gave me her mandolin to learn how to play. As if I don't have enough to do! But I have good intentions. I would love to learn every instrument known to man. Now, that would take some time.

Stopped at radio station just for five minutes, but stayed for 1 1/2 hours. Gord asked me for my schedule, because he wants to know if I will be his co-host on the afternoon show. Wow. I can't keep up with the stuff that is happening. Called Doug in Grand Manan to tell him about it. His response? "Cool." I guess that means, "OK." So, I'll keep you posted on that.

Came home and wrote two radio spots, went back to radio station and recorded and uploaded them to database. They aired last night and this morning, and will be on the next few days. Doris and Laurie came down to visit and I showed them 'the ropes,' and how things work and recorded a couple of things for them.

Up to Mom's for practice with Max, Beth, Judy and Mom for next weekend performance at Greenhill Lake. This time, I played the piano. We had a good time. Then to Jumbo Video to see if I could rent "Mrs Doubtfire," but they did not have it on the shelf anymore. Nurse Cherry said Mrs Doubtfire had a radio show on the movie, and other similarities I won't go into. Watch the movie. However, since they didn't have it on file, I rented "Imagine That," with Eddie Murphy (rated G), made a gluten-free pizza at 10 pm, watched 45 minutes of it, and fell asleep on the couch. Went to bed and couldn't sleep. It was after 2 before I had shut-eye, because I kept reading and having ideas for radio spots, and had to keep writing them down! I wish there was a switch on my brain, because I would use it.

Today I will write my 'sermon' for tomorrow's talk at Shiktehawk (wherever that is), for a ladies' day that I am speaking at.

I hope I wake up soon.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

It's Time to Reveal Who is Behind the Veil of 'Names'

After one year, it is now time to reveal who the OT Director, Jessica, and D is on this blog. It is Doris Mersereau, my good friend. I've compiled a few pictures and descriptions of the names I have given her over the past year. Hope you enjoy learning about the 'mystery' woman who is my dear friend....

Her real name is DORIS -- of Greek origin, and its meaning is 'from the sea.' The origin of her name is believed to be Greek.

The name 'Jessica.' is my name for her for the past 8 years or so. The name 'Jessica' is of Hebrew origin. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Jessica is: Rich. God beholds. And that is so true of her...

I also call her the 'OT DIRECTOR,' and here are the tasks of an OT director:

"Administers treatments directed toward developing, improving, sustaining and restoring sensory motor, neuromuscular,
emotional, cognitive or psychosocial performance components. Administers treatments that contribute to optimal occupational performance including self care, daily living skills essential for productivity; functional communication and mobility; positioning; social integration; cognitive mechanisms; enhancing play
and leisure skills." And did she not do ALL these things during this year of treatment?

And I also call her 'D' on the blog, which is a letter from the alphabet (in case you didn't know). The letter 'D' starts words like, 'Delightful,' 'Dear,' and 'Darling.'

So, there you have it -- the mystery unveiled. No longer will you have to wonder who this valuable woman is in my life....

Thank you, Dear, Delightful, Darling Doris -- for all you have done this past year and all you continue to do. Love you much....

Last year on November 10th, I was wondering how I was going to hang on to my life. This November 10th (yesterday) was filled with music activity from morning til night:

- Playing with recording software, in preparation for this weeks' segments (my music);
- A blood test at the hospital (not too musical);
- A half hour on the bike at the gym (watched TV, music on that);
- To the radio station twice for sound checks and work on current hits on the database (southern gospel music);
- Teaching 'classical' piano to students;
- Fredericton Ladies' Choir to sing for two solid hours. By the end of it, I sounded like Marge Simpson (Christmas music);
- I ended up at band practice in a darkened room with a stage at Musicplex practicing for a Christmas party for Doug's work.  I felt like a rock diva, and sang backup for one of the girls, play an 'egg,' as well as crooned a rendition of 'I Will Sail My Vessel' by Garth Brooks on my guitar. I wanted to laugh out loud as I stood there singin' harmony and rockin' to the loud music in this random room I found myself in from 9-10 pm with people I didn't know. I realized that when I was sixteen, driving around in my father's car singing to the 'hits' on the radio, that my dream of singing harmony/back-up had been fulfilled, and I smiled -- 'Cool.'  

