Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Is it really me -- Deb MacDonald, writing on her blog?  How is this possible?  I see that I haven't written anything since driving a SMART car home from the Wild West.  What a summer.  A summer of ministry and disconnection from the internet, as we lived between Woodstock, Bristol and Fredericton.  Two trips out west -- three times driving across this vast country we call Canada -- about 10,000 kms traveled there, plus up and down the river valley from June til September.  A whirlwind and a whirlwind fall and here it is November 13, 2013.

Doug still working up river/down river.  Me?  Still the Pastor at Morning Gate Church.  Still a music teacher.  Nomad Ministries still in operation.  Granchildren growing.  Stiill teaching Friday morning Bible study in my home.

Still living -- thank you, God -- just celebrated 5 YEARS, yes, count them!   5 YEARS as a breast cancer survivor, this past Sunday -- November 10, 2013.  On the day of my 5th anniversary, I led worship, preached a sermon, did a funeral, preaching again, went out to celebrate at a local restaurant and watched my beloved Heartland show.  Life and death in one day.  Keeps you real, and keeping your eyes on the upward sky, looking for the return of Someone Special.

Thank you, Someone!


Anonymous said...

Miss you, Deb. Wish we could get together to catch up. Glad you are doing well.


Norma said...

Thank you someone?

Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD, the sub/dude said...

Whoa. Glory2God!!
I can see you haven't had time for the superficially on your Way home.
HooRayGun!! sez RonRaygun.

High, girl.
I gotta lotta tantalizing,
enigmatic illustrations on 21 blogs…
and I’m more than happy to share,
to give to you what God has granted me - a steward
in this finite existence, this lifelong demise:

Faith, hope, and love,
the greatest of these is love -
jump into faith...
and you'll see with love.
Doesn’t matter if you don’t believe
(what I write);
God believes in you, girl.
God. Blessa. Youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL
Meet me Upstairs where the Son never goes down…