Thursday, 28 February 2013

Snow Go Away?

I do love snow days.  I love the feeling of being sheltered inside the warm house.  I had a few brave parents brave the snow, sleet, hail and rain and trek here for their music lessons.  

I am getting weary and need a winter get away.  Wanted to go to Florida with the grandkids, but not enough time, energy and money to make it happen.  Nor the will for such a short time.  So, I'll settle for a chalet in the woods.  Perhaps Mars Hill area.  Perhaps Blaine, Maine.  As long as it doesn't rain in Blaine, Maine, I think that's the place for a winter get-away to get my batteries recharged.  I do have rechargeable batteries.

He makes the snow fall from heaven.  Might as well enjoy it.  We live in Canada.

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