Then I came home and worked on yet more music on the computer. A musical filled day -- that's me. One of my students, Lianne, whom I still teach, said to me, "You are MUSIC, Mrs. Mac." Yes, I think I am.

A lot different day than this day last year, I'll tell you. Praise God. I made it through the day. And Doug is in Grand Manan.

Thanks to Carolyn, our webmaster/partner for putting the radio spots on the website for you to listen to if you are unable to catch them live.... ( And thanks to Nurse Cherry, Dancer Laurie and Doris for feeding me ideas and writings for me to incorporate into the 'mini-shows.' I'm reminded of the 'Bugs Bunny Show' that I LOVED to watch when I was young. Remember how Bugs always said, "Now..stay tuned for the show...." Cool, eh? Stay tuned, stay in tune....

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009



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Monday, 9 November 2009


Sunday was a busy day. Lead the band in the morning service, then preached "Consider it All Joy." After church, Doug and I went for a drive in the country, and came home to find Jon & Alicia, Afton, Jack & Ivy at our house. We decided to go out to Wendy's, so down to Wendy's for lunch. In the middle of the lunch, I started having an allergic reaction again, so Doug & I left and drove home so I could pop a pill. It settled it down quickly, but I remained very hot for about an hour. Jon & Alicia stayed til 5ish, and then we got ready for the evening event. Down to NBC, where I sang a few songs, and spoke on "More Than a Survivor." Max had planned the event -- "Come as You Are" event we call it, and it's simply that: come as you are. I shed many tears as I shared my past year, and I hope people were encouraged in the Lord (as I was). There were 47 women there!

Monday found me scurrying around, even though I wanted to take the day off. Banking, Walmart, CJRI radio station, where I got seconded for computer work, groceries, teaching, and visiting Doug's folks.

Now we're going to work on the computer and record some 'stuff, using this new microphone I have here.

My radio spots are now on the radio -- today was the first day. They aired between 7:45 and 8 A.M., and between 6:30-7 pm. Ross told me they were excellent. What a compliment, coming from him. He's been 'on the air' since I was a little girl. And now I'm a bit of an old girl, and I'm on the air. Wow. You never know, do you?

Today is Jed & Granny's 52nd anniversary! If you get a chance, wish them happy anniversary, will you?

Today is also Doris & Laurie's 35th wedding anniversary. Please give them best wishes!

And today is our anniversary -- not our wedding anniversary, but the anniversary date of our first kiss and our engagement. Doug just gave me an anniversary kiss to celebrate.

Well, I must go record some 'stuff' with Doug on the computer with this fancy microphone. Our house looks like a music studio.

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of my diagnosis. Nov. 10, 2008 was when I found out that I had breast cancer. I want it to be just an ordinary day, and I hope to make it just that. Actually, I think I'll make it MORE THAN ORDINARY.

Appreciate your prayers -- tomorrow I also go for my blood test. Pray that my white blood cell count is normal.

And lastly, tomorrow Doug takes off for Grand Manan to work with Q's husband. It is the first day of lobster season. I find it strange that he's leaving me on the anniversary -- but, I want it to be just an ordinary day. I will miss him -- not used to being alone much this past year. I am now a ONE YEAR SURVIVOR, as they say. Strange to be saying that, too.

Would appreciate your prayers and thoughts as I go through tomorrow. Love to all, and to all a good night.

!Deb, One Year Survivor and MORE YEARS TO COME

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Writing Day

All day long I have been writing, writing, writing. A talk/sermon on "More Than a Survivor" for tomorrow night at 'Come as You Are' event at Nasis Baptist Church, and this evening, finishing off my sermon, "Consider it All Joy" for Morning Gate Church. Took a break for worship team practice for a couple of hours.

