Monday, 18 March 2013

Friday we took off for Woodstock.  Again.  It was Doug's 4th trip last week and by the time yesterday finished, he had made five trips up river.  Should we live there?  Perhaps the Southshore Sister could move up early and retire in Hartland, and we'll move the whole shooting match up to potato country, where I'm really from.

Doug went to work at Big Dog Equipment.  or should I say Big Doug Equipment?  He has immersed himself in truck parts and computer software.  I have immersed myself in teaching music and preparing sermons.  Of course, we have lots to talk about, and as we travel, we dream about chalets and land and vacationing.   What a time in our life -- up and down the river valley, taking care of parents, trying to be with our grandchildren and still working full time and then some.  I'm still the interim pastor at Morning Gate Church, until I'm moved out -- by God or the people.  LOL   I love what I'm doing.  I am blessed. I can't believe that we have such a rich life.

Saturday morning I was sitting in the bleachers watching Jack and Afton play chess at the local chess tournament.  And trying to keep Croy and Ivy amused, while Alicia scooted out to the Sugar Bush to set up the Teddy Bear Picnic for Ivy's 5th birthday party.  Croy was highly amused with my reading glasses and amused those around as well.  What a cutie.  After a few cups of spilled coffee, it was finally time to load 7 children (we picked up a few more during our stay at the chess tournament) and head out to the Sugar Bush.  The boys had a boil on, and the maple sap spa was in full swing.  Try putting your face in the steam from the sap.   Oh, 'tis wonderful.  Alicia did a great job on the birthday party, complete with Teddy Bears on blankets, balloons, hidden things, beehive, sweets, cake, the Maple Man (Jon), and I sang "Teddy Bear picnic" song to the kids.  And sang 1-50 about 50 times to put Croy and Oliver to sleep in the hammock, nestled in the maple trees.  They slept for a couple of hours, and I relished in the fact that I am blessed.

Doug and I made it back later that evening, tired and chilled.   After church in the morning, we grabbed Granny & Jed and headed back to Coldstream (wherever that is), to Uncle Floyd's 80th birthday party at the Womens' Institute hall.  It was a complete surprise to him.  Of course, I got to see a lot of relatives, including the funeral director, the Pirate, Pippin and Uncle Earl, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, and Nurse Amy.  We had a great time and a few laughs.   Then it was home again.

Doug left early this morning for Woodstock -- again.  To work at Big Dog.  Should we move up?  Brenda?  Natalie?  What do you think?   Jon?  Just kidding.

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