Sunday, 10 March 2013

We had a great time in Blaine Maine in an A-Frame.  A few days of rest, relaxation, and researching my geneology.  Yes, part of me is Irish -- Jane Page, born in 1799 in Ireland, come to Canada in the 1800's.  Spent quite a time researching the family.  I let out a shout when I found her birthdate the other morning -- "Yes, Doug, I KNEW I was Irish!"

We went around the mountain -- Mars Hill that is.  Doug loves windmills and there are about 26 of them around that mountain.  The snow was too crusty to cross country or snowshoe, so we didn't do much of it in Maine.  But on Friday, back in New Brunswick, I snowshoed in the Tracy Mills Baptist church cemetery and the Methodist Pioneer Cemetery, looking for ancestors.  Doug and I traveled around the old country, looking for ancestors.  I found a few, and a couple of distant cousins.

We made it to Bristol and snowshoed to the top of the Crabbe road beside Jim Brown's place.  Thought I was going to have a heart spell of some sort.  About 2 kms up hill.  We made it out into the expansive field/hill and found a tree in the middle of that field, put our coats down for protection from the snow and had a beautiful picnic.  I tried to have a sleep on my coat, with my snowshoes on.  You should have seen me -- all twisted up.  But it was beautiful.  What a snowshoe -- looking over at Mars Hill (where we had just been for four days), Moose Mountain and far off into the distance our beloved Mt Katahdin.

A great rest and back to church today, well rested.  Ready to start work tomorrow -- students -- COME ON IN!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time away. :) It's always good to have a change of scenery and relax once in a while.