Actually, I've been writing for the past few days, haven't I? Four radio spots and two sermons in three days. Now I know what it feels like to be a reporter. Oh, and a blog, too.

Thought I'd check in with you and tell you what I've been doing. Now, back to the show – The Writing Show, sponsored by all the secretaries of the world. (You'd think that just ONE of them could come to my aid!)

!Deb, Roving Reporter


Philip Cameron Ministries

Philip Cameron Ministries

Check out this website -- we are hoping to partner with them as part of Nomad Ministries. They work in Romania and Moldova with teenage girls.

What a Day!

Spent most of the day at the radio station, save for a jaunt to the hairdresser's to trim up my head. At the station, it was a hubbub of activity. I learned how to record my devotional spots (produced 4 of them!), get the right sound I wanted in the studio (headphones on and all!), edit, put a 'music bed' behind my voice (I wrote the music last night), export, import, create mp3s, add to the database so they're already to go next week, email them to myself so I can start recording them from home, and so on and so on. I watched and observed Ross and Gord and learned so much today that my head is spinning. I'm now a techie! I recording studio techie!

Tonight, Doug and I went to a CJRI concert with Kevin Spencer and Friends (Ohio) and the Ascensions from NB. It was a great time. Bill Lapointe was honored for his many years of service to gospel music in New Brunswick.

At home, I put my jammies on to settle down for an hour or so before bed. Just as I was about to retire for the evening, an email came in from the elusive Janet White #1, and I called her immediately upon receipt, even though it was 12:15 a.m. I haven't spoken or laid eyes on this woman since September, and thought perhaps she was just a dream. We talked til 1, and I hope to see her before she goes to Israel next weekend. I miss her and wish she would see me more often. But you know, she's a celebrity and all, and will no doubt find a man named Tony Antwes on her trip overseas (I had a dream that she got married to a man named Tony Antwes). Have a great time, Jan, and bring me back a pen so I can write.

Well, perhaps I need to go to bed, but I think I'll call Mrs. Antwes back and make her laugh before she goes to bed.

!Deb the Techie

Friday, 6 November 2009

The Other Side Lyrics by Anne Murray

The Other Side Lyrics by Anne Murray: "Through each life time - run rivers to cross
What if there's no life line and you're sinking or lost
Just believe in your direction
Let your heart explore
Cause you can't reach new horizons
Standing on the shore

There are mountains - we need to climb
But the mountains standing in the way are only in our minds
And the risk of all
So just listen to the voice that says
I'll catch you if you fall

On the other side of doubt is faith
On the other side of pain lies strength
The journey may seem endless
And You know the road is rough
But on the other side of fear... is love

For such a long time I put my dreams aside
The tides of change felt dangerous
The mountains seemed too high
But my dreams were slowly fading
As time went quickly by
So I held me breath with every step
Never knowing I would find...

On the other side of doubt is faith
On the other side of pain lies strength
The journey may seem endless
And You know the road is rough
But on the other side of fear... is love

Repeat Chorus"

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Stranger than Fiction


Today I had plans to work in my office all day – writing and editing. Writing two sermons for Sunday, preparing music for Sunday, emailing all the singers/players, plus preparing radio scripts. The funny thing is, I thought I could actually do all this in a day. Plus laundry, plus taking care of personal finances. I seriously thought I could get it all done. Why, I even made a list and everything! And when one makes a list, doesn't one naturally accomplish everything on that list?


I had a fruitful morning in my office and it was coming on about 1:30, when I had a hankering for my famous chicken soup. It's now famous because I've eaten since last Thursday. However, I was unprepared for what happened during the consuming of said soup. As I sat at my desk and continued to work on the computer, I felt my whole head heat up as if it was on fire. I knew it wasn't a hot flash, as I felt like I was being stabbed with hot prickly things all over me. I ran to the mirror to look – what a sight! My head looked like a cooked beet, and my arms and legs were close behind. Plus hives were breaking out all over. I was truly a sight.


