Thursday, 14 March 2013

As in the Days of Noah

Yesterday it rained so hard and for so long that we had major flooding -- in the yard, and POURING in our basement walls.  Like a waterfall in one section.  I ruined my shoes wandering around in ankle deep cold water, moving things, and then I started carting things upstairs to give away, loading up the truck with stuff.  And the dumpster.  Nothing like a flood of water to make one declutter.

Doug developed a hose system with a sump pump in a lawnchair in one of the major lakes in the yard (about 2 feet deep), and pumped it out onto the street, where it filtered into the storm sewers.  Our whole house was surrounded by water.  I thought I lived on an island for a day.

We were both pretty worn out by the time the day ended.

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