Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Past Few Days

This has already been quite a week, and it is only Tuesday.  It started on Saturday, where Doug and I worked at Camp Shiktehawk in Bristol.  Doug worked in the maintenance shed all day, and I cooked and baked my little heart out in the camp kitchen (and washed pots and pans galore).   From 6:30 a.m. to 7 pm.  Were we wiped?   You bet.   And then had to drive home that night, as I had to sing and preach the next morning at Morning Gate.  By the grace of God I was able to preach and sing, I'll tell you.  About undergoing trials and tests, and asking God for wisdom.

We hoped to have some much needed rest in our deck chairs, but alas, it started again.  The sewer pipes backed up and we called the City, who told us to not use the water or the toilets -- in both houses.   This was a bit difficult, as Dad, who has Alzheimer's, was a bit confused, to say the least.   Doug got the RV ready, and it became our 'outhouse' for the next 24 hours.    The test began for us.  Could we manage 24 hours without water and toilet facilities?

Monday morning, the City of Fredericton arrived -- with backhoe, dump truck, coiled things, and many men (of course).  They deliberated for a long time -- 'have to take the pine tree down;' 'you'll have to pay for this;' etc.  I told them, 'No I wouldn't,' and that I was praying about it.   And put out the word to Mom and Doris, too.

After a long day of digging, power outages, and the pine tree roots being cut off, they solved the problem and fixed three breaks in the line.  The pine tree did NOT come down, and we get to gaze upon its beauty for another 100 years, and we were not served with a bill from the City, as it was on the city property line.  Praise be to God, who granted them wisdom and heard our prayers.

This day, Tuesday, found me at the church once again for a funeral, playing the piano at length for Muriel Ashfield's funeral.  She was 93+, and a longtime member of our congregation.  And a great woman of God.  She is now with Jesus, probably whipping up a batch of cookies or brown bread, or quilting.  God bless you, Muriel.  Loved your smile....

I'm a bit tired.. Don't know why

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