Saturday, 16 February 2013

Today's error -- trying to make a bank deposit in the bank machine without actually putting anything in the envelope!  So I made another deposit with the cheque inside.  Had to go in and tell them what I had done, and got to relay my washing machine story.  Honestly.

Tonight -- GREASE at The Playhouse = Leo Hayes musical production.  Had a few students in the play.  They did an awesome job.  Charlotte Pyke stole the show, in my opinion, and her mother said to me:  "Be prepared to see a Charlotte you've never seen before!"  She was right and she was fabulous, darling.  Her mother said she is a composite of all the people who have influenced Charlotte, and that I am one of them.  I had my picture taken with this fabulous singer, dancer and actress.  (And piano player).  And her sister, Grace was in the play as a dancer/actor as well.  Adam Moore, Abby Evans and Samantha Evans were amazing in their roles in acting and dancing.  A great night and a trip to Dairy Queen afterwards with S & J, D & K -- it was so busy that we went through the drive thru for our treats and ate inside the restaurant.  Now that's innovative thinking.

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