Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Be Who You Are

Had a great weekend with women (and Doug) at Greenhill Lake Camp this past weekend.  My theme:  "Be Who You Is, Çause if You Is Who You Ain't, You Ain't Who You Is." (Say that five times).  We had a wonderful time and lots of laughter.  Singing and being who we were.  On Sunday we took in Afton's birthday party at Jon's -- Alicia went all out -- scrapbooking, movie theatre complete with a concession stand, and an elaborate fudge cake.  On Sunday evening, we traveled to Jacksonville Baptist Church to participate in the Superbowl party -- what a great set-up.  Thanks, Stephen Page -- for all your hard work.  Why, even couches on bleachers were in the church.  Imagine.  It was awesome -- and lots of food -- chili, nachos, vegetables, soda, dessert.  Young, middle and old enjoyed the game, complete with power outage.  Yay, Baltimore!

Doug is still working at home and  I think he likes it.  I enjoy having him home.  Now I get to make two meals a day.


ADM said...

I think you should make a theme with the title "and Doug" for one of these retreats. :)

Deb MacDonald said...

that sounds good! Perhaps Camp T