Thursday, 14 February 2013

Carolyn's Poem

I had the ladies write poems at the Greenhill Lake retreat.   Here is Carolyn's poem.  Enjoy!

by Carolyn Carr

I am a flower in a garden
That the Gardener comes to trim
To make me more beautiful
So that I'll bring joy to Him.

He trains all my branches
To stand up straight and tall
By placing things around me
To always break my fall.

The winds they come, the rain it falls
But I am standing strong.
If it wasn't for the Gardener,
I wouldn't stand for long.

There was a day not long ago
When the storms came raging in
That I was nearly broken
And my roots were wearing thin.

But the Gardener came by again
And with His tender touch,
Repaired this little flower
That He loved so very much.

Today, I stand with blooms so bright
And wonder at His love.
That He would take the time with me
To prepare me for heaven above.


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