Thursday, 14 February 2013

Two Things

1.  You know you are distracted when you put laundry soap in the washer, let it fill with HOT water, put cover down, and go clear to the SPIN cycle before you discover that there are absolutely NO clothes in the washer!  Never did this before in my life...a first, but hopefully the last time I will waste water and time.

2.  You know you are still young when you go to the indoor pool and swim 16 laps in the pool, doing all the strokes you learned as a teenager.  So, on this Valentine's Day, I have a renewed love for swimming.  It made me feel SO great this afternoon, full of energy, so much so that I made two batches of muffins and BBQ chicken wings and ate a wing like a cavewoman.  Now, knowing me you would know this is very strange, given my non-propensity for meat and my dainty-like tendencies while eating same.

Two things of many that happened today.  Many people in the house again tonight -- great time.

PS:  Doug sent me an email of a Costa Rican frog with the caption, "Happy Valentine's Day, my Beauty...perhaps we could go there to see one of these."  Now THAT's the first time I ever got such a romantic Valentine's card from my hubby.  A frog....

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