I knew I must be having a major allergic reaction to something.  Either the chicken soup or the cornbread or the sliced cheese. I ran next door to Cousin C's to see if she had Benadryl, but alas she did not. I had her look at the back of my legs – they were on fire all right – my whole body by that time was in 'flames' and I was swabbing myself with a wet facecloth. "Go to Janet's!" she instructed and I ran across the street to Janet White #2. She said, "Get in the car,"and she raced down to the Superstore like a female Andretti, me with a facecloth, sweats and bare arms (why would I need a coat when I was on fire?). The pharmacist came to our aid I ingested two bennies* at once.  Then back in the car to race home to call the doc. He called in a stronger prescription to the drugstore just in case I needed it. It was a whirlwind for sure and then I got a chill after the fire subsided. The bennies kicked in and I had to lie down by my fireplace in my office and have an afternoon nap, not what I wanted to do – I have stuff to write! Don't you know I'm operating on a deadline! I commented to Janet that it was a crazy way to get me to have a nap.


About five o'clock I got up and prepared chicken again for supper. Perhaps I think to quit the chicken cold turkey, do you suppose?


Then I recorded background music for my 'show' and wrote a song, just like that. Doug made copies on CDs and we took them down to the radio station, where Gord listened to them and said it was perfect for background music. Perhaps the Benadryl helped me produce quality music, do you suppose? No, I think it was a higher power than that.


Anyway, that's my story for today. I'm going in to the radio station, God willing, tomorrow morning to record the first three and Gord said they would be on the radio next week. Now I just have to finish editing them and it's now 9:45 pm. Will she get them done?


Stay tuned for "Stay in Tune."


!Deb on Fire

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

A Real Life Fairytale

This poem is from one of my younger friends, Megan. I love her writing and asked her if I could share it with you. It's awesome! Enjoy! I love it.....

Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall
How to put him together again
None of the Kingsmen knew
He didn’t have you to see him through
All of life’s ups and downs
Like a carousel - round and round

Just like this famous fairy tale
Life comes with no guarantees
Still we know you are there
Just like the wind is through the trees
Your warmth shines
Like golden rays of sun
And I am thankful to call you mine

If we listen to our heart
We can feel you there
Amongst the dark
Like a lighthouse in the distance
To go on living you give us persistence

You promise to catch us
Whenever we happen to fall
There is no obstacle to big or to small
Everything lies within your hands
Even when we do not understand

You are the maker of my mold
And my hand you will continuously hold
This I now realize for myself
It is much more then simply being told

We are the jigsaw puzzle
You see the bigger picture
Things will not always make sense
And figuring it out, though I try
Results in feeling trapped,
Captivated am I
So I begin to cry
But you are always there
To dry my eyes

If we look ahead
The road soon comes to a bend
Avoiding glancing only
In the rearview mirror
Things become much clearer
And with a new perspective
To figure things out
We joyously begin
To sing, dance and shout

Your word you
Continue to reveal
I can feel you here
And know that you are real
I pray you would live
Within my heart
Be the light in the darkness

And as I continue to get to know
Your love, your all in all, your will
Portray your love through me
Let me be a candle to the rest of the world
Always shining bright
With little to no feelings of fright
For trusting you is something
I am convinced I CAN do
I Love You!

Real Life Fairytale
By: Megan Flower
September 20, 2009

Stay in Tune

I dropped into CJRI radio station this morning to talk with Ross, the station manager, about the radio devotional spots I'm producing on air. He gave me some pointers. It's exciting learning about this new venture. I never thought it possible that I would actually be on the radio and allowed to express my views and beliefs. Amazing -- this is truly a 'God' thing. He told me that the station is listened to around the world, and I left with a binder of emails that prove that point. So this is a global thing! There's a possibility that I can also use my own music for the 'music bed' behind the devotional. I told him I thought I could have three ready by Friday, but later, I thought, "What were you thinking? You have to prepare two sermons for Sunday and three radio spots? Are you crazy, !Deb?" Yes, apparently -- yet NOTHING is impossible with God. Plus, I have a little help from my friends in giving me ideas and writings to explore (thanks, Laurie and Cheryl)....

