Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Wild West

We've been away.  On a western adventure yet again.  To Manitoba -- Natalie's new house.  We flew out a couple of weeks ago and reunited with Nat & RCMP man, Aiden (5) and Sarah (2).  Haven't seen them since last September.  Oh what a sweet reunion.  Natalie came to pick us up at the airport, and when I saw her drive towards us, I jumped up and down.

We stayed nine days, and long story short (which I may explain later), we bought a Smart Car, cancelled our air tickets, and set out driving last Saturday morning at 6:30, drove 3376 kilometres through Manitoba, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia, into our beloved New Brunswick three days later.  Two people in a Smart Car, traveling half way across Canada. It was wonderful!  If you want to get closer to your husband, try it, you'll like it (maybe not, depends on how you function in small spaces).  An average of 64mpg!  Stopped every 350-400 kms to fuel, due to the small size of the tank.  Amazing amount of leg room, and it felt like we were in a big car, even though we looked like a chihauhua travelin' down the highway.

You never know what we'll do...

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