So it may be possible that I'm 'on the air' next week. I'll keep you tuned. In the meantime, you can tune in to 104.5 Fredericton or and listen on-line. By the way, I came up with a title for the radio spots: "Stay in Tune." They will air every day, twice a day -- morning and evening. At least that's what he told me today.

Concerning the sermons I'm preparing -- I'm speaking on Sunday morning (10:30) at Morning Gate Church, 71 Morning Gate Drive, and in the evening at 6:30 at a "Come as You Are" event that Max is having at Nashwaaksis Baptist Church, 104 Edgewood Drive. My topics? In the morning: "Consider it All Joy,' and in the evening, "More Than a Survivor." I will also sing, God willing. Would appreciate your prayers in the next few days as I try to pull all this together! My goodness, life is full lately. And God is gracious... Love it...

Well, I guess it's time for cinnamon toast again, now isn't it?

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

New Beginnings

I'm trying to stay awake after a busy four days away at Greenhill Lake Camp womens' retreat. When you're at retreat, you are in a bubble. It's like the rest of the world doesn't exist. I cooked, cleaned, did dishes, registration, handled money, listened to the conference speaker (Anne Grant), and did not sleep much. It was a great weekend for me personally, as I released a LOT of emotion concerning this past year, and gained hope for the future. I cried many healing tears over the weekend, and my friends were there to hug me and encourage me. Isn't that what friends are for? I was even asked to go to Bahamas next April and speak at a womens' conference, which really blessed my heart.

Nurse Cherry and I cleaned up the lodge and cabins today. I worked for a few hours in the kitchen and she stripped beds that we had made for 20 women from the Bahamas that attended the retreat. We packed everything into the Cherrymobile and headed for town. But as we entered into Keswick (wherever that is), I instructed Cherry to pull the mobile into a parking lot and we entered a church to find Janet White #1's 'chickens' (as she refers to this group of wild and wonderful women) having coffee, muffins and vegetables. We decided we were hungry, and took advantage of this free fare, and indulged our aching bellies. The chickens were so gracious to allow these two nomadic cleaners to partake of their café offerings. Alas, we were unable to connect with Janet White #1, as she was late for the luncheon, and I'm still looking for my elusive friend. I hope she will call me before she goes to Israel this month. I want to tell her that I want to be a chicken, too.

Cherry and I continued on to unload food and laundry galore at Jessica's house and finally to my house. Heated up some soup, had lunch at 3 o'clock, and off Nurse Cherry went back to Europe. She called later and said it took her about 15 minutes to get there. Wow, what a car she has. Honestly.

I taught three students and literally flew to choir. By this time, I am bordering on tiredness and grabbed the first coat I could find, along with my Birkenstock sandals. I squeaked out the second soprano parts and felt like I swallowed a box of chalk the whole evening. Beth commented on my apparel as we walked out of the school, that she had never seen a person wear a coat with fur and sandals before. Well, there's always a first time, and I wanted to be the first.

I really need to go to bed, and I've been saying that a lot lately. But first, I must go down to the kitchen and see if there is any food there for me to eat. Perhaps one of the Keswick chickens will be there preparing a snack for me. You never know. In spirit, anyway. Thanks, girls, for your hospitality today.

This weekend was one of new beginnings. I felt it in my spirit, and this morning when Nurse Cherry and I started our day of cleaning demolition on the camp premises, we heard birds singing as if it was spring, and the weather was spring like as well. I had a spring in my step and felt like my joy is returning.

Praise God for new beginnings. I was so happy that I gave a parting gift to Mrs. Flick Flack – a pan of apple crumble. I love giving parting gifts, and if you've been the recipient of one of them, you know that they tend to be strange (e.g., like when I gave Angie a microwave last winter?) Now I'm rambling again, and I have ten thousand thoughts in my head of stuff to do and people to see, so I'll go make some cinnamon toast and go to bed.

!Deb of New Beginnings